Heirs Episode 8 Recap


I got an almost kiss. Kiss and a hug and an almost engagement photo shoot.

Yeah all in my recap.

Episode 8 Recap

Tan confesses that he likes Eun Sang.

Their phone rings Tan doesn’t pick up but Eun Sang says she has to, this is the difference between them. Tan answers Eun Sang’s phone it’s his mom, he says he is talking about something important and cuts the call. Eun Sang starts to cry as Tan won’t give her the phone back, she says it is expensive and need it to contact her mom. Tan hugs her and says, “don’t say you don’t like me, and think about it.”


Tan’s mom wants to know why he was with Eun Sang. He says he had a favor to ask, he hit a guy in the school and did not wanted her to report it to you. Tan says dad already knows because he called, mom says Lady Jung must have told her.

Eun Sang is summoned before Tan’s mom and is asked, who did Tan hit? Eun Sang says it would be better if she would ask Tan directly but his mom says, he won’t say. Tan’s mom gets angry at her and says, who are you to make Tan come to you, if this continues you and your mom won’t be able to live here. Eun Sang apologizes. –what is in Tan’s mom’s hair?  Head?-


Dad knows that Tan hit Young Do. Tan says dad never took interest in whatever he did before. Dad says he was busy with the company and says your mother is the chairman, chairwoman? of the school. Tan says her mom is not the chairman/woman? But the mistress.


Tan exits his father’s room as Eun Sang exits Tan’s mom’s. Tan asks what did his mom say but she says please don’t talk to me in the house and walks away. Tan calls her out and follows her in the kitchen and asks the same question he asked earlier. What did his mom say? “Would you accept if I apologized in her place?” Eun Sang asks him to leave and is worried if his mom will come. Tan wants her to cheer up but she is no mood. She again asks him to leave. Tan says why she keeps asking him to leave when this is his house. She says she will go then but Tan reminds her that this whole place is his. He says do you even know how happy I m that you are living in my house. Eun Sang leaves with a goodnight.


Both of them are in their beds. Tan looks at a book while Eun Sung remembers the time with Tan and sets the alarm even earlier only to run into him in the school.

Secretary Yoon meets Won and says something is not working with the other group – can I skip this, hope everything collapses and we would have little less characters-  

Again a session with Tan’s mom and Eun Sang’s mom. – I think both look crazy- with all the pillow fighting and feather flying.

As Eun Sang walks in the hallway, she sees Tan standing, oh yeah and Bo Na is reading something on the broadcast. Eun Sang is there to know if she got selected and asks Tan to logout from her account. Bo Na comes out of the room, sees Tan and is about to run again when Chan Young calls her. Eun Sang signals Chan Young to help her and they both leave Tan and Bo Na there to bicker with each other.


Chan Young asks Eun Sang, why is she avoiding Tan and his dad is worried about her. Eun Sang says she is thinking about telling the truth that she is not a parvenu but Chan Young stops her and tells that the bully is leaving school. She runs only to find him walking out; new girl (Kang Ye Seul)-finally got her name– comes with some extras and they blab it would be good if people like him leave.


Eun Sang is at her locker when Young Do calls but doesn’t pick up. He is right behind her and she is surprised/scared and asks him to move away. He wants to know what name she has used to save Tan’s number. Eun Sang corrects his name previously written “don’t pick up”. Young Do tells her, that her name is written on the bulletin board and congrats her, she panics only to see that she has gotten into the broadcasting club. Bo Na comes and sees the notice, yanks it only to reveal a note – oh my it is that note that Eun Sang left for Tan in his school in America. He did see, I thought he didn’t.-


Eun Sang finds it amazing, that he found this. Tan says he told her to call him and she asks why he wanted her to call. Tan says he wanted to ask,” where are you? Who are you with? Don’t go. Can’t you stay longer? I miss you.” This scene is seen by Rachel who is soon joined by Hyo Shin. Tan says “I didn’t come to Korea because of you but you were one of the reasons.” Eun Sang excuses herself by saying she has a class and walks towards the wrong direction, Tan corrects her.


Tan spots Rachel and asks her to stay as he has something to say. Tan declares to her that he likes Eun Sang. Rachel gets angry and Tan says whoever he meets, he wouldn’t have to ask her permission. Rachel gives him the fact if he avoids/leaves her he would get another rich girl and definitely not Eun Sang. Tan says he knows, he will worry about it later and asks Rachel to be friends. Rachel says he thought she wouldn’t get hurt, he was wrong about that and leaves with tears in her eyes.


Secretary Yoon comes to meet chairman and notices the envelope. Chairman wants everything settled with Hyun Joo. Secretary Yoon asks why chairman sent Eun Sang to Jeguk. Dad says so she can hear from hundred people why can’t she be with Tan.

Chan Young’s dad and Rachel’s mom meet in the school. She says she has come to the school because of the fight between Tan and Young Do. Secretary Yoon’s phone rings and its Hyun Joo.

Another convenience store scene but this time it’s with Hyo Shin and Hyun Joo. He sees her eating and texts her that he would be late. Later when she arrives for tutoring Hyo Shin leans closer to smell her breath. –Smack-


Young Do makes a bet with dad; if he wins there would be no family photo and he loses.

Eun Sang is at her part time job when Young Do calls she ignores as usual only to find him sitting in the café. She gets scared and he tells her not to worry he came because he was lonely –I m so free, you can come over– Young Do tells that he dropped the law suit against the bully –and lo and behold- Tan is there too.- Busy boys chatting happily don’t even notice that Eun Sang has left already. Both boys exit the café with their drinks. Young Do’s car has been towed and Tan is happy about it.


Won is waiting for Hyun Joo and gets a shock to see her coming with someone else only to see it is secretary Yoon. Hyun Joo gets scared that this will be reported to chairman. Secretary Yoon leaves.  Someone snaps the picture of both of them.


Tan goes to Eun Sung’s room to meet her. Tan’s mom arrives and they hide in a closet/store room. Why? Standing close enough, Tan’s tries to kiss her but she doesn’t want to, so he stops. Eun Sang stomps on his feet while going out. Both are sitting in the wine cellar when Tan asks, why she is always doing her homework here to which she responds she wants her mom to sleep. Tan asks her why she ran away from the café and what she talked about with Young Do. Eun Sang says, Young Do said something strange, he said, he came because he was lonely. Strange enough he was looking lonely.


Young Do is lying on a sofa and is thinking about Eun Sang, their every encounter. Myung  Soo puts on some music and asks Young Do what is he thinking about and he says about Eun Sang. Myung Soo asks why. Young Do says he is thinking, why he is thinking about that parvenu.


Photo shoot day. Young Do has a plan to ruin the day and the plan walks in as Young Do smiles. A lady who knows Young Do’s dad and calls him oppa. Sure enough Rachel’s mom’s mood darkens and she storms out. Rachel and Young Do enjoy their victory. Rachel says she owes one to Young Do and he asks for Eun Sang’s information card. Rachel also tells him that Tan is in love with Eun Sang, do something about that too.


Eun Sang listens to the music as Tan is sitting beside her, though she has no idea. Eun Sang gets scared and hits him on the arm he overreacts, says he is pain and to massage her. He grabs her hand and pulls over to his heart, she yanks her hand back. Tan calls her stupid for not knowing he was following her. Eun Sang says she is going in first; he should come five minutes later.


Young Do takes Eun Sang’s plate and places on the table and sits in front of her and offers her to do the same. Eun Sang remembers it’s the same place where bully was being bullied. She says, she doesn’t want to eat with him. Young Do takes her plate away, minion makes her sit and Young Do places the plate in front of her and motions her to eat. Bo Na and Ye Seul are sitting as Ye Seul says; Eun Sang is the new target and Bo Na waits for Tan and Chan Young to arrive. Eun Sang asks Young Do, what does it mean to sit here and if he is doing this because of Kim Tan she has nothing to do with him. Young Do says he too doesn’t have anything to do with him.


Tan enters to see them sitting together. Eun Sang shaking visibly. Tan yells at her to get up. She does but Young Do again trips her. Tan gets mad at Young Do by grabbing his collar and is about to hit when Eun Sang stops him and tells him to take her out, they pass Rachel. Rachel tells Young Do while handing him Eun Sang’s information card, you made Eun Sang kneel but Tan was holding her hand.


Tan and Eun Sang are at the roof top. Eun Sang is crying and Tan asks if she is hurt. She stops him from coming near and her cell phone rings its Young Do. She wants to take it, Tan asks her not too, avoiding him won’t work Eun Sang says. As she picks up the call, Tan kisses her.



I thought I would be late but here I am.

Young Do likes Eun Sang. Yay a love triangle finally. But what is it that he wants from Rachel that she won’t be able to give. Oh well, if Young Do and Rachel becomes a couple, that would be great too.

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  1. What a really interesting one……….

  2. Am enjoying d story.nd dis blog!Thumbs up!

  3. I don’t like where the story’s headed. I like Eun Sang’s character cause she feels so real and has real life issues but the ending in this episode kinda left me disappointed. Not that I blame her for it – I guess she was too scared to think her actions through.
    Thing is, YD only did what he did to test her and Tan out. If she’d refused to get up, sure, she might have been bullied (I say might because I doubt YD would have gone through with it. He knew her real situation ages ago but stayed mum) but getting up meant she was choosing Tan and that will definitely give her the backlash from YD. And Tan, doesn’t he realize he’s making things worse for her? What is this, cinderella where the girl is always going to be protected by her knight in shining armor? Eun Sang was doing a great job of being capable on her own but suddenly she’s reduced to a girl that’s being yanked on both ends by two guys who are doing it out of spite to each other. 😦

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