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Gaksital MV’s

This MV is courtesy of the facebook page for Gaksital n watching it felt so awesome that I just had to share it. It’s been edited by Nathalie. Here’s her channel at Youtube! When I went there, I discovered so many more treasures, hehe!

Here’s an MV from

Here’s an MV from

Do leave a comment if you guys like the MV’s at the channels or on the MV’s page to appreciate the efforts the people who made them put in!! Feedback n comments are always something that brighten up the day! 🙂

On the topic of the coming episode, imagine Shunji’s reaction if Gaksital truly did this! 😛

Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 19 Preview

Yeeiiii, it’s here guys- the preview for episode 19! And like I said, Ueno’s being in town means things are going to get a lot spicier! As usual, Shunji is cold and ruthless while Kang To is back to his whites-but on the Japanese police end. Oh, n he’s sporting quite a nice haircut! Let’s hope this week’s episodes bring us lots more Gaksitaaaaalllll!!! Finally, we’ll be back to two episodes per week again! *fist pump*

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