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Heirs Episode 12 Recap


This time I dare say I really liked the episode so much that I decided to take Young Do with me, so that Tan can have Eun Sang.

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Heirs Episode 11 Recap

This week’s recap is brought to you by me. Akiko is busy and hopefully will be back by next week.


Last time Young do had a snake kinda scarf and Tan doesn’t want to be left behind so he picks up a centipede and sticks on his coat.

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Heirs Episode 10 Recap


-Yay- Dare I say…..I like the episode? No. We are half way through –yay-  no extensions please drama god.

Umm just want to say, Young Do there’s a snake around your neck. No, okay your scarf is a bit too long. I too want the cream that they use to fix their faces, how come a bruise vanishes in a day or two? I have this skin type where a scar or a blemish remains for quite some time and gives me a headache. Wait a second are we not discussing skin types?

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Heirs Episode 8 Recap


I got an almost kiss. Kiss and a hug and an almost engagement photo shoot.

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Heirs episode 6 Recap


What a snooze fest, I was literally sleeping during the whole episode. I thought episode 5 was boring it took me 3-4 hours to watch it, this one took…..well long enough.

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Heirs Episode 4 Recap

How difficult it is to do the simplest of things? Our lead doesn’t have any idea about that.


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