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Architectural Post – Architectural Studio Project

The attached project is a project we had to undertake in third year of design school. We had to design a campus building for  the architectural and design division for our schools new campus. I’m simply attaching the final sheets I used in my final display.

The Layout Plan and Concept

The drawings were then hand rendered for the final presentation. These are the Jpegs I printed straight out of Photoshop.

The School Building Plans – Floor 1 to Floor 3 and Elevations

Layout of Floor 4 and Floor 5

The sections and 3D Images

Architectural Works – I

The topic for this design is a Madrassa-An Islamic Learning Institute. In Pakistan, the culture’s roots lie deep within the religion followed, Islam, because as Muslims believe, Islam is not only a religion but also the way of life. Since centuries ago, Madrassas have acted as centers of learning for both religious and scientific knowledge. In Pakistan, the trend of Madrassas exists, but the education reforms for Madrassas and their education does not meet the needs and wants of the century. Moreover, there is no distinct character for Madrassa architecture in Pakistan.

This project focuses on reviving the essence of the Madrassa, incorporating the ideology and principles of socio-adaptive architecture, all the while proposing a hypothesis for it that would bring it at par with today’s education criteria.

To revive and recreate the true essence of an Islamic Learning Institute, incorporating user friendly and socio spaces- which can be said to have defined a new identity for its architecture

The selected site for the madrassa is along the Indus Highway at Village Dao, Pakistan. The site is 10-25 acres available. The original purpose of the land there is for agriculture which can be used as a benefit in the madrassa where the land can be irrigated with vegetables, trees so as to generate an income for itself every term. The site belongs to a landlord who is willing to donate it for the purpose of building the madrassa there. Parents main hesitation is that sending girls to school meant they would not be able to care for the house and perform household chores. To counter that, it is proposed that certain additions be made to the already existing curricula and teaching styles.

These are the sheets that constituted the whole thesis display at the end and some images of the 3D. Thank Heavens, the jury went awesomely well and I won a distinction for this work! ^_^
So, what do you think of it?! 🙂
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