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Color of Woman Episode 14 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :) Also, I’ll put up the screencaps later! Hope you enjoy the recap!)

So, Chanjin is at the memorial place and discovers the envelope hidden behind his and his mother’s photograph. Sora is on her way to find him and Junsu, while waiting for Sora gets a call from Director Park regarding Chanjin and Junsu leaves to go somewhere. Sora calls Junsu and tells him she can’t make it for their lunch date today because its Chanjin’s mother’s anniversary and she forgot about it. She tells him that she knows he will probably be mad at her for it but he cuts her off and tells her he won’t be mad, she should go to Chanjin and tells her to tell Chanjin sorry from him. (To give him credit, he really does look sorry and doesn’t seem like he minds that Sora is going to him) However, he doesn’t have time to worry about that as he is preoccupied with what Director Park’s words.

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