Mini Recap Episode 20 Color of Woman

Maybe not one of the worst finale’s ever, but it’s definitely made the list!

Okay, I only saw the relevant scenes (Read: Chanjin’s scenes) and fast forwarded through the rest. Here goes:

Jinju breaks up with Junsu and Junsu asks her to give him another chance, he’ll try his best. She tells him he can’t change how he feels. She comes home and tells Sora she dumped Junsu. Alone, she reminisces over the past.

At work the next day, Sora runs into Chanjin. To make small talk, she asks him if he heard about the engagement. He asks her if she’s happy now that it’s off and she tells him no. When she calls out his name, he tells her he doesn’t want to hear anything related to the company matter and she tells him she’s sorry for her words last night, they were too harsh (You bet they were!). She knows very well what kind of person he is and is really sorry for her words. She was only worried he might have an ulterior motive and do something wrong.

Chanjin: “If you believe in me, believe in me to the end! Just like no matter what, I believe in you.”

When he’s about to get off, Sora tells him.

“You’re also number one. In my heart, you’re also number one.”

The engagement is off and everyone is speculating about it. Junsu asks Sora how Jinju is and she tells him Jinju’s pretending to be alright. She asks him if he’s really going to give up on the engagement and he tells her he can’t lie to himself anymore or cause Jinju any more hurt either.

Director Song discovers the secretaries’ relationship and fires her secretary. Jinju holds a press conference. Director Song approaches Chanjin and reminds him they are on the same team and they should do their work now. Chanjin smiles and tells her to do as she wants, as if agreeing with her. Jinju resigns and Junsu doesn’t accept it, giving her a contract as a present. She’s set to be a Cinderella without a prince charming. Sora’s happy for her! The secretaries fret over their fate. Even the manager seems tired of acting as Director Song’s spy.

Chanjin’s going out. Junsu tells him he has no interest in the company and Chanjin can have it all and asks him to take it slowly since the Chairman isn’t well yet; he’ll be sad, can’t Chanjin give up? Chanjin tells him he’s come this far and can’t stop just yet. Junsu tells him to be careful, Director Song is a scary (translate: dangerous) person and not to take the same stance as her.

Chanjin: “Do you not believe in me?”

Junsu: “No. I believe in you.”

Time for the meeting. Chanjin starts with the candidacies for the Presidential seat and starts with Director Song’s name, listing off her credentials and services to the company over the years. Director Song’s smile widens with each word. However, Chanjin instead of recommending her, Chanjin tells the whole board, she is responsible for all the trouble in the company recently. Going on, he explains the Cinderella story and the Special Line debacle, telling everyone she’s the one who leaked the information. Director Song protests, telling everyone Sora was responsible, she has evidence. Chanjin puts up the photo she has as evidence and tears it to shreds. Seeing the picture and hearing Chanjin, Sora is reminded of Chanjin’s words from the night before.

Chanjin: “I can’t give it up. I have something I want to protect.”

She realizes Chanjin had meant her. Adding fuel to the fire, Chanjin plays a recording of Director Song asking Sora’s manager to steal the information from Sora’s laptop. That’s the end for her. As the next President, Chanjin recommends Junsu and everyone applauds and agrees.

After the meeting, everything becomes all well. Junsu asks Chanjin why he never said anything and the latter tells him it was to take on Director Song. Junsu guesses he did everything for Sora but Chanjin tells him it was for everyone. The secretary and Sora’s manager are forgiven.

Junsu tells him he’s not suited for the seat but Chanjin tells him he’s the Chairman’s son, no one’s more suited to it. Junsu tries to argue and Chanjin reminds him he said he’ll follow Chanjin so he has to do it!

Sora and Jinju sit down for lunch. Jinju is telling Sora to call Chanjin; she hasn’t heard from him for days when Junsu calls Sora and tells her.

Junsu: “Chanjin is leaving. Hold onto him (Stop him).”

She heads to the train station and Chanjin is there, all ready to leave. She tries to dissuade him but he tells her he’s tired now and wants to rest a while, even though it’s a pity since he’s got a lot of dates left with her. Even his return isn’t definite. He tells her to live well and turns away when the phone rings.

They arrive at the hospital and Junsu tells him the Chairman collapsed again due to stress from a lot of work. He asks Junsu to stay back until the Chairman gets better. Chanjin tells him he’ll stay. When Sora and Junsu exit, they make triumphant faces. Turns out, she’d told the Chairman it was him who could hold Chanjin back, not her since he is the one Chanjin regards almost as his father.

Flashback: Yesterday, when Chanjin had learned about the accident, he’d approached Junsu who’d told him his father and Chanjin’s mother were in a relationship and Chanjin’s mother was the one woman his father had truly loved in his life. They never told Chanjin the truth because the Chairman was too guilty about the accident and didn’t want Chanjin to get hurt. Back to now, the chairman wakes up and asks Chanjin to call him father from now on.

Sora meets Junsu, tells him she had originally decided to start over with him when he’d instead told her he was getting engaged to Jinju. She hadn’t broken up with him because of the Chairman or Chanjin; she wasn’t sure of Junsu’s love for her. Junsu tells her he probably wasn’t able to show it to her because he felt about taking her away from Chanjin (Duh!) Now, she asks him to let her go, she wants to start her own life and do things the way she wants. Unknowingly and unconsciously, she’s always relied on him or Chanjin. Now she wants to do things for herself.

Much later, Jinju’s all successful, Chanjin and Junsu visit her, everyone’s all happy happy! Director Song comes to beg them to save the company she’s been working at and Junsu agrees, asking her to return to the company; she won’t be at the same position, but the company needs her. (Uh huh!)

Jinju goes to meet Sora. She and Chanjin try to set Junsu back together. Junsu and Sora meet but she doesn’t want to start again.

Sora: “It’s not even once, we broke up twice. Junsu and I, we have no fate together.”

She starts seeing the teddy bear everywhere she goes. She goes to buy coffee when the store manager and his lackey suddenly appear and tell her there’s no such thing as a perfect love in the world; she’ll regret it if she goes now. (She’s thinking about going somewhere or something; I haven’t seen the episode in detail so can’t say) They’re off to help people where they are needed; their work here is done.

She sees the back of the necklace on the teddy and it has Junsu’s words that he’ll wait for her at the place they started over until she comes. She goes and there he is, all smiles with another teddy.

He proposes: “Let’s get married, Byun Sora. Because you’re my destiny.”

Happy ending! (Or not!)

Dum dum dum! What a drama! The end!

Not much comments needed. Everyone got a forced happy ending, even Director Song had a complete change of character by the end and came back sobbing and of course, everyone turned perfect and happy happy! I mean, seriously? Is that what you guys could do?! That’s the endings I hate most! So unbelievable!

Yes, Sora Junsu got together. Funny how I can’t even feel for them or believe they were/are so in love anymore.

Chanjin ends up alone. As does Jinju (She deserved it, he didn’t!)

Is it just me, or somehow Junsu and Sora’s conflicts that started it all-are all gone; like vaporized? Junsu was ever so jealous of Chanjin being with her but now, he’s all “Oh no, your besties! Besties forever!” Sora believes in Junsu’s love and there’s no more him staring at Jinju with a dreamy look to make her feel insecure!

Thank God it’s over! 😀

KL, In the end, the story definitely was a pile of dog poo! 😛

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  1. This is what I wrote on Google: Like another show I reviewed, this show has a very unrealistic premise. Basically, it centers around two women: So-Ra is highly intelligent while Jin-Joo relies on her looks to get ahead. Jin-Joo is selfish, self centered and wants everything So-Ra has, including any potential suitors interested in So-Ra.

    I personally found Jin-Joo raunchy, and found it quite unrealistic that So-Ra would continue to allow Jin-Joo to live with her…even after she was caught with one of the guys So-Ra had her eye on. In a realistic world, most women will not tolerate another woman who goes out of their way to take their man.

    Many women will will also not tolerate a messy roommate that steals their clothes and refuses to allow them to take a shower. However, the show continues to revolve around these unrealistic premises. In fact, they were so unrealistic, that I actually became angry at what I was watching. I did not find Jin-Joo interesting because I know women who are actually like that, and also know that not many would become friends with such a dysfunctional and selfish person. Rather, they would opt to either cut that person out of their lives or beat the hell out of them.

    I also want to add that So-Ra is very pretty. Even with rumpled clothing and heavy rimmed glasses, no one could say that she is homely. Thus, the show failed to pull that plot line off too.

    If you want to be ticked off about unrealistic plots, skanky females that could never get away with the crap they do in this show, and people who are at work but never work, this is the show for you. However, if you want a romantic comedy that is more grounded and realistic, look over this one. I would suggest watching a show like “Because This Is My First Life” instead.

  2. Omg thankyou I was about to stop watching this show( I got to part where junsu and jinju take Cinderella and charming prince pics and then the chairman borrows jinju Sora’s number) I was really worried because the Director song wanted to break Sora and Junsu relationship. So I knew they gonna break up cause I really wanted them to stay together. Even though at first I thought Chanjin was a perfect match for Sora but I guess I was wrong. Now ima continue watching the show… Such a relieve

  3. Crap ending!! Why do I always go for the second guy??! I stopped watgcinf at like ep11 cos it was white obvious that she would end up with Junsu! I really liked Chanjin!!! Junsu and Sora are too alike!! Don’t people usually match cow the are different? Like they support day other more? Not agree to everything and think the same!!! Over all the ending was super rushed and she could’ve just ended up with Chanjin easily!! But they for we the ending and she ended up with Junsu!!! 😦

    • I am really disappointed with the ending. I feel annoys how in a lot of dramas they always end up wig th guy it’s obvious they will end up with from the beginning! It’s annoying cos there was like no big problem in this drama but a series if little problems! I mean she didn’t even get much if a chance with Chanjin! It’s a pity how dramas never go the way I want them! >.<

  4. Yes, it would’ve been better if the writers focused on making Junsu’s character and actions more visible. Truthfully, Chanjin and to an extent Jinju were the only characters that showed some depth to them. Otherwise, it also gave a very superficial type of feeling throughout especially the hurried ending. I was really disappointed with the drama and I was glad when it was finally over. 😛

  5. I understand how everyone feels on this drama, but it couldn’t be anymore real. I have actually had a friend that did something quite the opposite of how she felt. She did not date the best friend, but she went and married a guy that was not her style just to kill feelings she had for the person she wanted to be with. She has many regrets but people just do stupid things in order not to be hurt (which still they hurt) doesnt make any sense, but people do it. So I can believe what Junsu did, he probably wanted to kill his love for her by marrying himself off. I like them together anyway. It could’ve been written better to show more of his internal battle and why he was so contrary.

    • Well, I finally saw the ending (ep 20) with the eng subs. And my take on what Junsu did was a little different. Remember in the previous episode, when his father had a heart attack, Junsu saw how devestated Chanji was in Sora’s arms. At their meeting in the cafe, he explained to Sora that he saw how much his father had hurt Chanji and how Chanji needed her. Apparently, Junsu was always protective of Chanhi, growing up together. When they finallly duked it out with each other in a previous episode, and in the aftermath, while remincing their childhood together, Chanji said Jiansu would always avenge him whenever he was picked on. Also, I’m with you. I was rooting for a Junsu/Sora coupling. : )

  6. Been quite sometime since i stopped watching it for a while coz i get fed up wif sora coz it’s like she cant make a choice. She loved one but giving hope to another. I am terribly hoping she’ll get together wif chanjin whos is lyk super sweet n always there believing in her no matter wat.. Instead she juz hav to cling on to a dumb guy (sori for junsu’s fans) who is like a lil kid who also cant seem to make his own decision. Well, for sure Chanjin dun deserve to b alone.. d ending shud b better lyk sora realizes chanjin’s d one for her.. but yeah.. i hav to agree its a FORCED happy ending.. Sheeeshh… (dun mind me.. quite frustrated wif d ending)

  7. Thanks so much for the recap. I started off this drama constantly refreshing a site to see if subs were out yet. It’s sad to see where this drama has ended up, and is not even worth all the trouble to get mad over. Thankfully I’ve saved time by skipping through the other 9 episodes and getting straight to the end.

  8. Thank god it ended! Thank u for the recaps, i did stop watching this, and told myself depending on your recap, may start watching again. Definite no-cant believe sora was dumb enough to get back with js-i guess love is really blind. Thank u again! Love your site!

  9. There was really no chemistry amongst the characters. After a while, you really did not care if they fall in love, break up, fall down, break a leg… whatever.

    What a waste of time! For all her supposed smarts, Sora was a nitwit. The writers could have done so much more with the story – Sora could have been a resolute career minded woman, determined to conquer the world after being supposedly “dumped” by Jin Su all those years back. They could have mirrored her after Kim Sam Soon.

    Jae Hee was a huge disappointment – he started off so well with dramas like Delightful Girl Choon Hyang and My Girl. He has definitely lost his sparkle here. His acting was wooden and mechanical. He was not believable as a chaebo nor was it believable that he was waiting for Sora all these years. It just made no sense at all especially if Sora and Chanji were such good friends – did Chanji not think to mention Jin Su to Sora all these years or vice versa?

    Arghhhhh – disappointing. Here’s hoping that the writers come up with better story-lines!

  10. CoW 12 (english subs) is out if there is anyone who still cares. I saw it on

  11. It was so good at the beginning. What the heck happened to this drama halfway towards the end ?
    Sigh. So I suppose, yes “Thank God its Over” .

    Thank you SO much for your recaps 🙂 ❤

  12. “Thank God its over!”….it is the best part ever! lololololol…..i dont have any idea why i kept following this drama! but i really appreciate ur post! 🙂

  13. “JS asks JJ for another chance, he’ll try his best” Say what? Oh but by the end of the episode, he’s back to being in love with SoRa? Okaaaayyyyy. (NOT)
    I agree, the writers think we’re stupid. I’m insulted.

    Better ending: SoRa runs to catch CJ at the train, tells him she’s sorry for ever doubting him, she’s sorry for not understanding his feelings earlier and that she loves him with all her heart. What she felt for JS was just a “left-over silly school crush”. They kiss passionately (none of the garbage kisses we saw – wow, are we sure these people were in their 30’s?) and end.

    No one cares what happened to JJ, JS, the Director or any of the stupid side characters. This is the ending I’m visualizing in my head. So I’m happy. (LOL!) Thank you again so much for this last recap and I wish you all the best with your exams! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

    • “Better ending: SoRa runs to catch CJ at the train, tells him she’s sorry for ever doubting him, she’s sorry for not understanding his feelings earlier and that she loves him with all her heart. What she felt for JS was just a “left-over silly school crush”. They kiss passionately (none of the garbage kisses we saw – wow, are we sure these people were in their 30′s?) and end. ”

      My ending too! I kept on watching the row episodes because it was easy to understand the dialogs (and I understand just some words and phrases). I can’t accept SR and JS together – their love was really just some left-over from 10 !!! years ago. In the beginning of this drama SR was “in love” with some other guy, wasn’t she?

      I’m so sorry I started watching this drama, it’s second after “Man of honor”. Third place goes to “Bachelor’s vegetables store” What a waist!

    • Yeah, seriously. What was up with those kindergarten kisses? This is cable. They could have made the scenes as passionate as they wanted, but instead we get two thirty-year-olds romancing each other like children.

  14. God! You are awesome! thank you for completing the recaps for this crazy series in spite of your exams/studies. All I can say is that I’m glad the agony is over. My biggest beef with this series is that I felt that I was deceived into watching it, thinking it was a light romantic comedy; the first 3 episodes were so funny and charming that I even recommended it to several people as such. This is a lesson learned where I won’t recomment anything until after I’ve finished watching it.
    In any case, GOOD LUCK with your studies/exams – you deserve it!
    See you in March.

  15. Sora is really the big loser in this episode. How could she end up accepting such a big jerk. The moment he and Sora break up, he proposes to her best friend. Why? What was his motivation from propelling himself so quickly into relationship that could only hurt the woman he loved? Very crappy writing….

    Thanks so much for all of your dedication in providing us such complete and entertaining recaps!!!!

  16. Oh boy. Well, the last half of Color of Woman really went to the dogs, didn’t it? On the one hand, I feel sorry for the drama’s ending because it was originally slated for twenty four episodes (right?), which means that the finale was all sorts of rushed – but that still doesn’t excuse the shoddy writing. I mean, if the main conflict can be wrapped up in thirty minutes, it really wasn’t very compelling to begin with. Thanks so much for recapping! I certainly wasn’t about to dive back into the craziness that was Color of Woman, but I still wanted to know how the story wrapped up. Your recaps were better than watching the series itself.

  17. So glad this drama is over … Thanks for the recaps (they were better than he drama). I definitely will not be watching the rest of this drama when it is subbed. Just hated everything about the last 11 episodes. Couldn’t believe that they let Director Song back on board!! That just takes the cake.

    @hitomiakiko: Good luck with your exams and I will keep on reading your blog.

  18. Akiko, I just got home, logged in and saw your recap. You cracked me up! Lol… the finale seems worse than dog poo now! They really think the audience are so stupid and will not realise it is all too incongruous and nothing adds up! I really don’t know what to say anymore… it is like going through the stages of grief with this drama… Shock, Denial, Anger… I cannot remember what comes next, but I feel totally numb now… I am not at a stage of acceptance yet…not sure I ever will! 🙂
    Thank you so much soldiering on with the recap, even when the story has really gone down the drain! I, like everyone else, have really enjoyed your recaps and also the analysis of the storyline after each episode. It has also been great fun reading comments from everyone else and building up camaraderie against the writers! Shame they cannot hear us …. 🙂
    Hope you can concentrate on your exams now and wishing you all the very best!!! Looking forward to March when you can celebrate the end of your exams and be a free agent!

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