Heirs Episode 7 Recap


Apologies for the laaaatttteeeee recap but real life gets in the way of it sometimes! I had a work related session that ran late last night and I wasn’t able to get the download until midnight. So I was only able to get to it today. Tomorrow’s recap by Sarah will also be a bit late – she’s having internet issues. Hopefully, this will be a one time occurence!

We finally get to move past the growling at each other and find the reason for the antagonism between Young Do and Tan. In this episode though, we get to see little glimpses of the person that Young Do is beneath his bullying persona and while it doesn’t make you sympathize with him, you take the first step towards understanding.

Note: One thing more – everyone has their own way of translating a drama. While I write about it like telling a story, Sarah uses her wit and humor to make the recaps more interesting for everyone. While I may like one thing, she may be bored by it or vice versa. However, it does not mean any one of us is wrong or that our choice be criticized. Everyone has their own thoughts about everything and they have a right to it, and all thoughts are most welcome here. However, there is no need to take offense at what is written and moreover DO NOT criticize the recapper for their opinion. We’ve had a comment that was quite blatant in ‘bashing’ our recapping styles and I’d appreciate it if this doesn’t happen again – we take hours off to recap the drama and it’s to channel our viewpoint to you guys. If someone doesn’t agree with it, you’re quite welcome to comment and let us know but please appreciate the effort that goes into it and show some respect – you could tell us the humor or comments are distracting from the story and we’ll cut back on it. Just because we laugh at something or enjoy it does not mean we are looking down on anyone or laughing at any writer’s hard-work.

Episode 7 Recap:

While Eun Sang still pretends to be asleep, Young Do gets a call from Tan, saying he has a question to ask. “Is your Ramen delicious?”

Realization hits and Young Do looks around – across the street, Tan stands watching him. Bring it on boys!

Tan’s eyes go from Young Do to Eun Sang and Young Do jolts Eun Sang again – Kim Tan’s here. She pretends to just wake up, and her eyes widen when Young Do points out Tan across the street.


Tan wonders aloud what those two are up to, while on this end, Eun Sang asks Young Do what’s up with them – “Why are you here? And why is he there?”

Young Do turns to Tan – didn’t he come to meet Eun Sang and tells him to come over but Tan denies it, telling them to do whatever they are up to elsewhere before walking away.

Pointing out Tan’s departure, Young Do tells Eun Sang to follow him but she points out she didn’t come here to meet Tan.


So this situation… it’s a coincidence?” mocks Young Do.

“Did I plan to meet you that we met here? Eat and be on your way!” She retorts back before walking off in the opposite direction to Tan, and towards home.


Back home, she runs into Tan who’s waiting for her. He chides her for sleeping in such an open place and reminds her to avoid Young Do. “What did he say to you? He didn’t threaten you, did he?” She doesn’t think so but when she repeats what Young Do had said as she’d been supposedly asleep – “It makes me want to protect you”, Tan points out it was a thinly veiled threat and begs her to stay out of Young Do’s radar.


Curiosity now sky high, Eun Sang asks what the real deal is between him and Young Do. Tan retorts he doesn’t remember it well anymore. With nothing more to say, she bids him farewell and heads in.


Inside, she gets a scolding from Tan’s mum to come home early. Just then, Tan comes in and asks for water which mom asks Eun Sang to get him.

Eun Sang does and when mom introduces the two, she pretends they’re meeting for the first time.

“But I’ve seen you so many times!”

Mom is flabbergasted – how, where, why and Tan explains he saw her at school, ending with a ‘see you later’ but mom’s like ‘there’s no see you later ever.’


Tan leaves and mom asks Eun Sang to pay a little attention to Tan in school ‘and report back to me how he’s doing’. Of course, she adds that doesn’t mean she should get close to him and rules that out as ever possible – pretend you don’t know him. Eun Sang agrees – he’s like a ‘Young Master’. Standing outside the door, Tan listens with a grave expression.


She comes to their home to find her mother has bought her uniform. She’s thankful and teary at the same time, admitting that she really likes it and offers to try it out.


Rachel’s mum tells her to be present for the family photo but she refuses and runs off to find Young Do and asks if he really has no intention of stopping this marriage. He offers to stop the photo shoot from happening, if not the marriage, and asks what she can do in return. Whatever he asks for, can she give it?


Next morning, Eun Sang exits the house at dawn to find Tan waiting for her. He knows she left the house early on to avoid her and wanted to know when, so he’s been out waiting. She points out she wasn’t avoiding him and turns to go but he stops her. It’s the drivers day off so he’s called a taxi and has her ride with him.

In the car he tells her, “The kids all like Kim Tan because he’s so good looking, Kim Tan is really good at studying, because he’s so good looking.” She wonders what’s up with him and he tells her that’s what she should report to his mum – “I heard it all yesterday.” Does that mean he wants her to lie? She points out there’s no task she can refuse to undertake at his house after all.


When he asks why she’s leaving early morning if she’s not avoiding him, her mind flashes back to the chauffeured cars she’d seen dropping students off at Jeguk. It bothered her and so she decided to go early but merely tells Tan it was to avoid traffic. While she wants to get off and go the rest of the way on her own, Tan says there’ll be no one at school at this time anyway so they should just go. Promising he wont come out early tomorrow, he asks, “Just go with me today.” Before she can protest, he points to something interesting outside the window. She turns to look, and he takes that moment to rest his head on her shoulder, hehe!

Before she can say anything, he tells her he’s sleepy because he woke early for her. “Let’s get off together later. The uniform really suits you.”


Once on campus, they walk on in silence, her ten paces ahead of him and acutely aware of him behind her while he watches her from the back. Seeing her back brings a frown though and approaching her, he takes off her pony and tells her not to tie her hair up at school but rather leave it open. Haha, he even musses it up for her. Lol, you’re so doing this so no one finds her attractive, no?


She’s afraid someone might see them but Tan’s all ‘who’s gonna be here at this hour?’ until a voice rings out “Kim Tan?” It’s Myung Soo. So much for the ‘nobody comes early!’ He wonders why they’re here early and Tan guesses he was out clubbing all night. Myung Soo still thinks Eun Sang is familiar but is distracted off the thought when Tan tells him she doesn’t go clubbing and Eun Sang points to the body shape drawn on the ground. Myung Soo has stepped on it but tells her it’s okay because its fake and wonders if Joon Young’s the one drawing them as a protest.


Tan’s Mom’s sister comes to meet her at the house and revels at the grandeur of the place. They begin to talk about their plans to get rid of Won and the Madam but Mom’s disappointed since there is no Achilles heel for either that they could use. Listening in coincidentally is Eun Sang’s mum who was around cleaning. Ha, they’re hilarious! Mom decides to sneak up on Eun Sang’s mom and scare her – to make sure she really can’t talk but as she sneaks up and Eun Sang’s mum turns around, she ends up scared herself. She wonders how ES Mom knew she was there and the latter points to her reflection in the fridge. Mom begins to ask when she lost her ability and ES mom writes the answer but Mom leaves before reading it.


Eun Sang goes for the PD Broadcasting job and lists her speciality as ‘sign language’. Hyo Shin points out she no longer needs the money for her uniform and Eun Sang admits she lied about it and he admits he knew that already. When he asks if there’s anything she wants to add, Eun Sang says in sign language, “Please hire me. If you don’t, I’ll take revenge on you!” Ha!

Hyo Shin wants to know what she said and she translates, “Please hire me!” He points out it seemed more than that but before she can say more, Bo Na enters and objects Eun Sang’s hiring. Just as she finishes, another girl enters, wanting to give the interview and she seems totally a fangirl of Hyo Shin so Bo Na immediately rejects her, saying they’ve already hired Eun Sang. Haha, the lesser of two evils!


Walking outside, Eun Sang puts her hair in a pony tail again but she’s barely finished when Tan, walking the same path, takes it off and rushes ahead.


She catches sight of Young Do in the distance, looking at them with a grim expression.


Bo Na and Chan Young sit around chitchatting when she mistakes another word for Kim Tan and Chan Young points it out. She swears she’s not interested in Tan and besides, when they did date, all they did was hold hands. Ha, Chan Young calls himself jealous over that before revealing that it was Rachel, not Tan who let the cat out of the bag about Bo Na dating Tan. He then asks her to keep Eun Sang’s personal circumstances a secret from the others but she refuses to promise.


Tan’s back in Chan Young’s place where they met ealier (is that a studio or lounge or what?) and staring at the photo of him and Young Do back when they were kids and best friends. Chan Young comes back and Tan asks him how long he’s been dating Bo Na and reveals his own state with Eun Sang, “a step before confessing”.


So he asks if Chan Young never had any feelings for Eun Sang in all the years they’ve been friends. Chan Young says he liked her back when they were nine years old and Eun Sang would fight off the bullies for him. Tan’s “Is that all?” and Chan Young goes, “Why did you hold hands with my Bo Na?” ha! Tan says he only did it cause his hands were cold, Lol!


Won comes home to meet Dad and state his intentions to live alone and independent. When he’d originally left, there was a chance he’d come back, but no more, he says. Dad points out he thought Won would be a bit more mature about this but Won retorts Dad’s step to bring Tan to the company was barely that. He’s had enough – losing his mother at six years of age and getting a step brother at 12. Now, he knows he’s loads to lose but also a lot to gain from someone else’s pain and states, “That somebody’s pain will become a comfort to me.” You sound more like the brat boy!


Tan comes to see Won who’s packing up and is happy, thinking he’s moving back but Won is as brusque and curt as ever. Hurt, Tan asks if they can never live together but Won says only real families do that. Tan wants to know how he could just leave the house because Tan moved in and Won retorts, “You keep chasing me. You even came to the hotel, to the company. Like a 6 year old, if you keep it up, I have nowhere to escape to. You ask how I can do this to you? But you don’t think of how you’re the one stealing away places from me? Or will I have to go to America this time? When will you grow up?”


With that he leaves but Tan corners him again in the wine cellar where he’s picking a bottle. He apologizes for everything – for going to the hotel and the company, even to come back to Korea and asks Won stay at home. He begins to say he understands hyung’s motivation but Won angrily cuts him off, “You have enough courage to come back, but not to fight? How dare you—”


Tan cuts him off by hugging hyung. Awww! Won is taken aback. “I won’t fight with you. It’s obvious I’d lose. How could I win a fight I don’t mean?” Won still cuts him off and leaves. *sniff sniff*


Tan sits outside in the courtyard for a bit and sees Eun Sang on her way in. She addresses him in jondae and wants to hurry in but he stops her and orders her to return his dream catcher, bringing it to the wine cellar.


He puts on a song to play there when she gets there (It’s the same one she had on last time). She turns to leave but then stays when he asks her to stay until it ends. She reveals she likes it since “the person I liked like crazy” liked it. That has him jealous, “You dated? When? Before coming to America? Who was it?” Ha! She points out she never said it was a guy and he smiles, “It’s not!” She reveals it was her sister she meant.


They keep chitchatting where he offers his help anytime she needs it and she asks how it feels like to be the son of Jeguk Group. He sadly says he can’t even call his mother his mother or his brother his brother. When he wants to ask her a question though, she refuses to listen since he’s always asking her dangerous stuff and leaves.

As she leaves, Tan holds up the dreamcatcher so she is reflected in it. All night though, she keeps thinking back to their different conversations – “Do I like you?” and “Did I miss you?” Tan is similarly lost in thought.


The next morning Bo Na comes upon students gathered outside a classroom. Two guys are standing guard there but she pushes past them to find Young Do and Eun Sang inside. He’s obviously interested in getting to her but Bo Na speaks up and demands that he stop. Instead, Young Do takes Eun Sang’s bag and flips it over so all the contents drop out.


Then he takes Bo Na’s bag and empties it on the floor too. There the stuff from both bags lies on the ground and he asks, “See this?” A glance shows the stark contrast between Bo Na’s designer and luxury stuff and Eun Sang’s cheap normal stuff. He points out she’s not a rich daughter and asks Bo Na what’s her deal. But Bo Na refuses to say anything, saying it doesn’t matter but Young Do begs to differ. She’s deceiving the entire school.


Eun Sang tells him to leave her alone and he smirks, wanting to know who’s behind her that she’s so confident. Just then, Chan Young enters and barks at Young Do to leave them alone. Young Do looks at Eun Sang and asks her why she’s got so many knights in shining armor fighting for her. With that, he leaves, bumping Chan Young.


Chan Young helps Eun Sang put her stuff back and thanks Bo Na for not saying anything. She snaps at him and leaves. The gossip reaches all the students, including Tan and Rachel in the other class. He immediately gets up to head out but the teacher arrives and starts class so he has to sit back down. All the time, he keeps watching his watch and Rachel notices his absentmindedness and anxiety.

Once class is over, he immediately heads out to find Eun Sang.


She’s at the lockers where Young Do is with Joon Young again. Joon Young holds up a complaint form – Young Do complained against him, saying he hit him and Joon Young asks him to take it back. Young Do refuses but says if he begs on his knees he’ll think about it. Many people are gathered around and watching, but only Eun Sang looks like she’s bothered about it. Although, I think I also see Myung Soo flinch. Interesting!


But as Joon Young kneels, Tan walks up to the group and tells him to get up. Joon Young barks at him not to pretend to be nice – him and Young Do are cut from the same cloth. Tan asks if he bullied Joon Young when he was young. “At least Young Do remembers!” Joon Young tells him.


So Tan apologizes and tells him, “I’ll pay it back like this.” With that, he punches Young Do. Everyone is startled and Tan asks Young Do if he’s gonna make him kneel now. Before things can get escalated though, a teacher comes down the corridor and the whole crowd disbands.


Tan and Young Do are taken before Tan’s official mother – the Madam. She apologizes to Young Do and Young Do brushes it off, saying he won’t press charges but “my heart is hurt.” Tan scoffs at those words, but stays mum.


As they leave the office and walk their separate ways, we see a flashback to their younger days when they had been fast friends. Turns out, Young Do had been avoiding Tan because Tan witnesses Young Do’s father with his mistress but Tan corners his friend and tells him it’s not something he should be embarrassed about. “It’s just something that hurts.”


To make his friend feel better, Tan offers up a secret of his own – he’s the illegitimate child of the Chairman and the Madam isn’t his mother. But Young Do throws it back in his face, “You’re illegitimate? So if a baby is born between my dad and that woman we saw him with, it’ll be a bastard like you.


Rachel’s mom finds out Secretary Yoon’s number and calls him up, pouting that she had to make the first call. Yoon tells her he was giving her time but cuts the call short since he is reporting to the Chairman right now. As it is, the report is about Young Do’s father and Rachel’s mother and how their marriage would dramatically increase their shares in the Jeguk Group.


Chan Young helps Eun Sang out with some notes at the library and sees her reject a call from “Don’t Answer.” It’s Young Do, isn’t it? He wonders who it is but she tells him she has some secrets even from him, haha, she says it with such a teasing expression and tells him to go. When the phone rings again though and Chan Young’s gone, she attends it. And it is Young Do!


He invites her over to have some jjajjangmyun with him at his hotel room but she refuses to go. He insists, asking “Haven’t you met Joon Young yet?”


Eun Sang’s eyes widen at that and she looks around to find Joon Young standing there, working up the nerve to approach her. Young Do explains that he made a deal with Joon Young – if he could make Eun Sang come to his room, he’ll cancel the complaint against him. Angrily, Eun Sang hangs up the phone.


When Joon  Young approaches her, saying sorry again and again, she can’t ignore his sorry expression though.


Cut to her sitting across Young Do as he digs into his noodles. She’s still miffed and asks why he’s joking around about the complaint – while it’s nothing to him, it’s a lot to poor Joon Young. Young Do cuts her off to ask why she thinks he’s joking. She’s surprised and asks if he really means to cancel it? He nods, of course!


She asks why. “Because you came!” She wonders why her coming changes things and he equates it to flowers blooming beside him because of it. She scoffs and he’s like, “What don’t you like – coming here to me or the flowers?” She retorts both. He laughs it off but they’re interrupted by the doorbell.


It’s Rachel, demanding to know why the family photo is still on. He tells her not to bother him now – he’s an important guest with him and she barges in to see who it is. As usual, she’s angry to see it’s Eun Sang and passes a retort to her before walking out.


Eun Sang rises to leave too and Young Do wonders if she’s off to her part time job but she doesn’t reply and walks out. Once she’s gone, Young Do’s expression changes. For once I’d say it’s not menacing and more thoughtful.


Of course, Rachel immediately calls up Tan to tell him Eun Sang is together with Young Do in his suite at the hotel (Girl, why are you shooting your own foot?) Now bothered, Tan calls up Eun Sang but gets no response so he rushes out to find her at her part time job.


He immediately rails at her for going to Young Do’s place and she points out she also followed him back to his place and stayed with him when she thought he was a drug dealer. That snaps Tan’s temper even more and he calls her too trusting – there was no evidence to show Tan wasn’t a bad guy. What if he really were a bad guy?


But Eun Sang’s also had enough being played around as everyone’s puppet on their whims and snaps back at him. The only reason she went was for Joon Young. On the one hand, there’s Tan bothering her and on the other, she can’t get Young Do to back off. “What am I supposed to do?”


He calmly answers, “Shall I tell you what to do? Leave my house tomorrow. Or can you not do that? Do you want to keep going to school? Then like me—if possible, for real. I like you.”



While the last statement seems swoon worthy, and for a few moments, my heart also experienced some flipping, once I thought about it, I didn’t like the meaning very much. What is this, fairyland? Why should liking Tan be the only way Eun Sang can be safe? I love her character right now (Except the dirt poor part). She’s strong willed, hard working and doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. I’m liking the way she’s adapting and evolving – she’s moved into a totally new world where she doesn’t belong but she’s willing to take her chances and stand her ground her way.

I know the scene won’t translate the way I’m imagining – (I so hope it doesn’t) and Eun Sang stands her ground. To be honest, I can’t totally feel her in love with Tan yet. The way I see it, she’s intrigued and her heart probably flutters too. But unlike Tan, she’s not at the just before confessing stage and for this love story to really click, I’d like if things developed a bit more on her end.

As for Young Do, this is the first episode where he seems somewhat human. Don’t misunderstand – I still see him as the bully and don’t like him but for the first time, I actually think of him a little less badly and enjoyed watching him with Eun Sang. Moreover, I’m looking forward to their interactions hereon too! I still can’t decide whether he’s made up his mind about Eun Sang, will he bully her or not?

And how exactly does he feel about her right now? Is he only intrigued because Tan is, or does his heart and mind have their own thoughts?


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