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Heartless City Episode 1 Recap


It’s been ages since I loved and anticipated a crime drama this much! Seriously, who doesn’t want to see the baddies get outsmarted and outworked by one of their own? And if the baddie is as hot as Park Sa, there’s no way you’ll not enjoy watching him! The way he carries himself-that clean and spotless look in the suit, that aloof and thoughtful air and the soft way of speaking makes him seem more dangerous than if he were shouting or dressed to the T’s as a gangster. The best part-even the baddies have to call 911-or 119, as it is in Korea to try and get rid of him!

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Drama Recommendations – Doctor Who [BBC Series 2005-ongoing Review]


“Doctor… Doctor Who?” These are my most favorite words and I repeat them around like a mantra every now and then when I’m possessed by the Doctor Who spirit!

To be honest, this is the kind of series that I would never have approached under normal circumstances. My first reaction is always that I run away from any such series-Sci-fi, aliens, time travel are so not my cup of tea. But thankfully, at one point of time I was so bored that I decided to test the waters of Doctor Who. After all, the IMDB ratings were good and I liked the poster that was displayed there. And so I put the series on download and kept my fingers crossed.

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Story I – Chapter IV [Revelations]

Hello everyone!

Wondering where I’ve been, huh? Thanks to exams, a psychological, an interview and becoming an aunt, I am totally swamped which is why I have gone on a hiatus and will hopefully be back in the future-not the near future though-the issues persist till early March! Anyway, I’m here to post the latest part of Story I, and due to the long delay, I am posting the whole chapter here, in one piece rather than three parts! Here, you get the answer to some of your most basic questions about the story and it raises as many more, which are hopefully going to keep you intrigued and interested! I hope you’ll enjoy it and keep your fingers crossed for more!

So, read on for Chapter Four! Please remember that it is completely unedited and any and every criticism is welcome! So keep the feedback coming! Thank you!

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 7 Recap

Sorry for the late recap folks but things just got lazy for me cause I didn’t get time to do this over the weekend and after that, it just somehow dragged on! Anyway, here’s episode 7’s recap. Hopefully, Episode 9’ll be up soon too (Think: hopefully tomorrow!). Episode 8 might not be up soon though or for some time yet but I’ll update once something is worked out! Till then, enjoy the recap!

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Ma Boy Episode 3 Recap [Final]

This show is cute cute and a lot more cute! I had most fun with episode 1 and episode 3! This episode was such a nice wrap up of things that gives you most of the answers and gives you a good share of the cute couple Gu Rim and Hyun Woo! There’s jealousy at play, but in the same tone as the drama had before and its cute and endearing to watch. There’s misunderstandings and flawed logics that just make you wanna laugh out loud and want even more! There’s so much this drama does but most of all, it leaves you smiling!

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 26 Preview

No written preview available yet.

Video Preview:

Shunji is torturing Park and shouts “You are also together in this with Lee Kang To! The tailor shop is your hideout, right?” Meanwhile, Deuksu brings Dan to see Kang To who worries if he is alright. Kangto tells her he is okay, “Now I don’t have to worry about being caught and being on the edge.” Yang asks, “Lure?” and meets with Damsari who says in voiceover, “Now let’s play cat and mouse with the Japanese.” He meets with Dan, teary, as if going on a mission again.

Shunji finds the hideout in the tailor shop and rips the Korean flag down. Koiso asks in voiceover were Lee Kang To used to stay and Abe replies, “Maybe in the house on the hill.” Abe is also crying. Koiso perks at that-hill? Shunji finds the cottage and the whole wall covered with the posters and news clippings Kang San collected.

Taro mutters, “Gaksital was indeed Lee Sun’s son!” Baek Gun comes wot meet Kang To with Deuksu and tells him, “From now on, I will follow Young Master everywhere like a shadow!” Shunji and Taro contemplate Kang To’s clippinds and Taro says, “That fellow will definitely come and find me very soon.”

Kang To tells Baek Gun in voiceover, “I have to fight.” He is shown jumping the boundary of Taro’s house and entering the house and a flashback as he says, “It seems the time has come for me to deal with Kimura Taro.”


Ugh, who else is saying a big no to the Taro mission?! It’ll be another confrontation between Kang To and Shunji because they expect him to go after Taro and Shunji is definitely not letting Kang To get away, not when he wants to kill him. Oh dear, my heart needs some rest!

Ma Boy Episode 1 Recap

It’s full of fluff, bright colors and light but it’s cute, it’s fun to watch and although I know what to expect at every turn-it’s the story I’ve read and reread in many a mangas and manhwas but it’s still got that element of keeping you invested. It’s not surprising me, but it’s definitely keeping me entertained and that’s what I’m enjoying most!

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 23 Preview

So, Shunji lets Gaksital go but it’s only part of the larger plan… Sigh, why you no go to redemption Shunji? Anyways, looks like Kang To finally gets the idea of setting up decoys and although it’s not as effective as it would’ve been before, when Shunji didn’t know his identity, but even now it has the effectiveness of putting Shunji off and making him doubt his own theories. Of course, Shunji will still know Kang To is Gaksital but then the question in his mind now should be, how many Gaksital’s are there out there? 😛

(Will Post text preview later-It’s Eid here, got loads of other stuff to do first! ;))


Kang To wakes up in a hospital, being nursed by Dan and wonders how he got here. Dan asks him, “Doesn’t Lala know you are Gaksital?” Shunji, meanwhile, receives a beating from Yoshio and wields a gun at Tomoe/Tamao, shouting, “What? Friend? Am I a Joseon?”

Watching Kang To return to the Police Station, Shunji mutters, “You will definitely appear again… how should I deal with you? (how should I catch you?)” He shows Kang To a chart, linking Yang Baek, Damsari and Gaksital in a triangle. In the middle is Oh Mok Dan’s name and Shunji addresses Kang To, “Kang To ya, you didn’t know?” He confronts Dan about something and in voice-over, says, “Gaksital… Why? You don’t like it? (This is probably also said to Kang To)

Dong Jin and Baek Yang meet where Dong Jin bows to Yang Baek. Yang Baek shares his idea (no idea what was said :P) but it alarms Jo. At that meeting, Kang To says, “I have a good idea”. Next, Koiso is shown bursting into Shunji’s office to tell him Gaksital has struck again. Shunji exits his office, looks around and comes face to face with Kang To, there in his police uniform, carrying cleaning equipment. That leaves him stumped-if Kang To is here, who is the Gaksital currently attacking? Kang To is shown at the meeting again as he smirks.

(If i’ve missed anything or made any mistakes, please let me know and I shall add/edit it!)

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