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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 22 Recap

The above is a scene I totally loved from this episode because it is such a poignant moment where Kang To faces his loss once more and t is as fresh and as hurting as before but here, he shares it with the freedom fighting comrades and its like in this moment, he takes their outstretched hand and they offer him support without question and without hesitation. After Damsari accepted him and the others gave his life for him because of him as Gaksital, this is the moment where he is Lee Kang To and seen and accepted for that by everyone else as well!

I’ll put in screencaps later since I saw the episode online and couldn’t get screencaps so they’ll be up maybe tomorrow, maybe over the weekend but till then, enjoy the recap! 😉 See you tomorrow hopefully with Arang Episode 1’s Recap!

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 21 Recap

Sorry for the delay folks! ^^ The episode recap and comments are up! Enjoy another chilling and unnerving hour of Gaksital and Lee Kang To’s life! Every moment of this journey is so damn worth it!

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