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We are heartless people, not because we cannot see others pains and plights, but because we choose not to see the suffering of others,

We are selfish people, not because we wish for things to be ours, but because we take things from others for our personal dreams,

We are careless people because instead of dwelling on our purpose, we choose ignorance…


Here is a poem I wrote when I was in grade 9, almost 8 years back! It’s childish, amateur and maybe even cheeky, but its mine! Hope it isn’t too bad! 🙂


Under the bright blue sky,
On the firm hard ground,
Walked a lady, smiling at the daisies,
Looking at the trees around,

Carrying memories of an unknown,
Looking into a familiar past,
As if looking in a river,
With water flowing noisily past,

Remembering someone, smiling in joy,
Mumbling sweet songs under her breath,
Walking on the ground in the sun barefooted,
Caring nothing for her own health,

The sun set at last, with her still there,
Waiting for it to appear, to answer,
The face of reality and truth,
The face of the angel who lit her soul.



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