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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 21 Preview

I just love the above picture-it shows Kang To at his most vulnerable and the fact that he faces Rie in this condition shows just how much he is willing to trust her and be honest with her! Girl needs to make a decision and steadfastly choose her side, hopefully Kang To’s soon!

OMG OMG OMG! were my first words when I finished watching the preview! Like always, things just get hotter and hotter, now more so for both Kang To and Rie.

Text Preview:

종로경찰서의 위안부 호송이 실패하자 분노한 무라야마 서장은
강토가 호송에서 빠진 것을 알게 되자 강토만을 잔인하게 밟아대고,
슌지는 온갖 멸시와 부당함을 견뎌내면서 경찰서에서 버티는
강토의 모습이 예사롭지 않게 느껴지는데……
슌지는 라라를 찾아가서 각시탈을 놓친 경위에 대해 조사를 하고
무언가를 숨기는 듯 한 라라의 태도에 석연찮음을 느낀다.
한편, 아버지인 담사리의 편지를 받게 된 목단은
담사리가 양백선생을 모시고 곧 경성에 오신다는 소식을 강토에게 전하게 되는데….

After finding out about Jongro Police’s failed operation of recruiting comfort women, the enraged Chief Murayama brutally kicks Kang To alone when he finds out that Kang To was absent from the operation. Shunji becomes suspicious of Kang To’s appearance of refusing to leave the Police Station despite all cruelties and injustices.

Shunji, who has gone to see Lala who has lost Gaksital, has the sinking feeling that she is also hiding something. Meanwhile, Dan gets a letter from her father saying he is returning and escorting Teacher Yong Baek to Kyungsung and asks her to relay the news to Kang To.

Video Preview:

Rie shatters a mirror in frustration and Shunji asks her, “How could you have lost him? Now, even you are hiding something, aren’t you?” Dan reads a letter and whispers, “Teacher Yong Baek is coming to Joseon?” The Count and Countess and their new friends go into a fit asking, “Who did you say was coming, kakkha?” The Countess mutters, “If the people of Joseon find out that that person is coming, there will surely be a second revolt!

Meanwhile, Sun Hwa, Dan and Nanda write some letters and hide them before opening the door to their room, ready to head out when they are met by Shunji.

Kang To goes to meet Rie and both of them have tears in their eyes as he mutters, “I keep worrying about you. I trust in you, that you will pick the right path.” So he knows she knows and comes to her, specifically telling her the choice is hers?? Awww! It’s the perfect way for him to show her he meant what he said last time about saving her! And by leaving the choice in her hands, he forces her to confront herself and her beliefs! I hope she learns well from this! 

Chairman Ueno lays down the ultimatum-Rie will be the one to catch Gaksital which causes her eyes to widen in panic and even Kachiyama shows a reaction-he must know Rie is hiding something. Ueno tells Rie, “That guy… definitely kill him!” Rie simply nods in response.

The newspaper president Park gets a visitor in broad daylight-Gaksital! Meanwhile, at the police station, Koiso orders everyone, “Everyone! Move out towards KyungSueng Ilbo!” while Shunji goes into evil mode and asks- “Lee Kang To? Where is Lee Kang To?” Next, he is shown sitting easily in a chair at the police station, as if thinking or waiting while Gaksital tells President Park that he has come to bring him to justice! “I’m here to punish your evil deeds!”

Hope I didn’t make too many mistakes! Enjoy it folks!

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