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Strongest K Pop Survival Episode 8 Recap

(My Korean isn’t perfect so I might have made a few mistakes. Please overlook and forgive, if any :)! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the recap!)

Episode 8 Recap:

So Seung Yeon doesn’t turn up for the competition between the two M2 Junior teams and President Hyun Suk refuses to listen to her team’s performance. However, as he’s walking away, the leader speaks up to Hyun Suk to give them a chance.

“Since we’re a team, we’re taking responsibility. Because of one person’s problem, we cannot give up on the team. We three will perform without Seung Yeon. Give us a chance to protect our team.”

His outburst brings applause from his competitors and Hyun Suk allows it. They perform while Seung Yeon is at home, begging her father to listen to her. Mid performance, Woo Hyun walks out even though he likes the performance but is wondering where Seung Yeon is and is about to call her up when In Young catches up with him and asks to speak to him. She wants a favor as a friend. She’ll give up the album but wants something in return. He tells her he’s wondering whether she’s just shameless or wrong in the head. Haha! His manager comes up and tells him Team Leader Han wants to see him. He leaves In Young stewing and she mutters again, “Let’s wait and see. You’ll come back to me.”

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Color Of A Woman Episode 12 Recap

This episode starts where the last one left off, with Chanjin chasing Sora in the stairwell and finally pulling her in for a hug just when she’s about to tear up, causing her to be surprised for a moment. But they’re really the bestest of friends because when Sora remembers what she heard in Junsu’s office, she simply closes her eyes and tries to control her tears, letting Chanjin comfort her as he softly pats her on the back like any good friend.

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