Heirs Episode 10 Recap


-Yay- Dare I say…..I like the episode? No. We are half way through –yay-  no extensions please drama god.

Umm just want to say, Young Do there’s a snake around your neck. No, okay your scarf is a bit too long. I too want the cream that they use to fix their faces, how come a bruise vanishes in a day or two? I have this skin type where a scar or a blemish remains for quite some time and gives me a headache. Wait a second are we not discussing skin types?

Episode 10 Recap

It’s like watching the 4th or was it 6th episode? Same thing Eun Sang is texting without any worries. I do think how one can walk while texting, then again, practice makes a man perfect. But Eun Sang is a female; oh that’s why she walks between the two guys again. Can I use the same line I used before? Two tigers growling at each other where a clueless….what should Eun Sang be called? “human” walks in, better.

Young Do says he has hit a jackpot and Eun Sang is all nervous. Tan saves the situation by saying he had a meeting planned and apologizes as he can’t go with her. Eun Sang gets the hint and walks out. Tan tells Young Do that he is dating Eun Sang and Rachel knows too.


Time to get some revenge. Tan meets Young Do’s dad and apologizes as he has hit Young Do twice. Young Do is present too actually; he barges in to stop Tan and is all panicky. Dad understands all and smiles which vanishes as Tan leaves and daddy hits Young Do, now I know why Young Do was panicking. Daddy removes his belt to hit Young Do some more when a sound stops him and dad tells him to leave. Young Do walks towards the room where the voice was coming from, opens the door revealing the same lady that he had called for canceling the photo shoot. Young Do asks his dad if he was like that when his mom was there or his mom was one of these.


Young Do is hurt –opens arms, falland yeah the snake is in his hand– He has tears in his eyes as he remembers a childhood memory, when he and Tan were playing a video game and had to stop and hide because someone had come. His dad and a woman. Young Do enters the elevator and Tan follows and warns,” family should not be allowed in our fights”. Young Do agrees but there is only one thing left, poor Cha Eun Sang. Tan warns him not to touch her and Young Do warns him back not to push him.


Young Do is washing dishes and Rachel’s mom comes concerned that she heard him and Tan were in a fight. Young Do acts cold towards her. Rachel’s mom recognizes the women who destroyed her photo shoot. If Young Do’s dad can have an affair, so can she, is her thinking I guess. She calls secretary Yoon and they talk about past. Daddy Young Do comes to destroy the mood and is angry at his fiancé. She does give him a sign that she knows about his affair.


Tan’s mom is worried and Eun Sang’s mom holds her hand and gives a massage. Tan arrives and his mom wants to know why he did that. Tan gets angry and says what wrong did he commit, mom wants him to understand but Tan cuts her off and says “I m sorry”, mom asks him why and he says “for everything”. Awww Tan’s mom cries and walks away saying to Eun Sang’s mom to prepare food for him. Tan asks her, if Eun Sang has returned yet. She answers no.


Tan calls Eun Sang but she don’t pick up, he then messages her, that Young Do has gone and the reply comes immediately saying thank you. Eun Sang comes home and Tan takes her by the wrist to the wine cellar. Tan asks if she is not curious what he and Young Do talked about and says he told him that we are dating. Eun Sang is stunned, how can he say such a lie. Tan says who is lying, I m gonna date you. Let’s date from today. Eun Sang says “Kim Tan”, and he points it out that this is the first time she has said his name. Eun Sang asks if he is stupid or he didn’t hear what she has been saying. Tan says “let’s say I’m stupid because I like you when you get mad or even when you smile”.


Eun Sang gets angry and says he does not know anything as he has grown up rich. “Okay, let’s date, you break your engagement with Rachel and get thrown out from your house and see if you can still say that you would date me”. She says it would be only her who would get hurt after breaking up. Tan asks if she is sure that they would break up after dating. Eun Sang says if he doesn’t know that she and her mom will be thrown out, once his mom knows everything. “So stop saying such things young master”.

Hurting, Tan says if his feelings/heart and sincerity a joke to her. Eun Sang replies than is her struggle a joke to him. Eun Sang says if they match each other? and Tan agrees yes, they don’t, he became brave for her but she is not doing anything, “if it’s your wish, I won’t give any attention to you. I thought you were a nice dream but you are a nightmare Cha Eun Sang.” Tan leaves while Eun Sang cries.


Eun Sang is walking to school and Tan’s car is driven by in a slo-mo. In school some girls wants to be friends with Eun Sang. – Yeah you girls can go to hell

Young Do asks Rachel how many times she has gone to her fiancés house. He looks at Tan and says that he saw something which shouldn’t be seen at his friend’s house. Tan stops him from saying anything more. A teacher calls both of the guys –what now– their punishment, they have to clean the windows. –and they so don’t want to do it


Eun Sang watches them from her classroom, not paying attention to the class. Chan Young writes about the parent teacher meeting –why my friends and I always got caught doing this– Eun Sang answers someone she knows went instead. Chan Young says she has many secrets now and asks if she and Tan fought.

Eun Sang is at the rooftop and remembers the kiss. – was that a kiss? Her expression was like ugh something is on my lips. Then again what do I know about kisses but I have seen and read many and no I’m not a pervert– Tan is on the other side of the rooftop, both see each other and it’s Eun Sang who runs away.


Eun Sang is studying at the library. – there is a table and she has her head on it, so Young Do must be there too- and he is, he asks Eun Sang who her mom is, who came to the meeting and is spending on the camp when her daughter is doing part time jobs. She tells him to get lost as she is studying for the exams.


Exam day. Everyone is busy answering but Young Do is doodling on his sheet. –sigh- drama you sure are far from reality– the result is out, Chan Young is first and Tan last. – seriously how bad did you do that you lost to Young Do’s drawing– Eun Sang runs to see her result but Tan is embarrassed so he stops her and tells that she came 52, she is disheartened.


Tan and Young Do has decided not to go for camping but Young Do changes his mind. Tan gets a message from Rachel and she says her mom wants to have lunch with him and his mom. Rachel says whoever he likes or dates it won’t have any impact on their engagement. She asks him why he is not going to camp. Tan says he is thinking how to protect her, himself and Eun Sang.


Secretary Yoon gets in the elevator, the spy is there too. Secretary warns Won not to meet Hyun Joo for a while as daddy has someone who is keeping tabs on him. Hyun Joo is waiting for him, what she gets is a message from Won saying he can’t come, don’t wait, she is sad. A car stops and it’s Hyo Shin who calls Hyun Joo, noona. He says since she has stopped tutoring him, he is no more her student and kisses her forehead. –Great, just great. Can we have some more complicated relationships from everyone-?


Lunch is in progress between Tan, Rachel and their moms. Rachel drops a bomb saying she wants to cancel the engagement.  Rachel says to Tan “what you wanted is what I’m doing, so what is the problem”. Tan gets a call from his dad and is summoned; dad wants an explanation as to why Rachel wants to end their engagement. Mom is eavesdropping outside and hurries to find Eun Sang. Tan tells his dad that he doesn’t like Rachel. Dad says this is no excuse and says he and Won are different. Tan says yes because he is illegitimate, Dad says that is more the reason for him to grab Rachel.


Tan’s mom wants to know from Eun Sang if Young Do spread any rumors, if that’s why Rachel is calling off the engagement Eun Sang says she has no idea. Tan enters and gets angry at mom for spying on him. Mom wants Tan to go camping but Tan is hell bent he won’t go.

Eun Sang asks Tan why he won’t go and he says, because he doesn’t want to see her. He walks towards his room. Eun Sang stops at the stairs, finally musters the courage and follows him but still stops in front of his door. She finally enters but Tan’s mom is here, he shoos her away. He doesn’t want her to go out of the room yet, she tries to leave and he back hugs her. He says he is thinking of a way she can be with him and tells her to come back from the trip, he will miss her.


Bo Na is busy taking pictures of the couple shoes and messages Chan Young about couple plans.

Camping day. Eun Sang and Yound Do have matching red colored jackets –Yay– everyone is looking happy for once – Yay– Myung Soo is busy taking pictures, Bo Na and Rachel are being busy sitting as both don’t want to set the tent, Chan Young comes to help. Eun Sang is alone setting the tent since Ye Seul is not helping Young Do offers his help. Myung Soo snaps a picture of both of them and remembers her coming from Tan’s house early morning one day. Eun Sang says he must have misunderstood.


Hyo Shin and Tan are sitting when Hyo Shin asks Tan why he didn’t go camping. Tan answers, so she can miss him. We learn that Hyo Shin was in US and tried to commit suicide and now his mom is keeping an eye on him.


Paint ball time. Everyone gets into two teams. And they seem to be parodying something. Eun Sang is sitting when Young Do startles her and asks her what she was doing coming out in the morning from Tan’s house, she says it wasn’t her. He asks what her identity is and she shoots him with the paint.


Myung Soo is again taking pictures as Chan Young and Bo Na walks into the woods hand holding. Young Do and Eun Sang are again wearing same green colored jacket –yay- both are eating at a same table and out of habit Young Do again kicks the table, she starts to leave and he announces that she will do the dishes and says shall he help, only he is not, Chan Young comes to help and Young Do asks him and Bo Na if they knew about Eun Sang’s situation. Myeong Soo comes and Young Do is about to ask him too when Eun Sans takes him away. Young Do says she only talks to him when he does wrong. He again asks about her and Tan’s relationship. She asks to keep bothering her as she is not scared of him anymore. Yay once for Eun Sang for having a back bone-


Eun Sang tries to call Tan but he doesn’t pick up; her gaze meets Rachel’s, who is also calling someone. Rachel walks towards Eun Sang snatches her cell phone to look who she was calling and slaps her, Eun Sang asks her phone back and says because she got hit she would do what she got slapped for. Rachel raises her hand to slap Eun Sang again but this time Young Do stops her by grabbing her hand. He says Eun Sang is his, he is only to bother her – great going dude– and takes her away – yes he was holding her wrist– Eun Sang asks this is more like him, he says she has seen only half of it and sees Tan coming holding the phone, Young Do hugs her saying I will show you now. Eun Sang tries to get out of his grip while Tan and Young Do stare at each other.



This drama should be named Stares instead of Heirs. Nothing can be done now. All is well that ends in the well.

When did Eun Sang fell in love with Tan? I seriously don’t know. Someone explain when that happened. I know Tan fell in love with her a long time ago or he had started to develop some sort of feelings.

And what kind of father has a spy to keep an eye on their children. Or well you can talk to them about their lives and who they like and love and stuff.

Young Do I believe you are a nice guy under all that. I hope you understand and start being nice because come on we don’t have many episodes left, though I do know you won’t get the girl but you can be her best friend or a friend or a guy who was nice to her in the school.

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