Heirs episode 6 Recap


What a snooze fest, I was literally sleeping during the whole episode. I thought episode 5 was boring it took me 3-4 hours to watch it, this one took…..well long enough.

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Heirs episode 5 Recap


Talk about being ‘out of place’. I doubt Eun Sang can feel that any more than she does at this moment. I just hope her life hereon isn’t so rough. It’s bad enough that she’s totally in a world that’s the exact opposite of hers, but to be the ball in the court for everyone to fight over, damn that is not fun.

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Heirs Episode 4 Recap

How difficult it is to do the simplest of things? Our lead doesn’t have any idea about that.


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Heirs Episode 3 Recap


I luuuurrrrvvvvveeee the jealousy in which Tan stews over Chan Young, hehe! Chan Young is definitely my favorite character overall – I love what a wonderful friend he is. And all the time I watched this episode, I was like, “Where’s my real life Chan Young? *pout*”

This was an interesting episode, like the previous ones. We get to see more OTP time and emotions come even closer to the surface for them both. Granted, I don’t think Eun Sang is totally as attracted to Tan as he is to her, I think she connects with him on a deeper level than before in this episode because she gets to see the vulnerable side of him too and now, she’s not as unaffected by him as before. I WANT SPARKS NEXT!

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Chapter 8 – Induction [Endless Night]

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel

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Chapter Eight – Induction


One Week Later…


Soo-min walked silently along the length of the ornate corridors in a section of the Vanity that was off-limits to her.  Tonight was finally her night off, so she’d taken advantage of the free time to enter the club through the staff entrance before changing into attire more appropriate for a wealthy party-goer. Thank goodness the floors are carpeted, she thought, glancing at heavy wooden doors. It seemed that there was more money poured into this section than any previous one she’d been to. Maybe this was a sign that she was finally making some headway.

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Heirs episode 2 Recap

A BIG thanks to Akiko for helping me and letting me help her


Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you think that helping someone just because you have suffered the same fate will help you get closer?  Is it sympathy or is it love?

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Endless Night Chapter 8 Teaser

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel

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Chapter Eight – Teaser


“Who the hell are you?”

Soo-min turned, hand still on the latch, to see the same girl she’d run into the other night, the one who had been trying to take care of an injury in the ladies’ room. A Lily. She was standing in the middle of lavish suite, hands in the middle of adjusting her clothing, while she took in Soo-min’s unexpected appearance. Soo-min, for her own part, was trying to come up with an excuse that wouldn’t bring security running in. The girl’s eyes narrowed when her question went unanswered.

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Heirs Episode 1 Recap


So, the Heirs finally makes its debut this week and I have to say, I only saw two of it’s teasers (the one behind the episodes) since youtube doesn’t work on my end and didn’t really know what to expect. Thankfully, I am enjoying it because despite it’s somewhat light way of story telling, its bringing up some really nice emotional beats – family relations, friendships and what life signifies for any person.

Yes, I’ll be recapping the series and joining me would be Sarah for the recaps! We’ll be doing alternate recaps – one episode me, one her, and I’m sure you’ll love her recaps too since her writing and sense of humor is practically one in a million and you can’t NOT smile or laugh with her! Look forward to her recap for Episode 2!  😉

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