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A Belated Birthday Wish!

A.K.I.K.O—-I.S—-N.O.T——-H.E.R.E—–B.U.T—-L.O.O.K——-W.H.O—–I.S    >:-)

 Ahoye stranger!
where ye be headin’?
‘Tis ship’s been taken. Aye! I are not the Capt’n of ’tis ship. Are ye scared?!

with all that sword clenched in me teeth and that mean look in me eye-sockets?! be ‘fraid not! look at me concerned face… do ye not see love? ?! Heeheehuhuhuhahhah!

 Aye ye maggot! hand over ye precious gold to me,  for I am the sinister creature of the night who —–ok ok, the soap opera’s gone too cliche 😛
i’m just Mahvish, Akiko’s currently-jobless-software engineer buddy! 😀

I’m just here to wish her a HAPPY (belated) birthday!!!!  the theme would be to…SPAM this blog! AHAHAHA 😀
(Arrrgh, the pirate within lives! 😛 )


Dearest Akiko, with all my heart (filled with thoughts of spamming your blog :P)
i wish you a…

and then here’s for a dear friend i cherish so much!!!! i’m so glad you were born! werna meri enetertainment supply kon leta? 😛
no really, you truly are a closest friend that i’ll always thank ALLAH for blessing me with!
“oh, but you ROCK just the way you are dearie…”
(saying it the Rumpelstiltskin way 😉 but i mean every word in a prince charming way 😀 )

and then here’s to a wise grandma in every bit of  you 😛

oh and this one’s for being so late in posting wishes on your blog and facebook. now you know the message, loud and clear….

its….SPAM! 😀

Which reminds me, you know, that once a wise man once said….

with my last wish on this joyous day,
lets all celebrate and say………….WHAT THE HELL IS THAT GREETING SUPPOSED TO BE?! 😀 dude its plain weird!!!!

hope you live a long happy healthy life so that your cake can burn to ashes under the so many candles that mark your birthday count 😛 😀

i hope you liked the post Akiko ^_^

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