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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 18 Preview

*Whistles* Yup, Romance is in the air people! Wooohoooo! Here’s the written and video preview for Gaksital episode 18! Again, there’ll be just one episode this week but it seems that episode will make us go even crazier, if the written preview is to be followed! Gosh, I so want it to be Wednesday like, NOW!

호텔에 있어야 할 목단이 사라진 걸 알게 된 슌지는
금화정에서 홍주에 의해 죽임을 당할 뻔 한 목단을
각시탈이 구출해 달아난 사실을 알게 되고……
다음날 아침, 강토가 종로서에 나타나지 않자 강한 의구심에 사로잡히는데…..
한편, 담사리의 공개처형장에 반드시 각시탈이 나타나리라는 확신에 사로잡힌
슌지는 마침내 담사리를 구출하러온 각시탈을 향해 총을 쏴버리는데……

Translation (Might not be 100% accurate but I’ve tried to do it the best I can):

When Shunji realizes Mok Dan is missing from the hotel room she was kept in-to be killed by Hong Joo (Rie) and finds out that she was rescued by Gaksital…… The next morning, Kang To does not come to the police station which raises strong suspicions….. Meanwhile, Shunji is convinced Gaksital will appear at Damsari’s public execution and finally, he shoots the rescuing Gaksital……

Uh oh! 😐 Yup, I’m sure that’s what it says but I’ll keep an eye out just to confirm! The word used is shoot but I’m not too sure about the tense sine it can also be he means to shoot, or he is wanting to shoot…

Yup, my Korean still lags quite a bit!

Video Preview:

Shunji goes to find Dan at Rie’s and repeats his warning to her-even Daddy Kimura is stunned by his son’s outburst.  Circus Master Jo asks if Damsari is really going to be executed and Shunji replies something about protecting him for the rest of his life-Uh oh, is Jo turning traitor?! For real? And what’s more is that he is dressing up as Gaksital. Why? Is he hoping to rescue Damsari, and hence not a traitor or is he doing this on Shunji’s beck and call? Dong Nyeo witnesses the exchange, it seems. At the police Station, Shunji notices Kang To is missing and thinks to himself, “Kang To didn’t come/appear? Oh Mok Dan disappeared?” And that kick he’s giving is to the officer he appointed to trail Kang To. Good thing he’s so bad at what he does or Kang To would’ve had a bigger problem on his hands! Shunji raids the dorms trying to look for her and sets the trap for Gaksital, muttering that he’ll catch him in two days, just two days. That’s when Damsari gets executed, right? Dan asks Kang To how Lee Kang To-the Japanese Police Officer become so different? Kang To says, “I don’t think I can take off this mask, there are too many people suffering…” Dan promises him, “I’ll never let you be alone.”

Enjoy the preview and I’m sure everyone will be anxious to see the ending of the preview in the episode soon! 😛 And is Shunji really going to shoot Kang To?! *shudders*

Rurouni Kenshin – Movie Trailer and Poster

The manga was amazing and I read it like four years back! I remember marathoning and finishing it in a week (those were the wild old days! :D) and then spending a whole week after that suffering from a case of depression-from having no more to read and from being so absorbed into the story and characters that I was quite cut off from reality! And now, there’s another dose coming up that’s bound to leave me even worse! Rurouni Kenshin-the movie! I so wish I knew Japanese so that when it releases in August, I’d watch it right away! And needless to say, the movie is looking perfect!

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Gaksital Behind the Scenes [Videos & Pictures]

So, until Wednesday comes and we get yet another spoon-full of Gaksital to feed our addictions, let’s take a look at the Behind the Scenes Video’s and Pictures! I’ve got to say, I’m loving the behind the scenes MV’s and Pictures because they show such a cheerful and jolly atmosphere on the set its hard to keep hating Shunji and Koiso as the bad guys in Gaksital when they’re so adorable behind the scenes! And Joo Won and Park Ki Woong are like besties behind the scenes, always hugging each other or falling asleep with each other!

And now I admit it, Park Ki Woong’ss smile is totally adorable in the BTS! This guy’s a really good actor n this shows just how much! His cynical, evil smile in the drama makes us hate him, but in the BTS, you can’t help but smile with him! Lol, and he’s actually doing the cross pose! 😛 In the drama, I’m sure many would like to see him end up just that way! 😉

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 17 Recap

Now this was one hell of a bad-ass episode where we get plenty of action, movement and heartbreak! Kang To comes clean with Dan but has to face a slew of accusations and distrust due to his past misdeeds-there’s no outright forgiveness for him and he realizes once more that the path of Gaksital is also one of redemption. Things don’t just go forgiven and forgotten. But what Dan’s yet to realize is that Gaksital has traveled down the road of redemption many times already!

I probably say this every time but Gaksital only keeps getting better and better! Oh dear, why isn’t it next Wednesday already?! Olympics, Gaksital will never forgive theeeeeee!!!!

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 17 Preview

Here’s the latest preview for Bridal Mask Episode 17! Gosh, I’m dying of curiosity and the fact that we’ll be having just one episode for this week and the next which is so not fair-we need two episodes a week for our Gaksital craze! How are we going to survive?!

So, Shunji tells Dan, more like pleads with her to stay by his side, promising that for her own sake and for her father’s sake he will try to stop the execution-which we know is a sham since he’s the one pursuing it.  Kang To realizes Shunji had Dan moved from the police station to somewhere else and worries who is the one Shunji’s following. I don’t understand the whole discussion between Shunji and Rie but she talks about  the ‘big plan’ and he calls her a ‘pitiful woman’. I love her stricken expression at it-however bad Shunji is, he’s right on that one count-she is pitiful. Dan fights off the soldiers guarding her and finds out (most probably from Kang To himself)  that Kang To is the ‘Young Master’ she has always been waiting for (Yaaayyy!!) Damsari comments that Kang To is also a Joseon person after all and Kang To tells him he can’t do much by himself and begs the location of his comrades. He also spies Kachiyama and Rie together and possibly puts together the connection between the two. Meanwhile, Rie has Kachiyama bring Dan to her, reminding her she said they’d meet again and orders Kachiyama, “Kill her!”

Find the text preview here at Happy’s world! Enjoy the video preview ahead!

Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 16 Recap

Alliances are made on the basis of faith and while our hero saves the day by actually divulging the truth-or a bit of it and spinning his web so intricately that not even the smartest Shunji can find fault with it. Kang To bleeds but for him, the end results are worth it. While one man further descends down the dark path, Kang To finds himself drawn more and more to righteousness and this time, he’s not walking down that path unknown to all. Damsari finds an unlikely ally in Kang To that surprises even him but its enough to make him tell Dan to trust Kang To. And while she still finds him hateful, she’s stumped to think he harbors other feelings for her. Our hero and villain clash again-for love and for ideology but the hero’s still got a major advantage over the other-he isn’t alone anymore and feels the pain of others. When push comes to shove, Kang To presses forward to achieve the best results but without sacrificing others.

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Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 15 Recap

Stakes get higher and truths get more messed up so that it’s harder for Kang To to stay below the radar while Shunji finds it easier to connect the dots once his mind settles on a suspicion and he knows Kang To is Gaksital. He’s ruthless, calculating and hard pressed when it comes to achieving a goal and sets the perfect trap to catch Gaksital, aka Kang To and Kang To seems to fall straight into the trap… or does he?

Episode 15 Recap:

Shunji is walking in thought when he hears Kang To begging Damsari to reveal Dan’s location. Damsari cannot understand Kang To’s reasons for being worried for Dan and Kang To grabs his shoulder, begging him, “I’m saying your daughter is in danger! Boon Yi… Boon Yi is in danger! ”

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 15 Preview

Shunji hears Kang To calling Dan ‘Boon Yi’ in the end of episode 14 and that reminds him of Dan’s letter signed to Gaksital as ‘Boon Yi’ and in the preview, he is shown reeling from the news, trying to put the pieces together. He finally comes face to face with Rie when she is introduced to him as ‘Ueno’s daughter’ and he is shown wearing the Kishokai ring. Rie tells him her father is coming to Joseon soon. What happens next, she says, you know well, right? Damn, exactly what we didn’t need, more baddies in the city! Meanwhile, Kang To is begging someone to help him. Dan and her comrades are planning an attack while Shunji shows Kang To the letter to Gaksital and states-“I’m going to find and kill him!” He is going to clearly see that ‘bastards face’ (Gaksital’s face) and cut his heart out of his chest! Whoa, ever heard of anger management, Shunji?

Check out the written preview translated by happy22qt here at Welcome to Happy’s World.

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