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Gaksital [Updates]

We all know Gaksital was preempted for 24 episodes which were then increased to 28! Thank GOD! I love that there’s still ten episodes more to go! Since there was the 4 episode extension, the producer decided to add a fresh character to the cast. They picked 27-year-old actress Jung Eun Byul who will play an elite agent of the independence movement. Her character, Jin Hong, born as the daughter of famous family who support independence movement against Japanese imperialism. She excels in martial arts, shooting and even piloting war-planes. She’s also fluent in English, Russian and Chinese languages.

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 18 Recap


Wednesday’s here, Finally! A thought we all must’ve shared, hehe!The last time, Dan scoffed at the possibility that Lee Kang To was her Young Master but realizes its truly him when he saves her life from Rie and Kachiyama and ends up hurt himself because of it. Shunji is becoming creepier by the minute and he and Rie are almost always at loggerheads but it’s fun to watch!

This episode contains many poignant moments and underlining meanings behind exchanges and actions. It’s a revolution happening and every revolution needs its heroes and martyrs. But the extent to which one goes for their ideals and dreams is a truly satisfying and moving thing to watch! What makes Gaksital so satisfying is that it explores these very points to make its statement!

Also, I’ve recently started putting in a lot of comments throughout the recap but if you guys find them distracting or would prefer the recap without them, please let me know!

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