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Gaksital Behind the Scenes – III [Videos & Pictures]

So, everyone’s waiting with baited breath for the new episode, ne? Things can go many ways and most of them are not good scenarios! Blame it all on Dan! If she’d never been so kind hearted and nice to Shunji in the beginning, he’d never have fallen for her and not gone so crazy to hunt down and kill her ‘Young Master’, ne?! hehe! Now that the previews out and we know for sure Shunji is looking for Kang To’s blood, there’s nothing to stop him. So till Wednesday, let’s stop speculating and just go with the flow! 😉

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 2 Recap


Hey guys, Kap has done the recap for Episode 2 of Arang so head over for A Virtual Voyage with her as she regales you with the tale of Arang’s adventures in Episode 2 here

Enjoy the recap and be sure to leave a comment if possible to say thanks! See you soon with Episode 3, here at Akiko’s! 😉

Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 23 Preview

So, Shunji lets Gaksital go but it’s only part of the larger plan… Sigh, why you no go to redemption Shunji? Anyways, looks like Kang To finally gets the idea of setting up decoys and although it’s not as effective as it would’ve been before, when Shunji didn’t know his identity, but even now it has the effectiveness of putting Shunji off and making him doubt his own theories. Of course, Shunji will still know Kang To is Gaksital but then the question in his mind now should be, how many Gaksital’s are there out there? 😛

(Will Post text preview later-It’s Eid here, got loads of other stuff to do first! ;))


Kang To wakes up in a hospital, being nursed by Dan and wonders how he got here. Dan asks him, “Doesn’t Lala know you are Gaksital?” Shunji, meanwhile, receives a beating from Yoshio and wields a gun at Tomoe/Tamao, shouting, “What? Friend? Am I a Joseon?”

Watching Kang To return to the Police Station, Shunji mutters, “You will definitely appear again… how should I deal with you? (how should I catch you?)” He shows Kang To a chart, linking Yang Baek, Damsari and Gaksital in a triangle. In the middle is Oh Mok Dan’s name and Shunji addresses Kang To, “Kang To ya, you didn’t know?” He confronts Dan about something and in voice-over, says, “Gaksital… Why? You don’t like it? (This is probably also said to Kang To)

Dong Jin and Baek Yang meet where Dong Jin bows to Yang Baek. Yang Baek shares his idea (no idea what was said :P) but it alarms Jo. At that meeting, Kang To says, “I have a good idea”. Next, Koiso is shown bursting into Shunji’s office to tell him Gaksital has struck again. Shunji exits his office, looks around and comes face to face with Kang To, there in his police uniform, carrying cleaning equipment. That leaves him stumped-if Kang To is here, who is the Gaksital currently attacking? Kang To is shown at the meeting again as he smirks.

(If i’ve missed anything or made any mistakes, please let me know and I shall add/edit it!)

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