Heirs Episode 12 Recap


This time I dare say I really liked the episode so much that I decided to take Young Do with me, so that Tan can have Eun Sang.

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Heirs Episode 11 Recap

This week’s recap is brought to you by me. Akiko is busy and hopefully will be back by next week.


Last time Young do had a snake kinda scarf and Tan doesn’t want to be left behind so he picks up a centipede and sticks on his coat.

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Heirs Episode 10 Recap


-Yay- Dare I say…..I like the episode? No. We are half way through –yay-  no extensions please drama god.

Umm just want to say, Young Do there’s a snake around your neck. No, okay your scarf is a bit too long. I too want the cream that they use to fix their faces, how come a bruise vanishes in a day or two? I have this skin type where a scar or a blemish remains for quite some time and gives me a headache. Wait a second are we not discussing skin types?

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Heirs Episode 9 Recap


At least someone in speaks sense here! Go Myung So go!

Oh yeah, it’s time for the Heirs *Snoooooozzzzzeeeeeeee* Episode 9 Recap. Need I say more?

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Heirs Episode 8 Recap


I got an almost kiss. Kiss and a hug and an almost engagement photo shoot.

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Heirs Episode 7 Recap


Apologies for the laaaatttteeeee recap but real life gets in the way of it sometimes! I had a work related session that ran late last night and I wasn’t able to get the download until midnight. So I was only able to get to it today. Tomorrow’s recap by Sarah will also be a bit late – she’s having internet issues. Hopefully, this will be a one time occurence!

We finally get to move past the growling at each other and find the reason for the antagonism between Young Do and Tan. In this episode though, we get to see little glimpses of the person that Young Do is beneath his bullying persona and while it doesn’t make you sympathize with him, you take the first step towards understanding.

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Chapter 9 – Second Act [Endless Night by Lyse]

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel


Chapter Nine – Second Act

Soo-min winced and shifted slightly against the car seat. The tenderness of her skin from her recent tattooing experience was a constant throb. The tattoo was situated high up on her inner thigh, and unless someone was peeking up her skirt, it wouldn’t be visible to others. The tattoo was still fresh enough that her skin felt rubbed raw. She hadn’t even bothered to closely examine it, just slapped a bandage over it, but not before catching a glimpse of the crimson petals spiraling along her skin. Objectively speaking, it was an exquisite work of art, but what it represented made her itch to claw it off.

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Scandal Episode 25-34 Review


Scandal ends this week after what I’d call a wonderful run for the show. Yes, it had its faults but right now, I can’t really think of any. No wait, I wanted even more OTP time, hehe! I’m totally invested into the story and even when it goes slow or hangs over a point, it’s not annoying or sleep-inducing; rather, it allows you the time and chance to think about the characters more and look at their inner depth. And right now, more than anything, I’m hoping for a happy ending for Eun Joong.

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