About Akiko

What’s this entertaining cup of morning coffee? Its starting a new day with something fresh, something enjoyable and something new! This is my way of relaying my thoughts on asian cinema (Mostly Kdramas) and blogging to let the inner me be myself without any hitches!Hope you like all that’s here and whats yet to come!

As for me, here’s a description of me that I caught on an anime website after taking a quiz. Though I’m sure it matches the description sent to a thousand others, this resembles me quite a bit so Ill just use this as a formal introduction! ;]

“Although you may appear to be a dreamer and a bit childish to most people, those few who manage to get close to you know that it’s just a mixture of innocence and insecurity. Being shy and insecure, you spend a lot of time alone, staring at the clouds, daydreaming, and feeling the wind in your face. You do have a few close friends, or perhaps one best friend, which gives you real perspective on the real value of love and friendship. You’re quite attached to the friends you have and would do anything to make sure they enjoy being with you…”

I’d say it’s quite true! 😉

  1. Hi Akiko! I really enjoy your blog and I’ve just nominated you for the liebster award!

  2. Reached your blog from Raine’s! Following you now! 😀 I want to ask for some advice and tips on recapping because I can’t seem to commit. Haha! 😛

  3. A trail of bread crumbs

    oh yeah the question…hmmm…. where’s your favourite place in the world? mine is paris.

  4. A trail of bread crumbs

    HEyy!! lets start with…Im sorry I took sooo long to reply (times a gazillion)

    haha I have a similar saying except I know and fully accept I am boring, I throw up my arms in a fist an show “yeaahhh to the boring life”.
    but yeah sometimes u do feel left out and down.

    Okay so ill guess ill check out this yanni guy 😉

    wow..I do that to, I only wrrite to music and depending on how im feeling and its pefect when the music matches my mood. Also i can never read while listening to music and expect to remember what ive read, I think thats quite incredible. can you reccomend me some good books?

    oh and by the way I am writing a book to Ive started on it, its going to be a romantic novel type and Ive even decided on its name, Sunset Paradise, what do you think?? 😉

    your probably wondering why Romance? firstly, secondly, what do I know about romance personally? absolutely nothing Ive never been in a relationship but the answer to that question will be up on my blog pretty soon if I can figure out how to write it out. so look out for that.

    also have u read the short shorty I sent you? The book is going to be based on that kinda

    okay there are two main awesome ATB songs;

    ATB – horizons

    ATB – talismanic

    check them out, perfect chilling out tracks

    okay I guess your right when you say to get over that but I wont talk about religion (for now) ill ask a few questions. I feel it would be a never ending argument if we did talk rfeligion.

    okay u should see goemon its awesome!!!! and now I havent seen these films. I dont know much about the asian cinema but from what Ive seen I love most of the films. it would be great if you can reccomend me some films 😉

    the fall was weirdly beautiful yet sad but at the same time joyful LOL this doesnt make sense 😛

    oh yeah ive seen the fist sherlock movie but im not a big fan really

    My favourite actor is chiwetel ejiofor. Watch the film Dirty Pretty things….its A M A ZING!!!!
    based on true events unfortunatly.

    wow thats really cool. Ive been trying to learn japansese my watching anime but thats a good idea lets learn together lets give each other different words in japanse and their meaning and try to remember them.

    okay so nanda means what/why

    thats all i know so far 😛 your turn

    yeah i hate that tooo but im stuck with engineering and im really slacking at the moment. yeah thats the same reason why I love to write.

    so you are not doing architecture now? whats your plan?

    again with the whole purpose of life and religion lets not go there for now

    damn yeah i did get your name wrong and im sorry 😛

    great then you can reccomend me some great books

    yeah you are right about the family, how they are always there for you and keep you going. and to answer you querstion…hmmmmmm…..let me think….best memory huh?….maybe im being ignorant right now to overlook something but i seriiously havent got anything that stands out, tells you how much my life has sucked (so far) I havent achieved anything I wanted to achieve at the age I am and life is looking miserable.

    again sorry for the whole late reply thing

    and ill leave you with the song im currently addicted to

    hear from you soon 😛

  5. @ Hillary:

    Yes, I’m referring to him! I also started listening to his music a long while back (Seven-Eight years ago) when my brother told me about him and we’ve got his whole collection on out hard disk! 😉

    I spent some early years in the States but I’ve been back in Pakistan for almost two decades now and much of my exposure comes from my interest in books and comics and watching dramas and all! I started picking up Korean after I got my interest in its dramas and since then, I’ve just pursued it! Now, I wanna dedicate time to perfecting it and then my next aim is to pick up Japanese! 😉

  6. Thank you so much for recapping Color of a Woman. I was so happy to find your site. I have enjoyed this drama and am glad that you are filling the gap by recapping this.


    • Thanks for the feedback Stacey! It means a lot! 🙂

      Hope you’ll keep visiting in the future! I want to regularly start recapping series that I can here at Akiko’s! Let’s see where it leads! 😉

  7. A trail of bread crumbs

    oh yeah and I’ll explain the whole zombie thing….welll sometimes I just don’t feel like talking for some reason. I guess I hate wasting time with people I cannot relate with. when talking to you it was different because I think we could relate. make sense? 😉

  8. A trail of bread crumbs

    Wow…we are quite similar in that boring term then ;), I can be quite introverted at times and just don’t feel like talking(I know that’s weird) but yeah nothing wrong with being boring. my friends make fun of me and i reply with ‘yaaay to the boring life’ 😀

    No I haven’t heard of yanni but i’ll check her out. yeah Music is helpful in many ways but I think it has its disadvantages, I think i’m addicted lol but seriously I kind of depend on it now to help me gather my thoughts, so much so that I cannot even write my thoughts without it.

    you should check out ATB’s chill out tracks.

    I’ve tried many times to pray constantly but it never seems to be a regular routine with me. my friend tells me to pray all the time but i can’t explain it really and over here there is the whole sect thing where different mosques have different beliefs, so its hard for me because I really dont know much of what is right and wrong.
    I will definitely try to start now. As for depression i’ve heard that, My teacher thought I am depressed and MY friends think so as well, I usually ignore it.

    No I don’t watch TV much but I love movies, I try to watch movies from different cultures. I feel this can help someone reflect what Life is like in other cultures and their creativity in the cinema. I prefer Korean/Japanese/Chinese films to hollywood, Have you seen KUng Fu Hustle? Goemon? THeir like live action anime movies.

    watch this film called the fall (2006) it’s a weird yet wonderful film with a fantasy like plot but with a good story as well.

    hmmm I’ve only heard of it, I dont watch the drama. Have you seen the movie? I have, it was really good.

    yeah that would be great post more of these type of songs. this was good.

    WOW!! you learnt korean?! okay that is AWESOME! I want to learn Japansese 😛 watching the anime helps alot.

    HEy cool you use facebook? It would be easier if you added me there because then I can reply fast, (Yeah I waste time on facebook)
    add me: http://facebook.com/masroor.unar

    hmm I really different when it comes to studying, you see I’m a last minute guy who never learns, never!! I just can’t concentrate. I guess its not my thing, I’m more of a poet/dreamer kinda guy who looks for adventure. I’m looking for a free and easy life, like a bird :P. I kinda question life and what has been pre-determined for us, if you know what i mean, basically I will question the logic of engineers if it doesn’t seem like common sense to me( it has been done and I kinda felt bad by what I said)

    haha yeah wait till i get famous first 😛 funny how most of my friends have said that, I actually have been blessed with a good memory, I won’t forget you Maryam, see I remembered your name 🙂

    INteresting choice of colours.

    hmmm okay

    in Books my favourite genre is mystery, i’ve read the entire Diamond brothers book collection, I highly recommend you read the books.

    movies, definitely romantic films, (i’m a romatic at heart 😉 :P)

    well in anime I have never really looked at the categories I just happened to come across ONe piece and Naruto, So i cant really say but I like comedy/action/adventure 😛

    I am studying Electronic Engineering, did i not mention that? and you are studying architecture? just showcasing my memory skills 😛

    randome question time

    okay I got a good one; IF you had one wish what would you wish for?
    my answer, I would wish I had nothing to lose.

    your turn

    listen to this

    • Finally I’m at it! I haven’t been able to catch you online at Fb or we’d have chatted a bit more!

      Haha, whenever someone asks me for an intro or anything, I tell them “Freak and proud of it!” 😉 😛 There are times though when being too “backseat-er” or “different” gets on my nerves and I end up feeling in the dumps, but otherwise, life rocks! 😀

      Lol, Yanni’s a guy so it’ll be his! 😛 I was addicted in my university days, used to listen to it a lot, in the bus on the way, in classes, during breaks, during juries, even before going to sleep at night but then it just went down by itself. I guess you’ll grow out of it too sometime!

      I like music best when I\m writing something and the tune matches the mood of my words or when I’m watching something or reading something and both click. A long while back (two-three years back) when I was reading Rurouni Kenshin and Goong on a regular basis, I was addicted to an Indian Song Tere Bina and listened to the song while reading and it got on my mind so much that whenever I’d hear the song later on, flashbacks of the mangas would run through my mind. Although the video on it was on a happy note, the song fit the sad moments too well and I’d recall all such emotions from the mangas and then fall into those moods! Here’s the song:

      I hope you understand what I’m saying but until you go through it, I guess you won’t know exactly what it is! I’ll check out ATB’s tracks AFTER the exams! Make recommendations though, otherwise I’ll never get to it!

      Try to get over the sect thinking. Every sect thinks they’ve got it right. I’m Sunni and unconsciously, I do too. But Allah’s going to be the judge of that and what matters most before Him is you “intention/neeyat” so just do your best at what you think is right! If there’s something that bothers you regarding religion or anything you don’t understand, consult someone who can help you and try to understand it. If there isn’t anyone, let me know and I’ll try to help you out! 😉 And by the way, ever since I was a kid, I’ve had extreme cases of depression, mood disorders and even migraines!! Again, we’re not so far off!! 😛

      I think I’ve seen Kung Fu Hustle but not Goemon! have you seen Ichi? (About the blind girl named Ichi, not Ichi the Killer) That’s like my favorite Japanese movie ever (Not that I’ve seen many). I’m also anticipating the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin movie! I love the fantasy/historical/action genre in Asian cinema!

      I’ve heard of the Fall, my brother has seen it!

      I’ve seen the Sherlock movie and am waiting for the new one! It wasn’t released in Cinemas in Pakistan or I would’ve seen it already! Robert Downey Jr.’s one of my favorite actors!

      Yup, I learned Korean just from watching series and listening to Songs. Japanese and Mandarin are my next targets! 😉 Let’s learn Japanese together then! Helps when there’s someone else learning too!

      Ah, I hate the regular type of studying (engineering and medical) where everything’s so absolute! That’s one of the reasons I chose architecture! It’s a creative field and you can do 1 + 1 = 11 just as long as you want to! 😀 One of the reasons I love writing is because you get to make anything you want out of words.

      As for the purpose in life, start getting closer to religion, you’ll be surprised at how quickly and how well you’ll get all the answers you want! You know, if you really don’t have anyone who’s giving you the answers out there, let me know! I’ll put you in touch with my dad! I take all my questions to him and he’ll be glad to help you out! 🙂 (I’m serious!)

      Aaaaaannnnnnd you got my name wrong! But you already know that! 😛

      I love to read books, so I’ll definitely check out the one’s you’re saying! By loving books, I mean I am addicted to them, so any further recommendations are also welcome! After my exams, I wanna go on a long vacation with books and movies and dramas! 😀

      Haha, I like romantic movies too! They are a great way to ease the mood and one of my favorite genres! I’m always looking to download romantic movies but haven’t been able to find a good one in quite some time now! 😦

      Alright, my neighbor has also seen One Piece and said it’s a definite recommendation! Maybe I’ll pick it up after all! 😛

      My memory’s not that good so you might have mentioned what you were studying before but if you did, I forgot! 😛 No great memory skills!

      Hmm… I’ve never given any thought to such a question seriously…

      Wish… I’d wish I could be a better Muslim! No kidding, I’m serious!

      Okay, so a question for you… hmm… Whats your most favorite or kinda like best memory in life that you cherish? I’ve got quite a few, like the time when I earned the distinction in my Bachelor’s thesis, when I met a group of Chinese tourists (It has an interesting story :P) but what I cherish most of all is not exactly a memory but the feeling that I have that comes from having a wonderful family! Like I said, I’ve been through tough times but what’s kept me going is the love and support of family and ultimately, what I cherish most is the feeling of their love that I remember… Get my point? 🙂

      Okay, time to go now! It took me an hour to answer! :O

      Hear from you soon! 😉

  9. A trail of bread crumbs

    Sorry about the late reply I was busy with Uni and that..:)

    LOL. entertainment and me? Okay i’ll do my best to give un-zombiefied responses if it’s at all entertaining, I’m usually told I’m quite a boring guy which is true I guess.

    finally someone who appreciates this type of music. I agree with your analysis of the two songs. I love these songs without lyrics because I usually think and they allow me to think and yeah helps uplift the mood sometime if you know what I mean.

    Great I need to start praying, It’s been a long time since I have prayed and because I have so much going on in my life I need god more than ever now. Do you pray 5 times?

    English seasons? Do you mean English TV dramas? Then no, I only watch football on TV. I’m a football fanatic.

    LOL haha hey its good you make the conversation going 😉

    Oh you watch sherlock?

    Hey wow that’s some really good music, I especially like the Korean/japanese songs. Seems you have great taste in music also.

    One question, How did the whole Japanese alias thing start? You seem to be ‘attached’ to their dramas and music, am I wrong?

    btw the Urdu song is not bad, I usually listen to Atif Aslam.

    Sorry again about the late response, seems University got the better of me and with all that stress I couldn’t think straight and also Failed to revise for my exam because I was not in the right frame of mind. I guess I’m not the uni type.

    How do you revise for exams? My problem is that I have zero motivation and desire for my course, I’m just doing it because of the need to.

    I’m thinking of taking starting steps in my music career, I will post some videos (hopefully) of me singing 😉

    To create more of a conversation I will ask you one random question :D, What is you favourite colour? 😛 You have to do the same but you cant ask the same question, deal? Mine is Blue.

    Is this un-zombie enough for you?

    Hear from ya soon 🙂

    • Don’t worry, I’ve heard the word “Boring” describe me a few times too! And I also happen to have an introverted personality and usually have a lot of difficulty talking to people I don’t know or making new friends!

      Yanni also has some beautiful music that’ll soothe your soul! Have you listened to any of his tracks? I did, a long time ago, but loved a few a loottttt!!! And yeah, music works great to uplift the mood, or help you have a silent cry! It’s one of the things I love about it! It makes your feelings come to surface, helps you think and sometimes even take your mind off things you don’t wanna think about!

      I try my best to pray five times a day and usually succeed in doing just that! You should get yourself to do it too! You know the best thing about prayers is that it brings such calmness and great discipline in your life! While right now you might think you never have time for it or so, once you start it dedicatedly, you’ll realize God helps you make time for it. Also, it offsets bad moods and depression! (Believe me, I’ve tried and know) and it makes all the wrong things in your life start getting better! Get close to God and he’ll get closer to you!

      Yup, I meant English Seasons! I watch TV n movies a lot! It’s like the thing I do most of the time! haha! You should try them too! They’re good entertainment and great avenues for learning!

      And I.just.love.Sherlock! No other words needed! hehe 😀 The season is just EPIC! ^_^

      Thanks! I was wondering whether you’d like it or not! I’ll post up more songs too as they come back to me! 🙂 For now, listen to these:


      Hmmm, yeah, I am a bit (Okay, a lot) attached! 😛 They’re my favorite hobby! I even learned Korean just from watching and listening and all! Well, it all started with comics, my friend introduced me to them and then we got into it together. Later, we discovered dramas and hence the horizon widened! The reason I use an alias to blog is because the last time I blogged with my real name, I ended up with a stalker; some guy who knew me from real life but wouldn’t say who it was! I ended up closing the blog! I even use an alias on my Facebook account, though that was more just for the fun of it! And it helps when I don’t want people adding me up! 😉

      I like Q.B’s voice a lot and the lyrics of the song are just amazing! It’s both hopeful and full of sadness!

      I actually write a lot when I’m studying! I study something and then I recreate it on paper. That helps me remember stuff better! Also, when I have to revise, I study the headings and then rattle off the paragraph details from memory and then check to see if I missed anything!

      More than motivation, I do it cause I know I have to get through it, so I prefer doing it in the first try with as much effort as possible so that I can chill out once it’s over! haha! 😀

      Best of luck with starting on your career! I’ll wait for your videos! They had better be good! 😛 N I want an early autograph! Who knows when your famous you might not even remember me?! 😛 😉

      Hmmm, I’ve never really thought about my favorite color! it depends on my moods and what I like but I like Black n White most and equally! I like these two under any and every condition; the others come and go.

      Hmmm, a question for you? Let me think!!!

      Which genre do you like best; be it in books, anime, movies? It can be more than one!

      I know, lame question! :/ Couldn’t think of anything else! 😦 Ah, also, what are you studying? 😛

      Another looooooonnnnnngggggg reply from me! You also do yours justice next time too! 😛

      • If you’ll are referring to the Yanni I know, it is a guy whose music is often described as new age and he refers to it as contemporary “instrumental.” It is very relaxing.

        I am from the Caribbean, so I was exposed to other cultures at an early age. I wish I could speak another language like you. I so admire your ability to understand Korean.

        Good luck with your studies (I know that “eng” is really hard and electrical eng was the most challenging of the engineering courses at the university where I studied).

  10. A trail of bread crumbs

    Okay my bad for ‘turning zombie mode off’ for your sake I’ll turn it back on so that I’m not much of a distraction :D. Good luck in your exams.

    As I said I would give a better answer but I would hate to distract you 😉 so I’ll keep it short and keep it zombie 😛

    Okay well my fav artist is Lights, heard of her? what I love about her is that she has great lyrics and great music too that compliments the lyrics and make her unique.
    These are my fav songs of her…

    Yeah it would be great if you upload some of your music, I would love to check out some of your music.

    LOL. yeah you always have much more to say than me, I don’t know why :/

    Okay see ya!

    • Lol, no need to switch to non-zombie tongue just yet! 😛 I need to take a break from studying every now and then and non-zombie language is perfect entertainment so keep the portal open! 😉

      Back to un-zombified responses, okay? 😛

      I haven’t heard of Lights! :O I’ll check out the tracks you uploaded! And heard the last two you uploaded! The first track really feels like its based on a future world and it would be a great pick in any mood! Also, the Naruto track feels soothing and calming! You’ve good choice in music! 😉

      I’ll post some music and songs for you later today! Right now it’s fajjar time here and I got to get to prayers and then back to sleep! 😉 😀

      Also, do you like to watch English Seasons? Any favorites?

      Lol, even I don’t know why I have so much to say! 😛

    • Okay, I can’t think of where to start and which are my favorites, so I’m just uploading whatsoever is in front of me right now!

      Here’s a track that resembles the futuristic track you uploaded! I like this one partially because it goes in every mood and partially because the series for it was awesome! 😉

      This track is currently my phone ringtone! 😉 Again, I like it because it reminds me of the series!

      This was my previous ringtone! Love the music and yes, the lyrics are great too!

      This is the first korean track ever that I heard and ever since then, I simply love it! It’s got great music, wonderful lyrics and I love the way the singers expressed it! 🙂 Love the end, 3:16 onwards.

      Never read the translations for this song so have no idea about the lyrics but love it. Listen to it in high volume with your earphones!

      Here’s an upbeat song with a catchy tune; lyrics are just okay, but I love some parts of it:

      Here’s an Urdu song, my recent favorite. The singers voice is amazing and since its based on an old ghazal, the lyrics are unmatched!

      Ahem ahem, I guess that’s it for now! I hope you won’t be too disappointed with my choice! 😛 I’ll try and post some more songs which I really like but I have to remember which ones first so it might take a bit of time! 😀 Hope you like em! 😉

      (Remember, I’m expecting a non-zombified response! :P)

  11. A trail of bread crumbs

    What made you laugh hmmm?

    Okay I will try those anime, LOOL there is no problem with naruto and one piece, the ‘problem’ is that they are going to end. I’m sure you will get suckked in once you start to watch it.

    Okay but you must have a fav genre right? something you can always listen to?

    I’m glad you liked it, I also love it. okay but you have to recommend me music like this, deal?

    how about this?

    or this?

    Hey look another Un-zombified response!! 😉

    • Sorry for the late response, I’m a little caught up in a lot of stuff!

      And you really are surprising me with all the un-zombified responses! Keep it up, its a good change! 😉

      This made me laugh in your last comment “Which category do these Anime belong to? Love? Humour? Girly-anime? :P” As for naruto and one piece, maybe somedday I’ll pick them up but not at the moment. I’m preparing for exams in March and need as little distractions as possible! I’ve restricted myself to just two series these days! 😛

      Hmmm, favorite genre in music… I can’t put my finger on anything but I’ll start recommending songs and tracks to you, okay? That way you’ll probably get an idea. Usually I love anything that has beautiful music and good lyrics! If the music and lyrics are good, I just get sucked in, whether its a sad or happy song! .

      I’ll listen to these tracks and give you my review and upload some tracks for you too! 🙂

      Now try matching my un-zombified responses! 😛 Somehow, I just end up with a lot to say! 😀 🙂

  12. A trail of bread crumbs

    Okay I admit booth are in the action category but there is much than that and that is the beauty of these two anime. you should check them out. Haha I wish they will go on forever sometimes I’m reminded on this sad fact that they will both end.

    Listen to this,, I love this….it’s soo beautiful.

    Which category do these Anime belong to? Love? Humour? Girly-anime? 😛

    What types of music do you listen to?


    • Your comment made me laugh out loud! 😛

      BC & RK are both Shounen, Comedy, Drama and RK is also Romantic & Tragic! Not so girly, don’t you think? 😛 haha!! 😀 The problem with Naruto and One piece is that I’ve not heard very good reviews and I’ve never sat for an anime/manga that long either!

      Hmm, as for music, I don’t have any specific genre or anything… It just clicks depending on my mood or how it sounds n all! I love instrumentals and songs that have amazing lyrics as well…

      • By the way, I love the track you uploaded! It is BEAUTIFUL! I listen to music like this a llllloooooooootttttttttttt!!! 🙂

        Keep the recommendations coming! 😉

  13. A trail of bread crumbs

    Cool, I thought you did. 😉

    Yes I watch it and I love it :D, My favourite series currently are Naruto and One Piece, Have you heard of them? I recommend that you watch them. and the soundtrack in Naruto is the best!!.

    I haven’t heard of those Anime that you watch, there’s just so many, Impossible to watch all of them.

    Okay, speak soon

    (How is this for a zombie-fied response?) 😉

    • This is a very Un-zombified response! 😛

      I’ve heard of Naruto and One piece. They’re more like a shounen action series and hence I never tried them! The fact that they seem to be forever ongoing doesn’t help either! 😛 I’ll try giving them a go sometime (maybe) and I’ll check out the Naruto Soundtrack. Any recommendations? 😉

      The Shounen’s I liked are Black Cat and Rurouni Kenshin! Do give them a try! The anime for black Cat wasn’t very long (24 episodes) but haven’t seen the anime for RK, that would be very long!

  14. A trail of bread crumbs

    Hey! Do you watch Anime?

    • Yes, I watch anime but not a lot! I just watch what I can get my hands on when it seems interesting and what my friend Mahvish forwards me! 😉

      Do you watch it too? Any favorite series? Mine’s Black Cat, Rurouni Kenshin, Shounen Onmyouji and a few others can’t remember whole names! 😛

  15. yup its totally true.. loved the story 4..

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