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Color Of Woman Episode 15 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :) I don’t have time to put up screen caps cause it’ll take me forever to copy paste and then insert them and it’s already 3:30 am here! Have to sleep, more studying to do tomorrow!  Hope you enjoy the recap!)

The title of Today’s Episode is “What should I do?” which is the same as the title song that runs at the end of every episode!

The episode starts with Sora desperately searching for a taxi as we hear Jinju’s voice in the background who called Sora and told her Chanjin was “unwell”; the words she uses actually means a lot of things- unwell, sick, hurting (in both literal and figurative sense). Meanwhile Junsu is staring at his cell and in a bad mood, probably because he’s waiting for her when his Dad walks in. Dad asks him where Yoon Ji is and Junsu tells him the person he wanted to introduce isn’t Yoon Ji.

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The episode is still downloading at 60 Kb/s and showing 3 more hours to go! :/  :S

The recaps going to be even more late! 😦

On the other hand, since the torrent for Episode 16 is already up, hopefully that won’t be so late tomorrow! 🙂

Sorry for the wait guys! Damn my net speed!

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