Dream High – Again!

Yes, finally the days are numbered till the broadcast of the sequel of the much awaited Dream High! Though the sequel has little of its original cast and plotline, there are some common elements and the results are expected to be as awesome as Dream High, if not more!

Watch the trailer here:


Park Jin Young reprises his role as a teacher, and is shown in the still with his rag-tag team of underdog students at the dormitory rooftop.

In “Dream High 2,” Kirin Arts High School, the main setting of the drama has fallen from its top arts academy status into dire financial straits and is in danger of closing. The bleak situation became well-known in the entertainment industry and has launched a competition for the acquisition of the school.

Unlike in the first season where individual competition is highlighted, the competition in “Dream High 2” shifts to teams, with idol group HershE at the center of it. Kang So Ra and 2AM’sJung Jinwoon are expected to join the fray.

HershE is described as a mysterious girl group with stunning looks that transfers to Kirin Art High School and ends up teaming with a boy group already at the school. The leader is Nana, played by Hyorin, a gifted singer with fresh personality. Jiyeon plays the role of Liam, who dreams of becoming “Queen of the Cannes Festival’ despite her lack of acting skills, while Ailee uses her real name for the character as a talented singer who often displays a disrespectful attitude, making her known as a haughty idol.

Dream High’ will start its airing on January 30. Till then, follow the official Dream High 2 pages on facebook, twitter and tumblr for more!





Here’s a little reminiscing of old memories of Dream High! It’s the drama that made teen musicals so much fun and explored the joys of dancing, singing and friendships to its max! 😉 Without a doubt, the best surprise was Kim Soo Hyun who not only aced his part but also sings amazingly well! Apart from Dream High, his song Dreaming is my favorite!


Dream High Ost- Dream High MVs featuring dancing and scene cuts from throughout the drama


Sam Dong and Hye Mi’s dance


Sam Dong, Suzy, Pil Suk and Jason’s Bird Dance


The Raod flash mob scene where all  the students from Kirin dress up as different individuals from different walks of life and in the middle of the street, play Dream High and dance it away! 😉



The scene from Dream High Episode 13 where Sam Dong (Soo Hyun) sings the song Dreaming but misses the right beat when his hearing fails him and ends up singing it out of tune and realizes his mistake through everyone’s reaction. Just as he’s about to give up, he sees Hye mi (Suzy) gesturing to him. She’d promised him that if his hearing did fail her, she’ll be there to guide him and does so that he sings it perfectly. When I was watching the drama, it made me cry too! Ah, Dream High was THAT awesome!



An MV with scenes from the drama and where he describes his dream at the very end followed by words from Hyemi in a sort of promise! 🙂


When he sang the full version on the Dream High Concerts



Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Dream High 2 and hope it turns out greater than, or just as good as its predecessor! 😉

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