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| Once Upon A Time | [Must Watch Series]

Synopsis and Intro by Mahvish

“Did you grow up with listening to and watching fairy tales?
with princes and princesses having a happily ever after
and evil villians defeated and destroyed?

did you ever wonder if the ‘villians’ had ever had a heart? or feelings?
did you ever wonder if our ‘noble’ leads had ever wronged our ‘villians’?
did you ever wonder why never evil ever triumphed over good,as in real life we see so often? Read the rest of this entry

Color Of A Woman Episode 12 Recap

This episode starts where the last one left off, with Chanjin chasing Sora in the stairwell and finally pulling her in for a hug just when she’s about to tear up, causing her to be surprised for a moment. But they’re really the bestest of friends because when Sora remembers what she heard in Junsu’s office, she simply closes her eyes and tries to control her tears, letting Chanjin comfort her as he softly pats her on the back like any good friend.

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