Color of Woman Episode 14 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :) Also, I’ll put up the screencaps later! Hope you enjoy the recap!)

So, Chanjin is at the memorial place and discovers the envelope hidden behind his and his mother’s photograph. Sora is on her way to find him and Junsu, while waiting for Sora gets a call from Director Park regarding Chanjin and Junsu leaves to go somewhere. Sora calls Junsu and tells him she can’t make it for their lunch date today because its Chanjin’s mother’s anniversary and she forgot about it. She tells him that she knows he will probably be mad at her for it but he cuts her off and tells her he won’t be mad, she should go to Chanjin and tells her to tell Chanjin sorry from him. (To give him credit, he really does look sorry and doesn’t seem like he minds that Sora is going to him) However, he doesn’t have time to worry about that as he is preoccupied with what Director Park’s words.


Director Song has called upon the Chairman at his house. Discussing the nature of plants, they start talking about what determines survival and death. A comment from Director Song about it being the person himself makes the Chairman seem sad as he tells her “It’s that person’s memorial today.” Director Song comments that it’s already been ten years. The chairman asks her how Junsu is doing at the office and she tells him that her idea for Chanjin to be the President is still the same even though the Chairman is okay with Junsu.  The chairman’s phone rings, it’s Junsu.

He tells his father he is coming to meet him but the Chairman tells him to just talk on the phone, what is so important. Junsu tells him it’s about Chanjin’s mother. The chairman tells him that is even more reason not to come and at Junsu’s protest says that he hasn’t a word or a thought to say regarding that matter. After he cuts off the phone, the Chairman and Director Song talk something about Junsu’s marriage and the discussion seems to give Director Song an idea. Junsu stops the car and wonders what to do next, calls up Director Park and asks to know a little more about what he was saying.

Sora arrives and spies Chanjin’s car. Inside, Chanjin is sitting, contemplating the envelope. Just as he decides to open it, Sora knocks on the window. Putting the envelope on the passenger seat, he gets off and asks why she isn’t on her date with Junsu. She tells him she asked Junsu before coming and Chanjin is surprised. Sora tells him he even said to convey his sorry for not being able to come.

Spying the lunch in her hand, he asks what it is and she tells him she put in his favorites. He reminds her he said he wouldn’t eat anything she cooked anymore and she tells him she knows he wants to eat it. After all, he can’t lie to her even if he wanted.

A while later and with coffee in their hands, Chanjin asks her if she remembers the first time he brought her here. She tells him she could never forget that day; she was surprised because she thought they were going out to have fun and he suddenly brought her here. He tells her that at that time, he was actually considering properly dating her which makes her laugh and she jokingly asks “Hey Kang Chanjin, so you liked me?” and he earnestly replies “Ever since college” but she doesn’t see he is serious. He relates her good qualities but then adds in a joke for good measure and she laughs with him.

When he suddenly turns serious Sora realizes he must be thinking of his mother and asks him what kind of person she was. Chanjin tells her he is much obliged and thankful to the Chairman because if he hadn’t helped Chanjin and taken him in, he wouldn’t be able to be where he was today and will definitely return the favor. When he sees Sora’s serious expression, he tells her he was afraid she would look like that which is why he never said this to her.

In the car, Sora sees the envelope and is about to put it on the back seat but then thinks they might forget about it and puts it in her bag, thinking she’ll give it to him later. When Chanjin gets in, he notices the envelope is gone but since Sora says nothing, he doesn’t say anything either.

Back at home, Junsu stares at a photograph of him and Chanjin and it seems there are almost tears in his eyes. When Chanjin walks in, Junsu is coming down the stairs and Chanjin asks how come he’s home early, he said he was going to be late. Junsu apologizes for missing his mother’s memorial and Chanjin tells him it’s okay (Seems he’s never attended them before either) and jokingly wonders why Junsu hates him so much which causes Junsu to tell him he’s really sorry (And he does look it. I wonder what he found out that’s made him so nice all of a sudden.) Chanjin asks why he should be sorry. Junsu doesn’t elaborate and asks if he had dinner. Chanjin says he did and so did Sora. Junsu tells him he knows, he got the message and heads out to meet Sora.

Sora comes out to throw the garbage and runs into Junsu. They both relocate to his car. He asks her if they should go the America. She wonders at this sudden change and asks him what about the company and he tells her Chanjin’s there for the company. She’s confused and says that she’s not required to give an answer right now, is she? He tells her he’ll feel better if she just said she liked it and she remarks he’s acting strange today. They start their usual dating talk and tease each other and Junsu calls her “My Sora”.

Back at home, Sora opens her drawer and finds the papers in the file but still creased from being folded and wonders if someone read or took them. Putting it in her bag, she remembers the envelope and berates herself for forgetting to give it to Chanjin and decides to give it at work tomorrow.

The next day at work, everyone is excited as the pictures from the shoot were amazing and Jinju looks amazing, hence there’s going to be an interview about her too. Jinju thanks everyone for their support and help. Sora goes to Chanjins office and not seeing him there, decides to leave the envelope there but then decides against it. What if it was important and got lost?

In her office, Director Song is going crazy with the anxious waiting and wonders if he opened and saw it yet or not. (So, she planted the envelope) She asks her secretary about him and is told he just finished a meeting regarding the special brand line. She wonders why he isn’t already here to find her when the secretary tells her he saw Chanjin go to the memorial place himself. Just then there’s a knock on the door and Chanjin walks in.

She mistakenly thinks he’s there for an explanation and tells him she was waiting and that whatever and however much he wants to hear, she’ll tell him. However, the misunderstanding is saved because Chanjin is here to talk about the special line. She incredulously wonders aloud if he’s probably pretending he didn’t see it. He realizes she’s talking about his mother but refuses to play her tune and tells her once he believes in someone, he believes in them completely! She can’t ruin the relationship between him and Junsu and if she continued trying, he’ll tell the Chairman. When he’s gone, she mutters:

“So you don’t believe me. It’s okay as long as you ask the people you believe then!”

Her next target: Sora. She finds Sora working normal tasks like packing un packing and comments that she must be angry but Sora says it doesn’t matter as long as she gets to do work she likes. Yet Director Song just loves to pour salt on wounds and doesn’t let her go. Finally she asks, “Do you know about the relationship between the Chairman and Chanjin’s mother?” She lays it on thick: If Chanjin knows the circumstances of his mother’s death; it will become a big matter. Sora of course has no clue and downplays her importance to Chanjin but Director Song tells her to come find her whenever she wants.

Sora runs into Junsu at the stairwell (He called her there) as she remembers Director Song’s words. She asks him if he knows anything about the accident because of which Chanjin’s mother died. Junsu is visibly uncomfortable- obviously he knows something but denies it and asks her why she’s suddenly interested in that matter. She tells him she’s just curious; when she’s curious she can’t rest, he knows that too, right?

After office when Junsu is leaving, Chanjin tells him to call him if there’s anything and Junsu tells him thanks. Chanjin asks him why he’s suddenly saying “Sorry” and “Thank You” to him so much. Junsu tells him it’s because he’s sorry and thankful.

As he’s leaving, Junsu’s dad calls him up to meet at a hotel. Once there, he’s taken to a table where a woman is waiting. He’s ready to turn back without a second glance but the woman speaks up and remarks that he hasn’t changed one bit. Turning back, he stares at her but is unable to recognize her until she speaks up. She tells him she came after him and asks if he had any girlfriend in America.

This particular couple is worried their relationship will reach the ears of Director Song. They think Jason (Finally I got his name) is about to tell her about it and try to stop him but he doesn’t reveal anything and tells the girl, “If you ever break up with this guy, come to me! I’ll be waiting!”

Junsu calls his father and tells him he is uncomfortable with these kinds of arrangements on his dad’s end but his dad tells him not to make a mistake. Junsu gets angry and asks his father if it is true about his role in Chanjin’s mother’s death. His dad tells him these are all matters of the past; what will he accomplish by asking questions now. Junsu realizes it must be true. His father doesn’t want Chanjin to know anything and tells him not to believe everything he hears. Junsu and the girl head off to have dinner together.

Chanjin’s at a convenience store deciding what to buy when Sora runs in. The walk back home together. She mentions the envelope she took from his car that day and Chanjin’s expression completely changes. I’d say unconsciously he realizes it can’t be something good and probably doesn’t want to open the Pandora’s Box. He tells her to throw it away. She tells him she thought it was important but he tells her it’s not, its garbage. Sora is surprised by it and remembers what Director Song said. She tells Chanjin that if there’s anything between him and Junsu that is wrong, he should tell her and she’ll make it alright between the two. After all, he always sorts things out for her and Junsu. He laughs and tells her not to worry about them.

Turning, he sees the light in their house is on meaning Junsu is back and gives Sora her things, telling her to go in first. She tells him to go in first. He concedes and is about to pat her back when he stops himself.

At home, Chanjin asks Junsu if he fought with his dad again and Junsu tells him not to worry about that. He tells her Yoon Ji is back. Chanjin says “Yoon Ji Noona!” Junsu tells him Yoon Ji is just a friend to him; the same as Sora and Chanjin are. (Lol, you’re forgetting Chanjin likes Sora, remember?) Chanjin remarks that Yoon Ji hasn’t married yet and asks a direct question. When will Junsu introduce Sora to the Chairman? Junsu deflects by asking if his father’s approval is necessary. When Chanjin doesn’t say anything, Junsu adds that he doesn’t want Sora to get hurt. Chanjin reminds her that Sora is a strong person and that he’ll help but Junsu tells him not to worry about that. Chanjin talks to his plant “Sora” that night.

Jinju’s interview time is up and Sora has made the best preparations. And look who drops in for a visit. She’s come to have lunch with Junsu and asks Chanjin to escort her and probably introduces herself as his fiancée. (Again, my Korean falls a bit short!) She’s the youngest daughter of another major group, Tae Han. Chanjin takes the shocked Sora into his office and sits her down, asking her to talk to him. He tells her they’re just friends and nothing else and they just met yesterday and Junsu doesn’t know about her being the maknae of Tae Han Group. When Junsu asks her why she’s never married, she tells him there’s a person she loves. Meanwhile, Jinju googles Yoon Ji!

Junsu and Yoon Ji are about to go for lunch just as Chanjin and Sora come out. Seeing them, Yoon Ji takes Junsu’s arm. Seeing that, Sora turns to go but Chanjin stops her “Why should you run away?” Chanjin brings her forward and introduces her to Yoon Ji as his friend. Junsu adds that Sora’s his girlfriend. Sora is relieved and Yoon Ji tells them they should all go eat together.

Yoon Ji checks outsoar during lunch with a smile which makes Sora nervous. She says she feels a little different now that she knows Junsu’s got a girlfriend; it’s not jealousy but somehow different. She tells Sora she has someone she loves and was just curious as to what kind of person Junsu had fallen in love with. Sora’s feeling clueless and turns to Chanjin for relief and is further nervous by Junsu and Yoon Ji’s discussion. Chanjin keeps looking at her and Yoon Ji smiles as she watches him watching Sora. (She probably realizes what Chanjin feels for his ‘friend’).  She relates an old story about Junsu and tells Sora to be nice to Junsu.

After lunch, Yoon Ji waits for Chanjin and tells him she sent Junsu and his girlfriend away first. She tells him he ought to do good to Junsu, which Chanjin agrees but adds that how can he do good towards Junsu when he’s looking at his girlfriend? Saying that she leaves.

When Chanjin gets back, Jinju’s waiting in his office. They’re to prepare for her interview together. Jinju doesn’t buy that Yoon Ji and Junsu are friends and Chanjin points out he and Sora are such friends but Jinju doesn’t agree. Junsu and Sora meanwhile are having coffee together in the stairwell. Jinju worries whether the Chairman will accept Sora as Junsu’s partner and Chanjin says he’s worried about that too but Jinju tells him Junsu already asked Sora to go with him to the States which makes Chanjin freeze. Just then, Sora walks in to ask if they’re prepared for the interview.

Director Song talks to Sora’s manager and asks her to find out more about the dating rumors going on these days between the secretaries. Since she is already a friend to them, it’s most possible she will help them hide the truth.

Interview commences and Sora is there watching over as Jinju answers all the questions. The interviewer asks her about her love life and if she is dating someone. Jinju tells them about her first love. Chanjin walks in to hear her response too. Sora hesitates when she sees Chanjin and tells him to understand her, since he’s her friend. She doesn’t want Junsu to be sad because of her so she might have to stop being around him from now on. When he asks if this is what she wants to do, she says she feels this is what she should do.

Junsu gets a call from his father and tells him he wants to meet with him to discuss things regarding his marriage. He approaches Sora but she tells him she’s busy with work so he tells her the time she must come over by.

At the pojangmacha, the store manager tells his lackey to stop idling around as Chanjin walks in, dejected and gloomy. He won’t eat anything and goes straight to drinking. Junsu’s at the rendezvous point with his father. Sora spies the envelope Chanjin had told her to throw away. She does that but curious, takes it back and opens it and looks at what’s inside. It’s a picture of Junsu’s father and Chanjin’s mother together in a car and the date is the day of his mother’s death. Meanwhile, Chanjin is wallowing in depression over the new turn of events. Remembering Director Song and Chanjin’s words, she is shocked and seems like she’s beginning to put the pieces together. Chanjin, drunk, stumbles home but goes to Sora’s house instead where Jinju opens the door.

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  1. In episode 14, there is a song that plays when Jun-su and So-Ra are in Jun-su’s car. What is the name of that song? Do you know?

  2. yesss!! thanks…

  3. episode 15 recap anytime soon?

  4. Since ep 12, I do not see any other feelings from Sora towards CJ other than loyalty and concern for a really good friend. She only has romantic feelings for Junsu (not enough chemistry / emotional pull for me). As for Junsu, the scene staring at Jinju and looking over the pictures of Jinju and Sora might make me question his feeling for a moment, but it’s still about Sora. The new “girl” on the scene seems like the writer wants to do the Sora and CJ’s friendship situation onto Junsu’s side and see if Sora may feel what Junsu has been feeling . I think the show is going to come out with only 1 romantic pairing and they are keeping Junsu and Sora as the central couple in conflict. When I realized this was on the same cable as “I Need Romance”, my guess that they switch to Sora-CJ was in doubt. As for the rest of the show, I am curious to see the outcome of CJ and Junsu’s relationship.

    Thanks for your recaps! It got me interested again.

    • After the last episode (Ep. 16) I’m also starting to think it’ll be a Sora-Junsu pair in the end! I still like the CJxSR idea, 😛 but JSxSR makes a lot more sense! So I’m keeping my expectations low and hoping that whatever the end, it’s executed well and with feelings! 🙂

  5. Hi Everyone,

    I just got home and logged onto twitter…hmmm… interesting development! 🙂 If you have a twitter account, follow 재희 @valentineye… you will see a new photo of Junsu and Jinju together… all dressed up! No Chanjin or Sora in sight!

    Hi Hitomiakiko,
    Here are the twitter accounts:

    Yoon So Yi – 윤소이 @soy00
    Shim Ji Ho – 심지호 / Shim ji ho @pickyboy_jiho (I see that he tweets in English in replies to fans abroad occasionally.)

    You will be able to get more out of following them than me! I rely on ‘google translate’ and as you know, the use of google translator is quite limited… half the time, I have no idea what they are tweeting about. Hehe. But at least I get to see some of the behind-the-scene photos! Enjoy!

    So fun to discuss the drama with you and others. You are a star for spending the time writing the recaps. Thank you!!!

    • Thanks a lot for the twitter links and the preview link KL! 🙂 I love coming to the blog after a long day of work! It’s the feedback from you guys that keeps me going! 😉

  6. I don’t want So Ra to get a make-over. She doesn’t need to be transformed externally in order to prove herself as anything; she’s a complete, attractive person the way she is. Actually, if they put in some sort of make-over scene, I think it would really undermine the drama, because that’s not who So Ra is, character-wise, and it would make her less appealing IMO. There’s nothing wrong about not wanting to conform to artificially imposed standards of female beauty. So Ra is who she is, and that’s fine.

    • Jay, an excellent point of view! 🙂

      Although, the reason I’m rooting for her to get a transformation is because she’s always so in awe of Jinju and her transformations as if it were a dream she herself could never have come true so I want her to get the transformation like the one she got in the first episode and realize if she wants to, she can shine just as bright as or maybe even more than Jinju! 😉

  7. Yes. I also hate that this drama is supposed to have 24?? episodes (16 would have been fine and 20 is still pushing it). I am already watching 9 dramas that are currently on, so maybe I am just looking for an excuse to bail.

    My personal experience is that one should not date a really good friend. I did and my 20+ year friendship died. If I had thought about the ramifications at that time, then I would not have jeopardize the friendship. So I am really, really against Sora and Chanjin.

  8. Thanks for replying Hitomiakiko! It might be the case yeah…

    Hillary, I don’t know what to think about Junsu and Sora’s relationship and future. I used to think like you though, and the reason was not about first love. Now, I just would like Sora to build her career and be happy at work. I don’t really see her with Changjin, they just look like best friends and becoming lovers will break this. Sora really need a good friend. I don’t think of Jinju…

    I thought this drama would have only have 16 episodes at max! OK so we’re just in the middle of the story now…

  9. I see I am the lone dissenter because I want Junsu and Sora to be together in the end (especially as they have kissed several times). I will probably stop watching the first (or maybe the second) time I see Sora and Chanjin kiss because I just believe there should be some period of time between relationships.

  10. Thank you so muchhhh again ! I didn’t know why she tried to throw away the envelope until you explained it ! 🙂
    We have 10 episodes left to go ? Really !? YAY.
    10 episodes for her to fall in love with Chanjin.

    • I’ve got the same sentiments as you! Ten episodes for Sora to fall in love with Chanjin and from the moment he moves out of her house, I feel she’s slowly starting to but doesn’t realize it yet herself because she’s got Junsu in her life… Junsu Sora’s relationship will hit a bad end in the next episode and Chanjin’s there to comfort her so let’s hope that leads to a little more awareness on her end! 😉 hehe 🙂

  11. Thank you so much again for doing recaps! I thought SoRa opened that envelope and found the picture inside of Chan Jin’s mother with Joon Soo’s father. (which doesn’t really tell us anything?) but it’s dated on the day of Chan Jin’s mothers death? Hmmm…I wonder if someone is trying to imply that the Chairman had something to do with her death?
    I still don’t know if those 2 are brothers! Which is driving me insane. LOL! I hope SoRa gets a makeover too, it’s way past time for that. And thanks for reminding me, we have a full 10 episodes to go! YAY!

    • I’m glad everyone’s having fun with the recaps! 🙂

      Yeah, the picture doesn’t say much in itself but its date is important and when Sora remembers how Director Song had said Chanjin’s mother’s death was something that could change the relationship between the two (Junsu and Chanjin) Sora kind of realizes it cannot be good…

      Hehe, I guess we can safely assume these two are probably not brothers after all and the reason for the Chairman’s continuous support for Chanjin is probably because of his mother’s death too! Still, who knows! 😉 😛

      • I agree … at this point, I’m very confused. LOL! But looking forward to more episodes! I’m not bored at all nor unhappy with any of the ‘cliche’ things that happen. I think the cast and their energy is keeping me engaged in the show. Thanks again & happy weekend!

  12. i think this show starts to look like the Korean version of Ugly Betty. I do hope So Ra gets a makeover, she needs the confidence of a woman. By the way i hate the fact that Jun Soo did nothing to stop Yoon Ji from flirting with him, such a jerk!!! poor Sora, from the preview of the next episode, maybe they will break up (Sora x Jun Soo) and this is only my guess..

    • I never did get to see Ugly Betty! :O

      As for Junsu, yeah he didn’t stop the flirting but I’d say he was at least better than he was in the older episodes in the fact that he didn’t get mad every time Sora and Chanjin were together… And I like that he outright introduced Sora as his girlfriend… And the other girl wasn’t completely bad herself. I still can’t tell whether she likes Junsu or not but I like that she tells Sora to take care of him and realizing Chanjin’s interest, tries to stand up for her best friend (Junsu)

      Junsu n Sora’s relationship will hit a bad end in the next episode and the preview shows Chanjin comforting her so let’s hope that leads to a little more for both of them! 😛 😉 hehe 🙂

      • i am really hoping So Ra gets a makeover!!( I was just telling my friend about the idea of make over for So Ra before episode 13) i really think she deserves this…I am hoping So Ra will realise somehow Chan Jin cares about who she really is and not what he wants her to be ..
        By the way, your recaps are awesome, do you by any chance writing subtitles as well?

  13. Oh…I take back my last post >_< I hadn't read the last paragraph of your recap.

    OK, so it's Junsu's father…car accident? =(

    • The preview showed very little of Chanjin but it seems Sora will find out more in the next episode regarding the accident! Let’s see! 😉

      Chanjin seems to have had a crush on her right from the very beginning ten years ago. That’s probably after Junsu and Sora dated. Its cute how he tells her he wanted to properly date her the first time he brought her to see his mother but I think he never really got the chance to tell her how he felt; the timing had probably never been right for both of them and they ended up together as the best of friends instead and he became a complete playboy. And now that Junsu is back, there’s no way Chanjin will let himself get between the other two out of loyalty to both of them. 😦

      Ah, I hope Junsu Sora just hurry and break it off and Chanjin gets together with her finally! 😀

  14. You know what…I’m thinking that Junsu’s mother was jealous of Changjin’s mother’s relationship with the Chairman…so she killed her, who knows if she was getting divorced because of her having an affair with her husband and having a baby (not an excuse I know). Why would Director Song make a big deal out of it if it’s not something horrible and why would Junsu feel so sorry? This is why I’m so pessimistic (the other reason is that k-dramas are sometimes weirdly dramatic lol). Sounds awful, I know. I hope it’s something else… OK I stop here lol

    Seriously, it’s really getting interesting, Changjin please read this letter!!

    I wonder: why Changjin, who never knew that Junsu dated Sora at university, never told her about his romantic feelings?? For YEARS? Wait…he probably had a crush on her after she had been emotionally hurt by Junsu? But still?! LOL I think I should stop thinking about this drama!! =p

  15. Thank you thank you for the recaps! This is getting interesting and I’m glad I can still know what’s going on even though I can’t watch the drama for now. I didn’t realize it was 24 eps. I hope things will get better for Chanjin soon.

    • Unfortunately things seem like they’ll take a down turn for Chanjin soon because when he finds out about the circumstances of his mother’s death (since its implied its the Chairman’s fault) he is going to have a hard time. I love his unwavering faith in Junsu and the Chairman; ‘Once he trusts someone, he truly trusts them completely’ but things might change hereon and I just hope he doesn’t have too much of a hard time and that Sora is there for him since she almost already knows something isn’t right.

  16. Thanks for your quick reply! My sentiments exactly!! I am all for CJ& SR and could not care less if Junsu and Jinju are together or not… hehe.

    I actually tried tweeting a hello message to Yoon So Yi earlier to ask if SR gets a makeover or not. She replied to say ‘Thank you so much’. That is so sweet… I honestly did not expect to get a reply! She did not answer my question about the makeover though. I guess she is not allowed to divulge the details of the plot, or perhaps she did not understand my question?? (had to write in English since I do not do Korean/Hangul 😦 ).

    Once again, thank you so much for the recap!! Now we have to be patient and wait for the next week for further developments…. 🙂

    • Wow, Yoon So Yi replied to your tweet, that is really sweet! Let me know her tweeting address too I’ll follow her on twitter! 🙂 😉

      I don’t think stars are allowed to divulge information while its still ongoing, partly because it would ruin the suspense and also, these dramas are usually being shot at the same time so sometimes even they don’t know what might be up in store for them ahead! Let’s hope the makeover gets done! 🙂

  17. Thanks so much for recapping this so quickly! The plot thickens and it is getting really exciting now. Do you know what is the length of this drama? I have seen some sites that said it would be 16 episodes and others that quoted 24. I do hope Chanjin will end up with Sora! I really wish they will also let Sora have a makeover, so she can look as glam as Jinju.

    • Yeah KL, I’m also looking forward to what happens next! According to the preview for the next episode, hars times are up ahead for Junsu and Sora and more together time for Sora Chanjin! 😀 Yaaayyy!! hehe 🙂

      The way they’re showing Sora always in awe of Jinju and Chanjin watches her, I think they might show the makeover part too; a time for Sora to shine in her own self! 😉

      The drama is 24 episodes! We’ve got ten episodes left ahead and like you, I so hope its a CJxSR at the end! Hell, I’ll probably even support Junsu n Jinju as a pair! 😛

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