Gaksital [Updates]

We all know Gaksital was preempted for 24 episodes which were then increased to 28! Thank GOD! I love that there’s still ten episodes more to go! Since there was the 4 episode extension, the producer decided to add a fresh character to the cast. They picked 27-year-old actress Jung Eun Byul who will play an elite agent of the independence movement. Her character, Jin Hong, born as the daughter of famous family who support independence movement against Japanese imperialism. She excels in martial arts, shooting and even piloting war-planes. She’s also fluent in English, Russian and Chinese languages.

She’s plotted to make a chilling confrontation with Ueno Rie (the Japanese spy). Both are beautiful with a badass fighting spirit. And that will be a fight totally worth watching!

It’s a smart move by the producer. A new fresh face will add dynamic to the previous conflict between Lee Kang To, Kimura Shunji , Mok Dan and Ueno Rie. Personally, I’d love to see Rie’s equivalent badass on the good guys side!

Jung Eun Byul’s previous dramas were short drama The First Marriage (2010) and then she played evil girl in KBS2 drama The Thorn Birds.
Jung Eun Byul’s role in Gaksital starts in the 21st episode.

Source : Newsen

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  1. We are talking about ep 21, when there is no preview for ep 19 yet. -cries in a corner-

  2. She might be the daughter of the couple who met count and countess, Gaksital wont randomly put scenes that have nothing to do with the story.

    • Yup, no scenes are without meaning! Who knows! I’m just waiting to see what awesomeness comes ahead! 🙂 🙂

      • I read somewhere that the new kick-ass female character, Jin Hong, may be linked to the new school that the couple (who met the Count and Countess) wanted to build in the capital. There is also a Chinese newspaper article that indicated Jin Hong is linked to ‘Liang Bai’. Now, I am not sure what ‘Liang Bai’ translate to in Korean.. could it be Baek??? She is in love with the son of ‘Liang Bai’, but after his son passed away, she remains close to Liang Bai and treats him like her own father. Not sure how reliable this info is… If I get any confirmation, I will let you know! 🙂

      • Hmmm, Im not sure what Liang Bai is either! But she’s sounding to be even more n more interesting! She’ll start appearing just three episodes ahead! 😃 Wow, you do look around a lot, KL! Thanks for sharing! 😉

  3. Ooohhh interesting
    Will she fall in love with Kang To and Mok Dan will be jealous, if so then I am looking forward to it.

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