Heirs Episode 11 Recap

This week’s recap is brought to you by me. Akiko is busy and hopefully will be back by next week.


Last time Young do had a snake kinda scarf and Tan doesn’t want to be left behind so he picks up a centipede and sticks on his coat.

Heirs Episode 11

We back track how Tan came to the campsite. He came with Hyo Shin and Myung Soo spots him. Tan is looking for Eun Sang and soon finds her with Young Do, who has spotted Tan and to make him angry hugs Eun Sang and tells her that Tan has come. Tan walks up to them and like old good friends he and Young Do banter, Eun Sang meddles. Young Do asks Tan to convey his sincerity to Eun Sang as she doesn’t believe in him, so tell her that he likes her. Young Do walks away leaving Eun Sang paralyzed for some reason, this makes Tan uneasy he asks Eun Sang to get over it.


Again for some reason Tan gets angry at Eun Sang, well the reason is obvious not to be with Young Do. But who told you not to come.

Hyo Shin is perplexed whether to call Hyun Joo or not. Rachel pokes her head in the car, looking for Tan. Hyo Shin annoys her by saying that he is in the trunk, anyways she sits in and waits for him to comeback, as she is sure he has gone to meet Eun Sang. Sure enough Tan arrives and the destination changes to the hotel room because Rachel has something to say.

Same old, same old– Rachel asks Tan if he has met Eun Sang, Hyo Shin rolls his eyes and walks out of the room –take me with you– Tan says yes he did and is waiting for her to call, Rachel says she slapped her, and tells him to wake up, their engagement was done in front of their families so he liking Eun Sang has no meaning. –Sorry to interrupt but this conversation already happened and in case you forgot you dropped the bomb about cancelling it so that you can see Tan in a mess– Rachel leaves Tan in a midsentence .


Eun Sang walked towards the tent and heard girls chatting about her, how she is handling both the guys. Young Do comes from behind and pulls hood on her telling her not to listen and takes revenge on behalf of her by dumping their shoes in a bucket of water. Eun Sang wants to take them out because the girls will chew her but Young Do stops her as this has an easy excuse then her staying at Tan’s house. He says don’t worry her secret is safe with him and not to answer his questions, if she would, he can’t ask them anymore. Since he is sure Eun Sang lives in Tan’s house, he thinks of the reasons either she is a daughter or a daughter in law, may be a relative, a maid or a tutor but all of this doesn’t make sense. Young Do asks Eun Sang a simple question, if she really likes Tan. She answers “yes”. His heart breaks –so does mine- he tells her not to take the shoes out or he will take revenge.


Chan Young calls Rachel to come back for the night roll call, but she refuses as she is spending the night at the hotel. Rachel’s mom gets a call about her girl. Rachel’s mom has come looking for Young Do’s dad and he is with some ladies. She is unhappy about the marriage article being published without her knowledge and asks for some time as she has some business to do. She spots Yi Seul’s mom and is astonished to hear that she is the madam of this bar.


Eun Sang is sitting in the tent looking bored to me, she looks behind her and eyes grow big like saucers, Tan is there. He asks her to come out and they walk on a lonely path. Tan has made his own camping area, which he denies he didn’t, and says it was already there. – and I m thinking why the hell then the kids took the time to set the camp, when they could have come here- my point, Tan is lying he did it, how? I have no idea-

Tan wraps his jacket around Eun Sang and asks her why she called. She asks a question in return, why did he come? He says because he missed her. Tan gives her two options either sleep in the warmth together or in the cold together, leaving is no option. Eun Sang smiles and says this is exciting, “don’t send me back; Eun Sang says earlier why I called you was because I missed you. Tan is dumbfounded. He sits next to her and thinks she is acting strange. Eun Sang says this is like a dream to her. She lays her head on his shoulder saying she wanted to do this. After some time she says this is more uncomfortable then she thought and lifts her head but Tan doesn’t let her and says she needs to lean her heart.

Eun Sang looks at the stars and Tan says don’t bother him to get it for her. She says Chan Young does for Bo Na and Tan immediately interrupts “which one”. Eun Sang says this looks like a horror movie and Tan says why she always goes to melo from horror. He asks why she likes horror and she says their tragedy makes her tragedy trifle. He asks if he is one of the worries, without answering she closes her eyes and says she is going to sleep.


Morning. Tan and Eun Sang are walking again on the lonely road and Tan can’t believe Eun Sang actually slept and wines that his beautiful hands were ruined because he kept the fire alive. Tan asks Eun Sang to hold hands which she flatly refuses but he still does anyways. Hand in hand they walk as Eun Sang talks about that Hollywood sign, which seemed close but was far. Tan is same too. Eun Sang says he asked a question last night, if he is one of the worries, and she answers no, he is the relief. She removes her hand from his but he grabs it again saying “how near should I be for you to believe? You never came so don’t say it’s far Cha Eun Sang” and they both stare at each other.


Back to the original camp site, everybody is freshening up and a topic pops up that Tan was there last night, Bo Na thinks that is why Rachel didn’t come. Everybody think they spend the night together. Eun Sang looks guilty –Here I thought there was a roll call, Rachel was called but Eun Sang was not???-  . Chan Young tells everyone to be ready they have to attend a lecture. Sitting in the room beforehand with a grumpy face is Rachel, she looks at Eun Sang and Young Do does the same. –is there something or am I missing something– Rachel is asked if she was with Tan, to answer it she questions is that how it looked?

Lecture ended and everyone is returning to the cafeteria when Eun Sang spots Tan first but slides away. Myung Soo is the one who calls him. Eun Sang sits behind Tan and Tan kicks the chair –don’t imitate my Young Do– and offers Young Do to sit, which he does. Rachel takes her food tray and sits with them. Bo Na and Yi Seul meet the group and are surprised that Hyo Shin is here. He says yes he was with Tan and the girls laugh at Rachel. Tan saves the situation by saying she didn’t let him enter her room. Young Do says to Tan he has a person he misses and a person he wants to sleep with. Tan has enough of this and says it was his mistake, “so do you want to get up or should I?” listening, Eun Sang leaves and Young Do takes his leave as well. Tan watches as Young Do blocks Eun Sang’s way. –by the way they are near a pool– Young Do grabs her and she almost falls in. Smiling Young Do lets her go and she falls into the pool with a splash. Tan stands up angry and warns everyone not to come outside. Young Do apologizes, his hand slipped. Eun Sang gets angry if this was his sincerity? He says no, this is what Tan would do to her, “he will pretend to grab you but will eventually let you go, so let go before that happens”. Eun Sang says she knows and he will die by her hands. Tan comes out –he sure took his sweet time– and kicks Young Do into the pool. –I saw something totally not important. Tan’s hands were outside his pocket but when he was about to kick Young Do he put them in– Tan says his apologies his foot slipped. Young Do isn’t angry at all; he says it looks like he won. Everybody is staring at the trio. Tan gives his hand to Eun Sang and Young Do climbs out of the pool and asks Tan if he will let Eun Sang hear the word “mistress” like someone, this angers him and they both grab each other’s collar asking the other if they can deal with the situation. Hyo Shin comes to stop the fight –you too took long enough– Chan Young and Bo Na come too –looks like everybody is slowly coming to their senses. The fight is over, there is nothing left to look, shoo go away everyone


Hyo Shin and Tan drive back bickering. The moment Hyo Shin steps in his house sees his mom waiting. He apologizes for staying out but his mom is angry not because he stayed out but he didn’t go for the college interview. Hyo Shin says he never said he would go. His mom asks what is wrong with him, teary eyed he says finally you asked, he accuses his mom for not asking why he didn’t want to go or why he took the pills and asks if she would like to know the answer but his mom says later after the admission. –Why every parent in this drama is like that-


Lady Jung enters Tan’s house and shouts to see Tan’s mom. Eun Sang’s mom is about to write something on her note pad when lady Jung asks to see it, Eun Sang’s mom gets scared. Tan’s mom knows all the threats are in there so she stops her from looking and tells the maid to run away. Lady Jung says she knows Tan’s mom had people tailing her, Tan’s mom says there is no proof. – and they fight as usual- ending with lady Jung saying she will let Tan’s mom know her place.

Tan’s mom and Eun Sang’s mom negotiate the price for her note pads. – Tan’s mom keeps sticking weird thinks on her head-


In school everybody is gossiping that Rachel’s mom and Young Do’s dad are getting married, Rachel shows that she isn’t affected by this. Young Do and Rachel meet at the locker and he says in this situation usually siblings end up loving each other, Rachel says let’s do it if it is the last option to stop the marriage but Young Do says, he has someone he already loves. Everyone congratulates them both fakely and Bo Na points it out too for Eun Sang.


Rachel walks alone and starts crying; Tan comes and asks if she is alright, she don’t want him to act like a fiancé. He says he is acting like a friend and pats her back because she won’t stop crying. Eun Sang watches them and is approached by Young Do, she asks him if he is alright, he is taken back. Tan see them too.


Tan walks in to the broadcasting room because he wants to talk with Eun Sang alone, so he starts blocking the door and says to her that his existence is a misunderstanding to people, a misunderstanding that can’t be clarified so he tries hard to clear them up. He explains what she saw earlier, him and Rachel that is just friendship and apologizes for not helping when she fell in to the pool and the most important, what was she talking about with Young Do as he was looking really moved. Eun Sang walks out and is surprised to see that he tried to block the door but it’s useless since the door opens the other way. She teases him no wonder he came last.


Tan and Myung Soo are at a place they used to visit and Myung Soo asks why they are here. Young Do says this is the place where he lost everything, Mom, friend. We see a flashback where young Tan wants Young Do to see something but he treated him harshly.


Won meets with secretary Yoon and says today the marriage article of Rachel’s mom was in the news  Won asks why he and Rachel’s mom broke up. Secretary Yoon answers him with a question, then why he and Hyun Joo broke up. Won says they haven’t, he just changed the priorities. Secretary Yoon says then why they have to wait.

Lady Jung is here to meet Won, she is being kind enough to tell him that Tan is going to get shares on his 18th birthday like he did but maybe Tan would end up with more. Won orders secretary Yoon that he wants the name of all the people, daddy is putting the shares under and gets a shock of his life when Lady Jung says secretary Yoon is the one who has the most. Lady Jung asks Won if he has someone on his side. Won is attending a meeting and looks around the room and Lady Jung’s word echoes in his head.


Eun Sang comes home and the maid asks her to do some work. She tries to go unnoticed in front of Tan’s room but he grabs her hand and takes her into his room and asks again what did she talked about with Young Do. Eun sang tries to leave so Tan says if she turns her back he is going to hug her and if she talks back he is going to kiss her. They are standing this close to each other when Tan’s mom enters and all hell breaks loose. Tan’s mom gets angry at Eun Sang and Tan tells her to stop as she is already troubled by him liking her. Mom tells him to lower his voice or his dad will hear. Tan asks Eun Sang to leave. Mom says this is no time for dating when Won is the president. Tan says it is hyung’s rightful place and asks his mom to stop wanting things from him for her. Tan’s mom leaves the room.


Eun Sang comes back to her room and tries to tell her mom what happened but Tan’s mom  storms in and says to Eun Sang’s mom is this how she is going to repay what she did for her and her daughter. Eun Sang’s mom tells her in the sign language that it was always Tan looking for my daughter but Eun Sang translates it wrong saying, her mom says she is sorry. Tan comes looking for mom and takes her outside. Eun Sang and her mom apologize to each other. Her mom asks if they should leave the house and Eun Sang agrees. They hug each other and Eun Sang keeps crying.


Tan waits for Eun Sang in the wine cellar, he calls and texts her but there is no reply. He walks into the maid’s room but no one is there, he finds Eun Sang’s mom in the kitchen and asks her. Tan is outside looking for Eun Sang as her mom said she has gone to a friend’s house. Eun Sang calls Bo Na and asks if she can stay at her place for a night, but is denied so Eun Sang says then she will stay at Chan Young’s. Bo Na tells her address in one breath. Eun Sang tells Bo Na that her mom is mute and is a maid. The girls have a nice bonding. That night neither Eun Sang nor Tan slept. Eun Sang comes to school early, the gate isn’t opened yet. She walks towards the convenience store and sees Young Do eating ramyun. He sees her too. Eun Sang goes inside the store to buy something. Young Do asks if she spent the night outside, Eun Sang asks him the same question. Eun Sang asks he is rich then why does he always eat at a convenience store, Young Do replies it doesn’t seem weird if he eats alone.


Young Do and Eun Sang are standing at the intersection. Young Do once again spots Tan coming out of his car. Eun Sang isn’t even texting, still she is looking down and has no idea that Tan has arrived. Young Do pulls Eun Sang close as she tries to wriggle. Young Do says he wants to see what would Tan bet for her and finally Eun Sang see Tan. The signal turns green, both parties walk and Tan holds Eun Sang’s hand –my fault, wrist, he holds her wrist– and Young Do grabs Tan’s wrist. Eun Sang pulls her hand out of Tan’s grip, he looks shocked. Eun Sang says she can’t do it any longer and apologizes. Tan says he knows she is having a hard time – if you know then let her go, Young Do you too back off– Tan holds his hand out and tells Eun Sang to grab it Young Do tells her otherwise. Eun Sang is in a dilemma and this is my first time seeing that the signal is green for so long. The signal is green but Eun Sang can’t decide.



I finally thought we would have a back story for Hyo Shin but it’s my fault for getting my hopes so high.

Why do they keep repeating everything? From now on if a scene is repeated like the staring competition that the drama likes so much or Rachel telling their engagement won’t be affected or any bla bla bla, I won’t recap it.

Somebody please tell me there are 16 episodes instead of 20.

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