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  1. Hi I want to learn korean language…your post here helped a lot….please teach me korean

  2. More “Learning Korean” please! Only 2 lessons 😦

  3. hi, akiko ….i want recap of love keeps going- taiwanese drama…………

  4. Hmmm I agree with Nat. It’d be great if u could post the translation of Love Like That with Bae Soo Bin. It looks like an amazing watch and its really frustrating not knowing what the actors are saying in the trailer!

  5. I just saw this site today and I thought it was pretty cool. Those recaps look like they take a lot of time and they’re really well done 😀 I’m impressed that you were able to learn Korean that way; I’ve been taking online classes for some time and they take more work than I thought…

    Anyways, I was wondering if you’ve seen the movie Go Go Ikemen 5? And if you’d like to write something about that? It has both Japanese and Korean language in it, but it’s on DailyMotion in English subtitles if you need it. I thought it was a silly and cute movie.

    Also- do you get second male lead syndrome like I do? For me, it seems like I always pick the wrong pairing- like Mi Nam and Shin Woo vs. Mi Nam and Tae Kyung in You Are Beautiful, for example.

    Anyways, I’ll quit rambling.. nice site, though, I’ll keep my eye on it ^^

  6. I don’t have a particular drama I’d like recapped, but a drama special (one-episode drama) just aired a few days ago, and I can’t find it anywhere. I can only watch the trailer, but the problem is the trailer isn’t in eng subs, and I can’t understand what they are saying. My request is, can you translate the trailer and maybe, if you catch a glimpse of the episode somewhere, recap it? It’s just one episode, and I’m dying to watch it, or at least understand the trailer. Pretty please? The drama’s called ‘Love Like That’ featuring Bae Soo Bin.
    Here’s the link to the trailer:–love-like-that–67993.html
    Thank you 🙂

    • Okay, Nat, I’ll post up the translation soon. I haven’t been able to find the series as such (truth be told I haven’t been able to properly search), but will try my best! 🙂

  7. I would be nice to have a recap of “Witch’s Romance” it just began airing. 🙂

    • Jolee, I think DB is recapping that already, although not immediately. Problem is, I’m not too free at the moment or I probably would have picked it. Sorry! 😦

  8. Hi…how about empire of gold recap….pls pls pls….

  9. Can you pls upload the subtitled preview for heartless city ep 11? I am a huge fan of your heartless city recaps. Thx

  10. Hi, hopefully, you will feature Nine Times Time Travel and make a finale review about it. It’s a great k drama and its different from usual kdrama out here because of its unpredictability and twist. Hope you can reconsider it. Thanks

    • Hello Jamok99!

      Unfortunately I haven’t seen Nine times time travel yet! (BUT IT’S ON MY LIST) I’ve had a lot of people recommend it to me so it has been on my list for some time now, I just never got around to downloading it! But I’ll get to it soon and yup, definitely feature it too! ^^

      P.S. You want an overall review plus thoughts on the finale, or recaps and thoughts on finale?

  11. Hi Akiko! I have been reading your recap for Arang and the Magistrate, but somehow I missed some episodes. Just wondering whether indeed you did not do the complete episodes or it was my mistakes to be unable to locate your recap. I enjoy your writing style hence I want to read all the episodes recap done by you. Please let me know …. My email is …… And i live in indonesia

    • Sorry for the late reply Ingrid-I just sent you an email detailing the reasons I was unable to continue! I might do a highlight post (it’ll have all the best scenes and their comments) but as I said in the mail, that depends on the feedback I get. If you’d like to see that post, let me know and I hope that’ll get me on the track for it! ^_^

  12. Why so inactive with posts lately?

    • Sorry, I’ve been too busy recently with babysitting and studying! I wanted to continue the recaps but I haven’t been able to find time! Hopefully I’ll be back sometime soon! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!! ^^

  13. yahan bhi kise ko itna khas pasand nahin hai, behn hi ziyada karti hai, aur yeh bilian apni nahin hein kahin se goomti goomti agaien phir yahen rahney lagein. Thank God ghar mein sehan hai nahin toh amma abba na rehne dete inn ko. Actually my house is full of cats and kitties now, 2 moms and a dad (it just sounds so weird) 5 kitties and 2 more cats. all in all 10 OHMYGOD.
    and your advice sounds for a lover, me stupid I m in love with cats.

  14. Hey Mariah!

    I’m sorry but I wasn’t able to find Introduction to Architecture raws. 😦 I promise to link them to you as soon as I find one. But can I share I can understand why you love OB so much. 😀 It’s so addicting! Just finished 22 episodes so far, and wow it’s like happiness every episode. UEE and Joo Won are so adorable ❤ Hahaha just needed to share this with someone. :))

    • Haha, wait until you get even more into it! I love the petty jealous Joo Won the most, by the way! He is so adorable in the relationship! 😀

      Let me know when you cross the 50 episode mark in it, Ill share one of my favorite scenes with you! Theres one scene I especially loved Joo Won in a lot! Ill share it when you get there so as to not spoil it for you! 😉

      Ive tried looking for ITA myself but couldnt find any myself! 😥 I guess we should wait a bit!

      • You’re right about that! I watched 3 more episodes. How can it get better than it already is? Joo Won’s puppy eyes are so adorable. <3333 Whenever, Ja Eun's heart thumps I feel mine thumping as well. 😛 Hahaha, wait until Friday or Saturday. I promised myself that I'll finish OB before the subs of Bridal Mask comes out.

      • Haha, trust me, itll get a lot more adorable once the two get together! Hehe! The scene I last referred to is a tearjerker but you’ll love it too! When your watching the series, it is simply awesome!! 😀

      • Hahaha I didn’t reply right away since I thought you gave a spoiler. It’s so funny. This drama made it to my top 5. If it wasn’t so long, I would have probably re-watch it. 😛

      • Ill probably go through it sometime when I get time n then Ill just go through my favorite scenes again and again, hehe!

        N I wont give any spoilers, worry not n enjoy it as you go!

      • I’ll be able to finish it tom 😉 It’s THAT good! You’re right, I wish I listed the episodes down! I There’s just so much things to name but today, I really loved Cha Su Yeong and Tae Beom’s reconciliation. I replayed the sequence thrice. Can I hold on to you? ❤

      • Was the tear jerker episode 50? Hahaha, if it is I’m sorry but I didn’t cry. I kind of expected this to happen plus I think I have a heart of stone since I rarely cry. 😛 If you’ve seen the number of animes I’ve watched (which is a lot), there were only 3 times that I ever cried.

      • Hehe, nah thats not it I think. i dont remember the episode but its the scene where Joo Won comes home drunk and begs grandma to let him n UEE (4gt character names) be together! The way he is-spent all his life for others and never asked for anything, always the filial child doing what dad n grandma wanted and then the way he simply breaks then because he loves her and cannot bear life without her! I think I dont think I cried much on it, but the acting n character blew me away!

        I cry easily! Give me a good scene, depth n enough connections to make a bond n I cry! At SK’s death I cried for so long! As someone who writes, you can imagine the whole background and the feelings n thats why I always mostly end up crying

        Howd the series end for you?

      • That was sad, but not enough to make me cry. 😛 hahaha

        What’s SK? Anyway, it’s true what you that being a writer makes you see the beauty of the scene. I think that’s what I lack…. because I know my stories aren’t as good as yours 😛

        The ending was alright. I felt like the extension ruined what could have been a nice ending. There were lags where I was wishing can we see them happily ever after. But all in all, I loved the drama. I’ll give it a 9/10.

        Did you start Bridal Mask already? The first episode blew me away. Coming from OB, I was so surprised to see super fierce and angry Lee Kang To. lol Joo Won is like a chameleon with his acting. I hope they release the subs for the second episode already so I can write my first impressions.

  15. chalo best of luck to both of us
    aur haan I m also watching Queen In Hyun’s man.
    So many dramas to watch but why only 24 hours in a day, theek hai I m free most of the time per mein har waqt nahin dekh sakti coz i have a life hahahahaha

    • Haha, han din mae ghante kam hae aur hamare dramae ziada! Anyways, lets watch what we can while we can! 😉

      • gehehe true that
        asal waja yeh hai key merey ghar mein do (2) bilian (meow) hein ek kay 2 bache hein (1 month old) aur dosri key 3 bache hein (2 months old), mein sara din un key sath khelti rahti hoon, and they annoy me to death kyunkey wo merey hath mein nahin ateh arghhhhhhh.

      • Awwww, so janu!!! Ive always wanted a cat as a pet but ghar mae aur kisi ko itna pasand nahe n hence mae aj tak koi pet ni rakh saki… Maine suna hae billi k jitna peeche bhago wo utna hi duur bhagti hae… 😛 Tum di chaar din lift na karao, phir aae ge sare paas paaa 😉

  16. Thank you, result December mein hei.

    Oh yes, King 2 Hearts its super angsty. My poor heart.
    Bridal Mask fever hehehe

    • Do watch it, its worth all the angst! December mae tou lamba arsa para hae! Tab tak enjoy! Maine khud CSS k papers diye hue hain aur unka result bhi sadion baad august-december aaega. 😀

  17. papers ache huey ALHAMDULAAH, ab duaon ki zarrorat hai hehehe.
    jo dekh rahi thi pehle un ko khtam karon gi phir new. Abhi toh buhat sarey new dramas shuuroh honey hain .The most I want to watch is Bridal Mask and Arang and the Magistrate.

    • IA sab acha hoga result bhi acha aa jae ga.. .:)

      And I am so waiting for Bridal Mask too! ^^ Have you seen King 2 Hearts? I definitely recommend that, but you have to be prepared for loads of heartbreak in it! 🙂

  18. Yay I m back Finally. So much to do, so many dramas to watch but no worries me is free.

    P.S. How have you been?

  19. Hi there Mariah! I’m curious to what you’ll be recapping after K-Pop: The Ultimate Audition and Fashion King ends. ^^

    • Hey! I was away for a trip to my hometown and just got back, albeit am sick! 😦 Hence all recaps will be a day or two more!

      I’ve no idea what new series are coming up and which to follow. Ive obly seen stills of I do Ido and that seemed interesting. I need suggestions otherwise! Since your up to date with news usually, suggest some! 😉

      • I hope you get better soon! 🙂 I’m sure all of your supporters here miss your recaps just as much. I’m looking forward to 6 shows actually but being a student doesn’t give you much time to sneak it in (especially since I’m also watching animes at the same time). I’m definitely watching Bridal Mask and Big. Then I’ll squeeze in the rest if I find the time, which are I Do, I Do, Ghost, The Chaser (formerly known as Father’s War) and Time Slip Dr. Jin (I really want to read the comments first before watching since apparently they’re not totally sticking to the original). Seeing that you like fun happy shows compared to darker themes, I think you should go with I Do, I Do and Big. 😉

      • Oh yes, Bridal Mask is the Joo Won drama, right? Its a sageuk so that’ll be very hard to recap but I’m definitely following it when it comes out! 🙂 Ill check out the synopsis for the others too before deciding and posting something…

        I am so tired! Barely slept a whole night since Saturday with all the visits here and there and couldn’t get much sleep at the new places! Right now am just waiting to catch some dinner or get some juice, finish remaining prayers at their time and then just sleep! 😐 Overall, its like I’ve caught four diseases at once! 😦

      • Yeah! I’m a Joo Won fan as well. I’m waiting until I have time so I can marathon Ojakgyo Brothers. 😀 Well it’s not totally a saeguk since it’s set in the 1930s, but it’s difficult to recap since you have to know your Korean history- which I don’t really have. 😛 I’m compiling everything and making it one big post for each drama I’m anticipating. You can look forward to that in my blog a few days before the premiere. ^^

      • Hehe, more than Korean history, the language in sageukz is difficult to understand so I’d never be able to understand it all. Likewise, Big is a Hong Sisters drama, right? The language in those is also usually quite hard. That is, they use words I dont actually know yet! Another example, the King 2 Hearts that is currently airing. I understand the overall gist of things in it, but not most of the dialogues. But these dramas are awesome ways to pick up more Korean so Ill be doing that with King 2 Hearts!

        Yaaayyy, Ill be waiting for your post on the upcomings and then let’s see! 🙂

      • Oh if you need anime recommendations, I’m more than willing to give you. 🙂 What genre are you into?

      • I’m not a specific genre person, maybe because I’ve followed very little animes so your free to voice any animes you love! What animes I have seen are Black Cat, Rurouni Kenshin, Perfect Girl Evolution, Shounen Onmyouji… *can’t remember any more names*

      • Wow, those are actually titles I’ve only seen if I get a chance to watch on Animax. The last thing that I got addicted to were Chihayafuru and Bakuman. Bakuman is amazing. You should watch since it’s about making mangas. It’ll probably give you a few ideas with regards to your story. 😀 I also think you should try Skip Beat so you can compare it to the Taiwanese adaptation, Extravagant Challenge. 😉

      • Ah yes, Ive been through skip beat but I didnt see the Taiwanese adaptation of it. Ill check out the other titles you’ve suggested… A friend of mine also gave me some titles to check out: Blassreitier & Baccano & Aoi no exorcist… Seen them? I’ll download all at my earliest possible! 😉

  20. Hey, that’s an interesting way of learning a foreign language. I didn’t write down anything but I do remember and associate some Korean and Japanese words with English subtitles. I usually don’t read lyrics (orginal and translated) but I’ll do that from now on. It’s important in order to understand grammar/how a phrase works I think.

  21. I’m so sorry I’ve been harsh on CJ. I should have known you like him so much.
    Anyway, thank you for the recaps and sorry for those long ramblings of mine making your blog hard to read for others. Didn’t mean to hog it, sorry.
    Any recommends how to learn Korean? Would love to.
    Thanks again, and enjoy your coffee!!!

    BTW love that gem of wisdom ‘ go for the one that loves you not the one you love’. Just hope and pray the other person isn’t thinking/doing the same thing. 🙂

    Enjoying your blog. Hope you don’t mind.

    • Haha, don’t worry about rambling against CJ! I’ve also rambled a lot against Junsu! 😛 And the comments aren’t making the blog hard for others to follow! It’s actually good that you’ve made them! It’s a nice way for the readers to follow different thoughts and analysis on the drama and make their own decisions of what they like and don’t like! Views are meant to be shared and debated upon! 😛

      I got a small regional book for learning Korean for tourists in the early days but that was hard to follow and remember. So I started picking it up from dramas and songs. That’s the fastest way to learn something. Start associating Korean words with their English counterparts and putting them together. Look out for them in another song/drama and see if you hear them. Write them down and revise them and learn more! Soon, you’ll be able to pick out words even when your not really looking for them specifically! I picked it in about two-three years and that too not on a full time basis! I’d just catch what I could here and there every once in a while! Studying makes it harder to focus on anything else! 😦

      I heard that saying a long time ago and confess that I didn’t really understand the worth of it until a few years ago when I actually started writing more often and thinking critically… It calls for decisiveness and hard work, otherwise the other person just might be the one to leave!

      Hope you enjoy the blog more and keep visiting! 🙂

      • wow..akiko u are a genius. U learned the language through dramas and songs? wow…**Salute**. i am attending classes in March, i hope i will be able to learn as much as you did…

  22. Thanks for the recap on Color of Woman ep 13, which will tie me over until the versions with Chinese subs are out (since English subs are no longer available for now). Much appreciated, especially with your busy schedule!
    I am with you on Chanjin and Sora… mainly because Chanjin is so well portrayed and very engaging performance!

    • I’m glad everyone’s having fun with the recaps! My Korean isn’t perfect yet but I try my best not to make any mistakes! 🙂

      As for Chanjin, ever since episode 9, whenever he comes on screen, especially with Sora, I can’t help but go all drooling and “Awww” over him! 😛 😀 The writers have done a very good job with his character and I’m liking him more and more with every episode.. 🙂

  23. Thank you for the sub on Color of a woman ep 11. You are awesome and help me calm my nerves, cause i enjoy this drama very much. I have been looking out for sub on this episodes from ep 10 obviously viki is no longer establish the rights for this drama. Thanks a million, i cant wait for what you can do on the next eposide.

    • I understand your feelings exactly, Sita! I myself go crazy watching the drama and waiting for it! And everytime there’s a Chanjin Sora scene, I can’t help but giggle to myself and I so wish these two end up together! It also helps that Junsu’s become annoying! What about you? What are your thoughts on the drama? 🙂

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