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Humsafar: What’s to come

Lately, Hum TV is churning out the drama Humsafar every Saturday which has managed to keep people glued to their televisions like nothing else. Though it wasn’t such a sensation in my house earlier on as no one had read the book or heard the story, I caught up with the drama after three episodes had already been aired. The reason my interest was piqued was because of its title song “Humsafar” sung by Qurat-ul-Ain Baloch. Needless to say, it’s an amazing song. Check it out here.

If anyone is interested in reading the book, catch it here.

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Series Review – Color of Woman Episode 1-10

Song title: Maybe I love you

Song title: What should I do?


Nowadays, Korean cable channel is turning out some really nice dramas and one of them has recently caught my interest! Even though I didn’t really pay much attention to it when I first saw the promos and posters, but after 1 episode, I was hooked! Having romance at its sweetest and most innocent; and one of the best second leads ever happens to help a lot!

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