Strongest KPop Survival Episode 13-14 (End) Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any ! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 13 & 14 Recap:

In Young and Woo Hyun stew over the released pics, except the former knows Team Leader Han did it while the latter holds the former responsible. Team Leader Han tells In Young to go with the flow-accept the relationship as real and she’ll take care of the rest. She tells Hyun Suk she’ll deal with it too. Hyun Suk wonders what Woo Hyun has to say in the matter and Team Leader Han tells him the gossip is true-In Young came to Sunny for Woo Hyun too. Hyun Suk wonders who leaked the photos and makes a call to find out. In Young’s manager rejects interview offers for her and In Young decides to take Team Leader Han’s advice.

M2 Junior members sit and wonder what will become of them now. Seung Yeon calls them out on worrying about themselves at a time like this. They tell her they feel for Woo Hyun but their future is also important. Because of Woo Hyun, the whole company could face problems. Tae Gun tells the members to let out if they have any secrets and Ki Bum looks troubled. When Tae Gun presses, he speaks his random English again, wondering why a person can’t even get any privacy. Seung Yeon goes to a side and calls up Woo Hyun. He picks up when his manager reads the incoming caller, “Pervert”.

She asks if he’s okay and that she’s worried because he must be having a hard time. He tells her not to worry, just close her eyes and not worry about other stupid stuff and just believe in him. She promises to do so and tells him to ‘have strength.’ Team Leader Han asks to see her and lays out her the problems and asks Seung Yeon for ‘help’. Meanwhile, Woo Hyun evades the press by using his manager as a distraction and drives off on his motorbike. Woo Hyun storms into Hyun Suk’s office and asks why Team Leader Han hasn’t been picking up, “Has the company abandoned me?”

Team Leader Han walks up and tells him she was just on her way to see him. She warns him this scandal could be the end of him. Hyun Suk tries to intervene ‘It’s not that bad’ but Team Leader Han continues and tells Woo Hyun to follow what she says. What she tells him has him bursting out “Does that even make sense? How could In Young and I-?” Team Leader Han tries to press the issue but Hyun Suk also objects-he won’t let her take that route and Woo Hyun declares he won’t do that-no matter what. She wants to know why but he won’t give an answer.

Team Leader Han drinks alone and wonders at what she’s become. Yeah, so do I! Hyun Suk joins her and remarks that doing things like this is not her style but she scoffs at the thought that he knows her and drunkenly, gives him a bit of advice-don’t live life like that. Don’t be really nice to a woman only to leave her empty handed at the end. That is really wrong, especially to a person that likes you. He asks her why she thinks he’s leaving her empty handed, he has yet to even… but his words are cut off when he sees her head fall on the table. She’s drunk and asleep. Hyun Suk carries her home, wondering why she doesn’t lose weight already, hehe.

Seung Yeon comes to see Woo Hyun and he hugs her. She behaves gruffly and remembers Team Leader Han’s words-she wanted Seung Yeon to persuade Woo Hyun to accept Team Leader Han’s suggestions. She lays it out-Woo Hyun won’t accept the situation but it could be the end for all. She tells him to make a choice-persuade Woo Hyun or they all go down. Seung Yeon tells Woo Hyun the only way for all of them, Woo Hyun, the company and Juniors to survive is for Woo Hyun to officially date In Young. Woo Hyun wonders if she’s even aware of what she’s asking. She tells him its not hard-they used to be lovers before, it won’t be that hard to go back to that place. He tells her to shut up and finally asks her, “Do you really want me to date In Young? Is the company, the Juniors more important than me?” She says yes. Angry, he leaves, telling her he was crazy for liking her by himself all this time and will listen to her request-he’ll date In Young again and love her again. Once he’s gone, Seung Yeon mutters to herself gruffly as tears begin to fall-I only asked you to release an official statement, who said anything about loving? She wipes her tears away.

Woo Hyun is having a bad day and practices boxing with his manager. Thankfully, the manager comes out of the fight unscathed. Woo Hyun sits in his room and vows to go through with things like Seung Yeon wanted and tells her not to regret it, since it’s what she wanted! At the dorm, Seung Yeon works away on a cycling machine, muttering to herself, “I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine.” Ji Woo and Jae Ha see her like this but Jae Ha advises Ji Woo to leave her be.  Woo Hyun and In Young go on a television program and confirm their relationship. At the dorm, all the M2 Junior members watch the broadcast while Seung Yeon eats away ramen as if she’d been starving for ages. Ji Woo asks her to eat slowly but she eats away. In Young and Woo Hyun are all lovey in front of the cameras but out of sight, Woo Hyun treats her with his temper-saying they’re all in it for their own good. Ji Woo brings Seung Yeon medicine for not feeling well from eating so much. He tells her she doesn’t have to pretend to be alright in front of him and she muses that he’s grown up. They head out to have fun together and run into Woo Hyun and In Young.

And here it’s a game of who can make who more jealous. In Young compliments Ji Woo and Seung Yeon for looking good together and taking Woo Hyun’s arm, asks, “Don’t we look good together?” Seung Yeon agrees and to anger her, Woo Hyun lovingly puts his arm around In Young’s shoulder and leads them away. Seung Yeon watches the leave but turns to leave with Ji Woo. A few moments later, Woo Hyun turns back to look at her and finds them leaving, hand in hand. Unconciously, he removes his hand from In Young’s shoulder. Mood soured, he heads away and In Young watches him leave, musing a jealous Woo Hyun is interesting.

Team Leader Han tells Hyun Suk Woo Hyun and In Young are being dubbed with the concept of ‘Forever Love’. Ha! She’s happy with the progress of things but Woo Hyun and In Young walk in together and when she tells them the news-they’ll be doing a CF on that concept, Woo Hyun scoffs and Hyun Suk notices his reaction while the other two ignore it. Woo Hyun’s popularity is up-that’s all Team Leader Han cares about. Hyun Suk pretty much says the same.

Meanwhile, Director Lee and his minion are running around wondering how to make the world a bad place again and Director Lee notes with curiosity that if In Young didn’t release the photos, who did? That gets the evil mind clicking again. He heads out to meet Team Leader Han. There, he gets straight to the point, warning her people hate fake scandals but her timing was amazing. He also pieces together the puzzle and realizes she accepted In Young because of those photos. Team Leader Han stews as he leaves. She reads articles on Woo Hyun and In Young in her office when Hyun Suk walks in. She starts to say something but cuts herself off. Hyun Suk tells her that he doesn’t know if this course of action is right or wrong but he believes in her. She asks him to do so till the end. She lays out the future plan-in time, they’ll announce the break up for the two and all will be well. He tells her to discuss it with Woo Hyun. Once he’s gone, she whispers to herself, “If Woo Hyun gives up on me too, I’ve no place to go.”

Filming of the MV means major angsty moments-Seung Yeon broods, Team Leader Han watches her, Woo Hyun plays nice in front of the cameras and even kisses In Young. She hangs her head and Ji Woo comforts her. In the bathroom, she washes her face and repeats her mantra, “I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine.” Woo Hyun walks in and asks her if she’s happy now-everything is the way she wanted and tells her she’s looking great with Ji Woo. She starts to say something but someone else walks in and she simply bows her head and leaves. He begins to follow her but decides against it.

Hyun Suk gets a call and finds out the source of the leaked photos-a computer from Sunny Entertainment. He calls up Team Leader Han. She tells him she’ll come back to the office after dropping Woo Hyun off. Off the phone, she tells Woo Hyun he’s doing well. Woo Hyun meanwhile, flashes back to the car ride with Seung Yeon. The M2 Junior members sift through gossip as they sit together. Half the ton says Woo Hyun’s graduating from M2; the other half says no. Seung Yeon looks troubled. Hyun Suk waits for Team Leader Han. Turns out, his informant had offered to find out exactly who but Hyun Suk had declined to know further. Having an idea, he heads out just as Team Leader Han comes in and tells her he’ll meet her later.

Tae Gun goes on the internet and defends himself from anti comments. As he’s logging out, he stumbles across a file labeled Junior X file. Seung Yeon broods over the kiss as she brushes her teeth, muttering Woo Hyun didn’t have to go that far. Woo Hyun is doing the same thing and flashes back to seeing her hand in hand with Ji Woo, muttering, “Shouldn’t you at least pretend it hurts?” Awww… Hyun Suk meanwhile, meets up with Hae Yong and referring to a woman he’s done bad things to, says, “She wasn’t like that in the beginning. No, if she didn’t meet me, she wouldn’t have done all this. I made her that way. I’m too ignorant and useless. That’s why I let her take up the burden.” Hae Yong realizes he’s talking about Team Leader Han. Hyun Suk says he feels hopeless right now-he doesn’t even know how to help her out. Hae Yong tells him he shouldn’t be with her (Hae Yong) right now then.

Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun toss and turn that night.

“I shouldn’t have let them kiss!” she mutters, her mind telling her, “Oh In Young-Superstar-Kiss? Lived together in High School!”

“You’re so happy with Kwon Ji Woo?” He mutters and finally sits up, his mind making the same cloud as Seung Yeon about Seung Yeon. “Ji Woo. Kwon Ji Woo. 20 year old friend. Same room!” Both of them lie back in their respective beds, tossing and turning the whole night, muttering, “That’s too much!”

Team Leader Han comes to meet Hyun Suk but he didn’t come to the office. Meanwhile, Junior guys are to prepare for the third showcase and continue with classes and practice. In Young wants to invite Woo Hyun with her to a fan meeting (You’ve got fans?! Just kidding) Team Leader Han wants to refuse but In Young points out she and her are both using each other for their own benefit. As In Young goes down in the elevator, she runs into Seung Yeon and doesn’t even respond to her bow. Seung Yeon looks at her, telling her she’s pretty and In Young flares up, of course she’s pretty, she has a good figure, is a hit superstar and there’s nothing wrong with her except her personality (You knew?! :P) and quietly whispers, “And he rejected me! Totally a step on my pride.” Seung Yeon doesn’t catch the last part or the logic for the outburst.

Woo Hyun’s manager comes to see Team Leader Han. There’s something on the internet news about Junior members. The Junior members run into some other trainees who gossip about Ki Bum and ask him if the news on the internet is true. Turns out, he was involved in a murder situation in England, which is why he had to come back to Korea. Tae Gun says this is just getting worse-they’ve already got the Junior Conspiracy to deal with. People are accusing them of trying to disband M2. This time again, Seung Yeon tells the others to not judge Ki Bum so harshly-they’ve been together all this time and vows to talk to her uncle. Ki Bum meanwhile packs his bags and heads off. Hyun Sung and the others tell him he should at least explain things to them-they’ve been friends haven’t they? Ki Bum tells them it’s better to stop here and heads off, promising to support them as a friend and a fan till the end.

In Young is preparing for her fan meeting and waits for Woo Hyun to show up. She is surprised at herself for being so nervous. Woo Hyun doesn’t like that he was called and tells her not to do something stupid. Seung Yeon shows up to meet Hyun Suk and wants to know if he plans to kick out Ki Bum. He tells her he walked out on his own accord and tells her there’s no problem on his end-he already checked with his sources and they told him Ki Bum was innocent. In Young tells Woo Hyun not to treat her so harshly-she feels pain even if she doesn’t show it. She knows he has someone he likes, although claims to be ignorant of who it is and promises not to mess with him again, pleading with him as a friend. Even Woo Hyun is touched and accepts her request.

Seung Yeon finds Ki Bum and is sitting with him when some fans chance upon them and start calling Ki Bum a murderer. Seung Yeon stops him from leaving and confronts those girls. Things develop into a fight. Woo Hyun gets a call and dashes out. Hyun Suk confronts Team Leader Han and asks if she was the one who released the photos. He tells her he can understand her actions but they’re not something she would have done. She tells him she can’t apologize-be it for Woo Hyun or M2, this was the best she could do. In voiceover, she thinks to herself, ‘And President too.’ He points out her decision has hurt everyone and in voice over adds, ‘especially you, Han Jung Eun.’ In Young gets mad when she hears Woo Hyun left because of Seung Yeon and has a fit of rage-she put her pride aside to ask him nicely and he ran off because of her?

Woo Hyun sits with Seung Yeon who assures him she’s fine but he doesn’t buy it. Her arm is wrapped up in bandages. She rants at him for running out on being nice to her even though he’s with In Young.

That’s why I’m going to end it. You said it before, lying is painful. I like you so much but I have to pretend not to and to like someone else! It’s so painful I can’t continue. It’s fine if you don’t like me. I can like you on my own. Liking you but having to pretend not to, I can’t do it anymore!”

Team Leader Han returns to her office and sees an old picture of her and Hyun Suk together from his idol days and smiles to herself, “That’s right, stop right here Han Jung Eun.” She presents her resignation to Hyun Suk. He asks if she must really do this and she tells him it’s because she’s simply lost all reasons to stay in Sunny Entertainment-she’d already lost the reason long ago but kept clinging to hope. Hyun Suk tells her to take a vacation-he’ll consider it a break. Tae Gun reports the latest to the juniors-where does this guy get his updates. Seung Yeon walks in and Tae Gun is just about to ask her regarding the news when Ji Woo draws her away with the excuse of resting. In their room, he asks her if she knows about the resignation. Seung Yeon gets messages from Woo Hyun telling her to get well soon but she ignores them but picks up when he calls. Her first word, “Why?” cracked me up again!

“When I hear your why, I know it’s my pervert alright!” Woo Hyun tells her with a smile. She’s not impressed and tells him to stop calling her ‘pervert’ but he thinks it’s a cute nickname and wants to continue using it. She starts to tell him about the trouble everyone’s facing when he tells her, “I don’t know what it is, but it’s all because of me. It’s got nothing to do with you so just leave it.” She reminds him he’s supposed to be working and tells him to stop joking around and work well. Woo Hyun asks In Young to stop the lying charade but she’s not sold and threatens to oust Seung Yeon if he even thinks he can get out of this so easily. Since it all started because of his troubles, she’ll be the one to say when it ends and shows him Seung Yeon’s picture. She knew everything and didn’t oust Seung Yeon only to pay him back. She tells him to put up with things or out both of them-In Young and Seung Yeon to ruins. The conversation is overheard by Director Lee’s minion, except, he doesn’t know who the girl in question is.

Seung Yeon goes to see Hyun Suk and asks if Team Leader Han quit, musing he should have treated her better when he had the chance. He tells her she’s just on vacation and asks after her health, telling her he’s sorry because of the situation between her and Woo Hyun. Seung Yeon tells him not to be sorry, things are as they should be and Woo Hyun can’t be with her anyway. Hyun Suk tells her to stop the mature act. She tells him not to give up on Team Leader Han. The person in question is at home at the moment and looking for a job. She flashes back to the time Hyun Suk had saved her from Director Lee’s minion and brought her home when she was drunk on her birthday, the present he got her. Her eyes tear up but she wipes the tears away before getting back to work. Hyun Suk similarly broods in her office as he realizes she took all her stuff and left behind the bracelet he got her for her birthday.

Seung Yeon ignores Woo Hyun’s call that night and Ji Woo frowns at her. She tries to remove the battery to shut it off but can’t do so and Ji Woo helps her. Woo Hyun thinks she might have gone to sleep and muses its good she didn’t hear his broadcast. Except, she did and is brooding over it, muttering how he promised he’d never lie again nut did just that. At a meeting in the office the next day, the other members tell Hyun Suk it’ll be hard to do well without Team Leader Han but admit she needs a rest and promise to do well while she’s gone. They tell Hyun Suk of the rival contest for the next showcase-all the junior kids have to write their rival’s name-whom they think is their greatest enemy and then compete with him/her.

The members brood over who is their best rival and can’t come to a decision, racking their brains all day and night. Seung Yeon suggests she and Ji Woo write each other but he balks at that, telling her he won’t work with her this time. When Woo Hyun calls again, he points out she’s being cowardly by ignoring his calls. She decides to pick up then and Woo Hyun calls her over so they can head out and have lunch. She comes but tells him she’s here to talk things out. She doesn’t want this to continue-he should just be straight with In Young since that’s the best for everyone. He tells her he only needs to continue the lie until the showcase and won’t go further than that. He wants to be sincere to his own feelings. She tells him its not only his own feelings that matter and that people are being hurt because of him. He tells her, “As long as you’re happy, it doesn’t matter to me.” She can’t argue any further and heads off, telling him not to call or talk to her again. As she leaves, Woo Hyun whispers with a smile, “Seems like the pervert is really angry this time, for her to not eat and just leave”. Aww, me still likes you!! 😀

Director Lee listens to his minion’s latest-Woo Hyun has another girlfriend. Wheels of evil in his brain start turning as he declares, “I smell something!” He tasks his minion to find out who the girl is and runs into Team Leader Han. (I swear the minion and his boss are half the funny here!) He tells her she did good to leave Hyun Suk’s side and offers to take her under his wing but she declines. He tells her he’ll be investigating Woo Hyun’s other girlfriend. Team Leader Han begins to call up someone but then decides against it; she’s left the place after all. In Young finds out Woo Hyun cancelled all his schedules with her. She confronts him. He repeats the same-he can’t lie anymore and hence won’t join her in schedules although he won’t oust her directly either.

The M2 Juniors get paired in to a team with their rivals and are told to form a partnership with their rival yet team member. Director Lee’s minion tells him there is no one around Woo Hyun who can be the ‘other girlfriend’. In Young walks in. She thanks him for cutting her off since that helped her do well. Her real reason for coming is to give him a present. It’s Ji Woo and Seung Yeon’s picture and tells him to use it well. Him and his minion stare at it for a bit, wondering what it is about until they finally realize its Seung Yeon. Hyun Suk and Hae Yong work together but he’s too dispirited. She tells him not to come if he’s just going to sulk. He admits Team Leader Han hasn’t contacted him since she gave her resignation. She encourages him not to give up on Han Jung Eun, admitting that she knows he likes her.

Woo Hyun calls Seung Yeon up but gets no response. Seung Yeon is practicing alone and finally picks up. He pretends to be sick but she sees right through it and tells him she won’t be coming over since she has to train. He offers to train with her but she declines-it has to be with her rival/partner. Woo Hyun calls up another friend and asks for a favor. His friend comes looking for Chang Min-Seung Yeon’s partner and drags him off on the pretext of ‘help’. As soon as they’re gone, Seung Yeon gets a call from Woo Hyun. And off these two go. Seung Yeon realizes Woo Hyun probably set up Chang Min but he denies it.

They go to see Woo Hyun’s friend. When Seung Yeon calls him Oppa and tells him he looks cool, Woo Hyun jealously stews. Hehe! His friend offers to buy whatever Seung Yeon wants to eat and Woo Hyun bursts out, “Why’d you buy anything? I’ll buy anything this brat wants!” Both of them turn to look at the jealous him and smile. Hyun Suk and Hae Yong go to eat together. Team Leader Han gets a call from some company she sent her resume to who want to interview her. Since they’re speaking in English, it must be far away. On the way home from seeing his friend, Woo Hyun stews, “Oppa? OPPA?” He forbids her from calling anyone else Oppa ever. Haha. She tells him he looks really laughable right now and he agrees-fine, as long as you don’t call anyone Oppa. Hehe.

When she laughs at him, he tells her “I’ll be a ridiculous guy, a funny guy so don’t ever cry. I won’t ever let you cry because of me. That’s why I’m going to clear up the scandal with In Young.” Hearing his thoughts, Seung Yeon shares her own, “I don’t like it too. That sunbae is always so tired because of me, I don’t like it too. If they know the scandal with In Young sunbae is a lie, you would become a liar and a cheat. To let you be so worn out, how can I sit back and watch?” Woo Hyun pulls over and draws her in for a hug. “As compared to letting you be tired, I can easily take this bit of weariness. So you don’t think of anything else and just keep looking at me. As long as you look at me with happiness, I can endure everything.” She agrees to do that and he moves in for a kiss. Although surprised for a moment, Seung Yeon closes her eyes.

Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun are playing a boxing game and she wins which makes Woo Hyun angry. He turns to her, “Are you that happy that your hitting your sunbae?” She gripes-is this a normal date? Every time they meet, all they do is fight but Woo Hyun corrects her, “Because it’s so much fun quarreling with you, I’m just fooling around!” Seung Yeon turns on the aegyo, saying, “Right, I’m cute, really cute, right?” He offers to cook her dinner and she tells him whatever he makes is delicious. Hehe. In Young practices dance and wonder what Director Lee is doing about the picture she gave him. Tsk tsk, someone’s back on the evil end.

The guy in question, Director Lee is reviewing all the evidence that Seung Yeon is actually a girl and Hyun Suk’s niece. Director Lee is happy he can wipe Hyun Suk out with “One punch, one kill!” Director Lee wonders how to get the thing out and instructs his minion on it. Soon the news is all over and Hyun Suk gets the update. He rushes back to the office. Woo Hyun offers to drop Seung Yeon back but she tells him she’ll be fine herself, besides, there’s a place she has to go. She tells him she’s got to buy snacks for the ‘hyungs’ since she missed training and they might be angry for that. Adorably, Woo Hyun’s like, “Who dares to bully you? Call me at once if someone says anything!” Haha. Outside, Seung Yeon decides to call them up and ask what they wanna eat but her mobile battery dies.

Woo Hyun reads the news and frets over where Seung Yeon is. Hyun Suk tries to call Seung Yeon but gets no answer. The rest of the Junior members wonder who it is that leaked the news and cannot get through to her. Same for Woo Hyun, who keeps calling but gets no response. Woo Hyun’s manager goes to meet Jung Eun who asks him about Hyun Suk and he asks her to come back if she’s so worried-everything’s a mess now already. He tells her the third showcase was cancelled, Hyun Suk won’t come out of his office and Seung Yeon is missing. She worries about it but declines to come back and tells him she’s leaving Korea in two days time.

Woo Hyun is at composing again but can’t concentrate and wonders if Seung Yeon is going to give up, just like that? He flashes back to all the reasons she’d said for coming out to work for M2 as she had and how hard she had worked, how she’d been his friend, worked with and under him, his confession to her and all their happy times together. (I just love the song in the back!) He vows he won’t let her give up, ever, even if that is what she wants as he remembers her words- Dreams will come true as with hope. He calls up Hyun Suk and asks for a favor.

Woo Hyun is driving somewhere and wonders if Seung Yeon isn’t going to show up again and wonders how to make her come back. Team Leader Han is packing her bags into the car when In Young comes to talk to her. In Young tells her Woo Hyun is preparing for a press conference. The news startles her but she downplays it. In Young adds that he’s going to announce that he likes Seung Yeon, that he let her hide her identity as a girl and it was all his doing. He’s practically sacrificing himself for her. Jung Eun is troubled but asks why In Young has a conscience now regarding Woo Hyun; after all, she’s the one who caused this mess. In Young admits to wanting to hurt Woo Hyun but now that it’s done, she doesn’t feel happy anymore. And now that she thinks of it, Seung Yeon reminds her of all the hardships she had to face when she first came into the field and it reminds her of how hard it was and how much she felt like dying. She wants Jung Eun to help Woo Hyun and she’ll take responsibility for the rest. She is ready to give up her own career for his.

The M2 members practice when Seung Yeon walks in and they chide her for being out and away, complaining they never had a peaceful time with her gone. Anyway, they’re all happy that she’s back and can continue with their showcase. They do a M2 Fighting gesture and flashback to all the fun times they had together. Woo Hyun’s manager finds out Seung Yeon is back and Woo Hyun dashes off to see her. Yup, he dashes off on his motorbike. When he arrives, the dorm space is dark and Seung Yeon is in the corner, playing the piano.

They sit together and he tells her he wont ask why she ran away, how much it hurt and why she came back; he was so envious of her because all the junior members were there worrying about her-for her, they accepted being called liars and frauds and just waited for her return, just like a team. Seung Yeon tells him the Juniors are all very loyal to one another and he agrees-they would make a better M2 than them. She tells him she’ll show him the music she likes and wants to make and he proposes doing a duet with her. An American company has been scouting him and she asks if he’s leaving. He tells her he won’t go unless she goes with him. She wants to stay-until there’s a real fan who likes the real Ji Seung Yeon. He tells her he won’t go then because he doesn’t want to leave her and wants to be by her side, protecting her.

Seung Yeon gives him a kiss and tells him she won’t look at anyone else and will definitely wait for his return. Is that a good enough promise? Woo Hyun moves in as if to kiss her but then teases her by pinching her cheeks. That sets them both off and they start fighting again, except this time, they both start hitting each other, trying to best one another. By the end, Woo Hyun turns to run away as Seung Yeon heads in for revenge.

The End!


Alright, that was one hell of a rushy rushed finale! It was messy, jumbled up, draggy and yet vague. Considering the series was cut short by two episodes, it was quite a pinch the last two episodes-more likely just the last episode, had to deliver.

Point one-most of the plotlines were left unfinished. Actually, the most important plotline was lost somewhere in the middle of the series, abandoned-my point in case here is, The Strongest K Pop Survival. What happened to the clash that would give us the strongest? Well, considering the M2 members quit so there would have been more than one strongest survivor but the whole point was for the new kids to train and their skills to be at competition with one another. Why didn’t we get to see what becomes of M2 and M2 Juniors? Who gets selected? Why and how?

The love story, although very much fun was supposed to be the second most important thing-the foremost was the Survival. Yet at the very end, we see the love story being wrapped up and little sign of anything else. For this episode alone, what happened when Seung Yeon’s secret got out? How did Hyun Suk fare in getting it resolved? Why did Seung Yeon just disappear and then appear later? How can she now ‘create music’-I mean, how come people accepted her back? Fan anger is a big thing and since it was such a huge ruckus when she was found out, how come things are all sunshine again? What did Woo Hyun do? Did he get to do the press conference or did Team Leader Han return? How come In Young got  a conscience all of a sudden, again? What became of Director Lee and his minion?

From the pieces we’re shown, it’s safe to assume Team Leader Han does return after In Young’s request and saves both Seung Yeon and Woo Hyun, which is why Seung Yeon returns and Woo Hyun gets offers for work in America. The end showed that the third showcase was cancelled and there was a single final one left but Woo Hyun says that the Junior Members would be much better in taking care of M2 which means they will get there, if they haven’t already. The last conversation also hints that Woo Hyun will probably leave for America while Seung Yeon will pursue her own career.

Overall, I enjoyed the series. It was cute, it was fun and it was a good time pass. It gives sweet heartening moments of youth and a cute and adorable picture of love. If they’d not cut it short, it would probably have ended on a much better note! Yes, there is a lot of cheesiness in there but you learn to enjoy it, rather than be put off by it. While this drama lasted, it was a good run and I was actually disappointed by the two episode cut. But still, enjoy what you can and when you can, ne? 😉

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  1. I dont lyk the endpoint of dis drama its just a kind of complicated drama but the drama is interesting

  2. The ending was so rushed! I enjoyed the film al along but I had mostly been looking forward to what will happen to M2 junior (who got selected to be part of M2 or if M2 junior became a band on their own), so I was disappointed with the end.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought the ending was rushed and disappointing, which really, was a waste. What happened to the whole ‘survival’ concept? If they decided they’d just debut as a group, they should have. And what happens to M2 Junior now? I feel like so much was left out, so many loose ends were not properly finished, you could make another series out of it.

  4. I wanted to know what happened to Ji Woo

  5. Thank you for finishing this off – hmm, seems like so many loose ends and no real closure. I actually don’t mind open endings so that I can come up with my own ending but this one………..I actually started watching this but may have to drop it! Really appreciate you finishing this, though!

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