Banners ^^

Finally I got around to making some banners for the site myself rather than using simple images! Hope you guys like them, and as always, feedback is definitely welcome! 😉

Banners: ^^

And here is an amazing amazing banner contributed by Observant Zani! Thanks a million to her!! ❤ ^^

Another amazing Kang To-Mok Dan banner from Gaksital contributed by Angel1990.Don’t they look adorable? *sigh* Thanks a million to her!! ❤ ^^

 Keep posted for more! Will continue to update as I make them! 😉

  1. they are lovely! Can someone tell me which drama/movie the 11th one is from? the one that says A love I cannot forget A person I cannot forget. Thanx!

  2. I’m currently watching Rooftop Prince.

  3. I like how there’s so many banners of Bridal Mask 😛

  4. My friend and I were just wondering what drama/couple this is?

  5. Thank you for lovin’ it, I’m glad it did. And gomawoooooooo for the credits ^^ They’re truly adorable, I’m gonna watch the 19 hope it is as great as the previous ones.

    • Oh, its amazing as ever for Kang To but little KT/Dan moments! Stakes go way higher this week and we really are going to totally lose our minds because of it! 😀

  6. Hi !!! I made a ban about gaksital and I don’t know if you’d like it. I feel like imposing myself biyaan if I am:

    • Hey, Angel 1990! Don’t worry about imposing, I’m quite glad for your efforts! Thank you! I’ve put up the header with the others with proper credits to you! ^^ If you want to contribute to Akiko’s hereon, your most welcome! I’d love to have someone else around too! 🙂

  7. @Observantzani: Let me know if there’s something/anything I can do for you! Would love to be of help! ^^ 🙂

  8. Hey, it’s AWESOME!!! I literally love it! And its giving me ideas on how to make mine better! Thank YOU!!! ^^

    P.S. How about making me more when you have time, hehe? 😉 Yes, I ❤ it that much!! ^^

  9. I can make you one if you like 🙂 Just tell me the dimensions. Or do you really prefer comments?

    • I’d really appreciate comments too since that’ll help me improve myself but if you can make me a banner/banner, it’ll be equally appreciated! 😉 The dimensions are 940 pixels x 200 pixels! 😉

      • Don’t expect one too soon though, hahaha. I still need to find the time to squeeze it in 😉 For my comments, you need to first improve the fonts. Akiko’s Morning Coffee should be emphasized rather than the quote or the title of the drama. Those secondary information should be in a smaller font, maybe around size 12? It would also be nice if you blurred or removed the station on the top right. For some of them, it’s quite overdecorated. You should either lessen the decoration or the number of images in one banner. I think having rendered photos would be good for a blog banner. Aside from that it’s easier to edit. I’m sure dramas released those individual shots/posters so it’ll be easy to get copies. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Hehe, it’s okay, take your time! I myself am swamped with work and blogging!! T_T I actually put Akiko’s Morning Coffee in the background deliberately cause I wanted to highlight the other info! 😛 But I’ll edit them and see how it works out then! I’ll put these changes also in the ones I’m making right now… And I belatedly realized I had left the station name there :|! I’ll remove them now! 🙂 I’ll go over the others too and in my own view, I thought the Rooftop Prince ones were the most overdecorated, am I right? Hereon, I’ll make em simpler! 😉
        But I didn’t quite get what you mean by rendered photos? Are you saying to use individual shots from the dramas posters more?

        Yes, it definitely helps! Thank you!! ^^

      • I see, I didn’t know that was your intention. But I think it’s nicer to emphasize your site more than the drama itself. Yup, rendered photos are those individual shots. It’s basically those shots on white background. You can put a new background or texture to make it nice! Plus it’s easier to readjust the size, etc :))

      • Okay, I’ll check them out! 😉 I’ve yet to wade close to drama sites like MBC, KBS where the drama homepages are!

      • Sorry if it’s late but liked I promised, here’s a banner for you. ^^

        It’s pretty simple but I hope you liked it. It’s inspired by your story actually. 🙂

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