Color Of A Woman Episode 12 Recap

This episode starts where the last one left off, with Chanjin chasing Sora in the stairwell and finally pulling her in for a hug just when she’s about to tear up, causing her to be surprised for a moment. But they’re really the bestest of friends because when Sora remembers what she heard in Junsu’s office, she simply closes her eyes and tries to control her tears, letting Chanjin comfort her as he softly pats her on the back like any good friend.


After a few moments though, she regains her self control and backs up. Chanjin is still worried and she asks him if he heard about the special line. He tells her he heard just a while ago and hell ask junsu to reconsider. She tells him not to do anything and she’ll take care of it herself.

Both of them sit down on the steps and start chatting. When Sora wonders if she’s really such an idiot, Chanjin tells her not to hurt herself so much as Junsu must have done it for her but she tells him not to take Junsu’s side this time and just be with her while she needs to think things.

In his office, junsu broods over the new list and wonders where Sora is when Chanjin walks in. When Chanjin says he’s here to talk about Sora, Junsu tells him it hasn’t even been over an hour since he already told Chanjin to give up on her and leave her up to him. Chanjin points out Sora is having a tough time and Junsu says he realizes it. When Chanjin tries to argue, Junsu just goes on into another one of his fits! (Seriously, I can’t even be bothered to listen to him anymore! Why is he such a badass?! And why aren’t you just in hell already!!) After his outburst, he asks Chanjin why he’s always making him into the bad guy and tells him to just focus on his work.

Knowing nothing goods gonna happen anyway, Chanjin walks out where Jinju greets him happily and shares her own good news about being selected as a model, i think. Chanjin looks at her as if he can’t believe her but she doesn’t realize his expression and he drags her away.

The marketing team is sitting together having a discussion but Sora sits passively to herself, only muttering “I don’t like this” and “Both of them make no sense” while thinking of Junsu and Jinju. However, in front of her two of her co-workers are flirting with each other and misunderstand her meaning and think she’s talking to them. But Sora’s not even listening and when called out of her trance, she heads to the bathroom with an excuse.

Jinju asks Chanjin why he’s looking so scarily. Chanjin asks her if she had a friend and the friend tells her a secret regarding another friend but the friend asks her not to tell it to her , what would she do? Jinju tells him in that case she’ll pretend not to know and simply wait and see what happens. Chanjin doesn’t like the idea, you should be open with friends and not knowing the secret can cause greater hurt and Jinju guesses that must mean it’s a bad secret and should probably be told but if it were her, she’d simply wait and not tell.

Chanjin asks her why and she says the hurt can also cause someone disillusionment, especially if it’s a woman. That causes Chanjin to pause and think and Jinju tries to return but Chanjin sits her down again and it seems he’s about to tell her the truth about Sora.

Meanwhile Sora sits in the restroom, trying to calm her nerves and not cry even as she felt angry. At the same time, Jinju walks in and hides in another stall. Here we see Chanjin told her Sora found out about that night when she heard Junsu and her talking and asks her to explain things properly to Sora and clear the misunderstandings. Jinju is freaked out and thinks to herself that she can’t ever bring herself to explain things to Sora.

Sora finally heads out and Director Shin ends up in her way and starts to sympathize with her about being thrown off the team by her lover. Sora makes an excuse and is about to leave when Director Shin adds a piece of advice, woman to woman.  (I like you Director Shin, only because of this piece of advice)

A woman should be with a man who protects her as she is. Is it love when the man gives her wounds?

This causes Sora to think when they are interrupted by Junsu who mocks the Director and when she leaves, asks Sora why she’s not picking her phone and if she’s angry. Sora tells him she’s too busy to be angry and blows him off. He tells her he’ll call her after work.

Jinju goes back to her station and Junsu calls her to his office and tells her Sora’s very angry but before Jinju can reveal the reason, he starts reciting a list of how to win her back and ends up deciding on a homemade dinner for which Jinju helps him shop but thinks to herself it won’t work. Leaving, she decides not to go home until Sora is asleep and is standing there when she hears Junsu cut himself and curse because of it so goes back in to help him and he ends up cutting himself again. (God, I can’t even sympathize with you!)

Jinju has a brooding session in his bathroom as she wonders to herself what she’s doing. She clearly likes Junsu but is not making any moves because of Sora. At home, Sora is having a major cleaning session and is scrubbing the bathroom clean when Junsu calls and she ignores it. When Jinju leaves, Junsu calls her up and asks her to help him bring Sora to his place, and of course, hangs up before she can even flinch!

Once home, she quickly hides in her room, wondering where Sora is when Junsu messages her and she wonders what she’s supposed to do. She runs into Sora in the kitchen and tells her she’s heading to Junsu’s house and might even be late on the way back. Sora asks her if she’s going to move in with Junsu now that Chanjin moved out of there.(Haha!)

Once Jinju is out, Sora gets angry and decides to go and give them both a piece of her mind at Junsus place. When she sees his lights off, she incredulously wonders why they’d turn off the lights and what they’re upto. At the gate, she pauses and wonders what she could possibly do if she goes in. Hiding behind a car nearby, Jinju watches her finally go in and dully commends herself on being such a nice person and wishing the two of them to do well.

Sora finds the table set at Junsu’s and he surprises her with the dinner. Sora realizes Jinju tricked her. Junsu goes on like theres nothing wrong and Sora gives him a piece of her mind.

“Sunbae, are you an idiot? Do you think doing this will get rid of the problem?”

Junsu tells her he’ll explain things to her but whatever he says, Sora asks him if he did this because he wanted to use her and cannot believe him. Junsu tells her he can give her anything that makes her happy apart from work and will find another way to make her happy. She tells him not to kid himself and that she’s really disappointed in him and doing this won’t make her anger go away.

Junsu tells her he did so much for her and taking her off the special line doesn’t mean the world ended. She tells him at least work doesn’t lie to her. And he’s crazy enough to ask her if her work is more important than him.

“Answer me one thing; Do you like work more or is being my girlfriend better?”

(Oh no you didn’t!)

She mollified at his question and frankly tells him, both of them are disappointing her at the moment before leaving.

At home, Jinju is sitting depressed when Chanjin walks in and asks her why she’s so lifeless. (After Chanjin & Sora’s friendship, I find these two the most endearing and adorable!! They read each other so well!!) He asks her if she explained everything to Sora but Jinju shakes her head saying she didn’t find time. Chanjin tells her Sora left work a long time ago but jinju tells him Sora’s at Junsu’s place right now. He asks if the two are fighting or making up and Jinju wisely says they’ll have to wait and see.

Both of them realize their hungry and Chanjin decides to cook just when Sora walks back in and asks to see Jinju. Chanjin tells her to follow Sora but Jinju is too afraid and Sora calls out from inside “Come in while I’m asking nicely!” which makes Jinju squirm even more and Chanjin adorably says “Jinju Sshi!” She tells him she hasn’t prepared herself well yet and begs him to help her! (Haha, Jinju’s cute!)

Chanjin walks in to her and tells her to talk to Jinju later, it’s not like she’s running away anywhere. Sora tells him not to take Jinju’s side and he tells her he’s always on her side. Outside, Jinju sheepishly mutters “Chanjin sshi, I’m going out for a bit” and when Sora tries to go out to stop her, Chanjin stops her and tells her to talk to him instead. Sora tells him she has nothing to talk to him about and he asks her “Really?” Sora just falls quiet.

Outside, Jinju runs into Junsu and they both end up together at a pojangmacha. Junsu broods because to Sora, work is obviously also important. (Seriously Junsu, DUH!) He thanks Jinju for all her help.

At home, Chanjin and Sora are on the couch drinking beer together and Sora tells Chanjin Jinju and Junsu were together the night he stood her up and probably slept together. Chanjin tries to point out it might be her misunderstanding but she asks what she’s going to do if it’s actually true. She heard the two of them talking together and since morning, she’s been hurting so much she could barely get any words out.

She’s afraid that if its true, she wont be able to face those two again. Chanjin says she might have heard wrong and when you love someone, you just believe in them no matter what. She tells him that’s the way she sees and believes him in everything. He points out “Hey, I’m your friend afterall!” and adorably pats her head before putting his hand around her shoulder. She asks him if it might really not be true and he tells her not to worry, it won’t be true. After all, she believes his words, right?  (Aaawww, I just love Chanjin!!!)

Hey, I’m your friend afterall! 😉

You said you believed my words, right? 😉

Jinju and Junsu walk back home and he seems to be feeling unwell so she offers to go buy him medicine but he tells her not to, gently telling her to overlook and forget her feelings too. She responds well even with slight tears in her eyes and heads back home where she runs into Sora who was taking out the trash and they relocate elsewhere to talk. Sora asks her where she was the night Junsu stood her up and Jinju admits they were together at a hotel but nothing happened between them.

Jinju mocks her a bit before Sora asks her how she could do this to a friend she’s been friends with for ten years and calls her a “chogup” (Here, my Korean fails me except that it isn’t a good word and it hurts Jinju a lot when Sora calls her that.) Jinju tells her she likes Junsu but she’s never done anything because of Junsu and Sora’s relationship. Even at the hotel that night, she felt her heart beating but thoughts of Sora stopped her and even though Junsu was drunk and down, all he ever muttered was her, Sora’s name. Sora realizes she was too harsh and tells Jinju she should have simply told her from the beginning and feels truly sorry for her friend and berates herself for treating Jinju this way. Jinju says she’s sorry and tells him what Junsu told her “That night was nothing” and walks away crying. (I really like their friendship and the way its heading, these two are wonderful together!)

The next morning, Junsu is as broody as ever remembering his and Sora’s encounter from last night when the elevator doors open and everyone walks in, including  Sora and Chanjin. When Junsu asks why the two of them are together, she tells him it’s not like they’re coming from a hotel. Junsu tells her he’s asking why jinju’s not with them and Sora mutters “Who was the reason we fought?” when Chanjin tells him she left early because she had to prepare for a meeting.

Jinju is at the meeting room doing preparations when Sora walks in but ignores her even though both of them look at each other but find no words to talk to each other about.

When Jinju brings Junsu tea, she lifelessly relates his schedule and is turning to leave when Junsu stops her and asks her if she’s this way because of his words last night but she tells him its okay. Once outside, she can’t hide her feelings anymore and ends up crying which is when her phone rings. It’s the store managers here to make a delivery and the store manager tells her she looks pretty today in a different way compared to always.

Work continues as usual otherwise. Sora dreamily eyes Jinju’s model shoots (she does look amazing) and Chanjin smiles when he sees her. Junsu walks in for a meeting with the staff.

When jinju walks in, one of her coworkers asked her if she cried but she denies it. As they’re chitchatting, Junsu keeps staring at her and Sora and Chanjin see him watching Jinju. It seems watching Jinju gives him an idea for the meeting and he shares it with the others before turning his attention back to looking at Jinju whos easily chitchatting with her co worker, oblivious of everyones eyes on them.

Sora catches her after the meeting and apologizes and asks Jinju to talk but Jinju blows her off. Chanjin watches the exchange before going to Junsu and asks him to go together and play a game of snooker. Don’t care about Junsu, but Chanjin looks amazing! 😉

When Chanjin asks him about Sora, Junsu tells him not to worry but in an easy and not antagonistic tone. (Thank God for once!) Chanjin says something (a kind of saying, i think) and then tells Junsu he’ll help him. Junsu seems to be winning the snooker round and smiles at Chanjin.

Sora waits for Jinju to get off work and they both go to the pojangmacha, Sora dragging Jinju where they both go on a drinking spree and Sora apologizes for being harsh yesterday and asks Jinju to try and understand her position as well. Jinju points out they’ve both done nothing wrong, except they always fall for the same guy which makes both of them laugh and the mood is lightened.

At the snooker club, Junsu asks Chanjin to finally say what he brought Junsu here for. Chanjin tells him the reason Sora’s angry is because she knows about the night Jinju and Junsu were together which surprises Junsu. Cue to the next scene, they’re both heading out while Junsu’s trying to call Sora and tells Chanjin he should’ve told him earlier. (Yeah, like you gave him a chance! Everytime he mentioned Sora and you went off the hook in jealousy!)

Back to the girls, they’re both drunk and Sora asks Jinju if nothing really happened that night. Jinju tells her she’ll accept the relationship between Junsu and her but she has a condition. The store manager and his lackey watch on in amusement before he calls up Chanjin and asks him to come pick the girls up.  Before they go there, Chanjin gives Junsu a piece of paper. It’s the title page of the presentation he spied on in Sora’s desk.

“This is the last thing I will do for you regarding Sora. From now on, I hope you will not let Sora get hurt.”

Yaaaaayyyy Chanjin!!!

Both ladies are drunk dead when the guys arrive. Chanjin already takes a step towards Sora before he stops himself and goes to Jinju instead and Junsu picks up Sora who wakes up slightly from her stupor and smiles as soon as she sees him and mutters his name. When he says sorry to her, her expression hardens and she pushes him away before she slaps him, leaving everyone surprised! (Ah, that was satisfying! Take that for all the grief you’ve cause EVERYONE Junsu! )


Well, I hate junsu, that much is for certain! If the writers do indeed go with a Junsu-Sora pair to the end, they have to do some major character work on Junsu and he has a lot of redeeming to do, especially towards Chanjin!

Personally, I’m favoring a Chanjin-Sora pairing because those two are just adorable together and they understand and know each other best and know and respect each other’s best qualities. Like my friend Alice pointed out, “If Sora has loyalty, then Chanjin nailed that trait to the walls.” They both bring out the best in each other and in this episode, I love Sora’s declaration of how she trusts Chanjin blindly!

Another thing I loved about this episode is Chanjin’s declaration to Junsu at the very end about this being the last time he does anything for him. It shows that like he always said, he’s supporting Sora and Junsu’s relationship and backing off like Junsu wanted, BUT in the future, if Sora were to get hurt and he decided to step in, it won’t be as a mediator for those two but rather he will be choosing a side and I’m pretty sure it won’t be Junsu’s-made evident by his earlier words.

She really resembles someone I know – a lot. I couldn’t protect that person, but I’m going to take care of So Ra.

If So Ra were to be unhappy because of Joon Soo sunbae, I would end up hating/disliking Joon Soo.

Seeing how Junsu has acted so far, I think we can bet there’s going to be a hard road ahead for JSxSR and I’m keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes that Chanjin probably is going to end up as the knight in shining armor afterall! 😉

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see where episode 13 leads us! 😉

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  1. yeah we should… hehehe.. ;p

  2. Thanks for the great feedback Pebbles, Myra, Dcdramafan, Sunox18, Vivien and Ayufai! I’m enjoying writing the recaps thinking you guys’ll have great fun reading them! 🙂

    Hope we all enjoy the drama hereon and it gives us great moments (especially CJxSR moments) 😉 And we should all probably start a Chanjin fanclub! 😉 Just saying, hehe… 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for the recap… i m also hoping for sora x chanjin relationship as i think they hav more chemistry and r much more connected to each other. He’s always been there for her.. aniwae, i m sooo loking forward to ep 13 recap.. yippeee!!!

  4. i cant wait for ep13 recaps!!!

  5. Thanks so much, there’s not much information out there regarding this drama, I love the four of them… This is a different type of scenario where all are friends, not one is totally evil of the four leads… Of course, those around them are mean and spice up the story… Again thanks for your recaps…

  6. Yes, I want to thank you for your recaps too! Even though I liked the 4 main actors in the cast, I was halfheartedly following it because I was lost without the translations. After reading your recaps, it’s interesting to see CJ being the one keeping the balance and peace with the others. Had semi-stopped and was going to wait till the series. But now, I’m curious for the next episode, are they still going down with that pair or not. Since we are at the half way mark and it’s on cable, I could only hope they can switch up the game and maybe get to see the initial spark in Sora’s eyes when she’s with her BFF.

  7. Thanks again for the recap!!

    Yeah, I agree with Pebbles, Junsu’s family didn’t make him a warm person, he seems to have trust and jealousy issues. Also, I agree that Chanjin wouldn’t be a good chief at work. And I can’t hate Junsu, I just feel sorry for him while I’d rather see Sora with another guy.

  8. I think I can understand where Junsu is coming from…his insecurities and jealousy is a natural reaction of a person who is lack of parents love. I heard
    from one of the episode that Junsu mom is a cold woman, and Junsu and the chairman is nice to Changjin. Well, for sure the mom knows that he is a son of the chairman probably the girl that the chairman love the most among her mistresses which what the secretary is talking about in one of the episode.

    I love Changjin character too! And i think he is the bestest friend you can wish for! Very understanding & selfless but more than anything, he is like that as he thinks that he is blessed to have Junsu & the Chairman after his mom died. So the care that he gets all this years from Junsu is sure made him a person with a big heart.

    I am sure the turn of event when is Junsu will be at his lowest point if the Chairman pick Changjin to be the Chief. I just hope that Changjin will not turn bad coz I am sure that he can not be the chief. It’s not he is no brainer but he doesn’t have the character of a leader. I am loving the friendship of all 4 of them. Their friendship is really beng tested and hope for a happy ending

    Thanks for the recap & looking for the next episode.

  9. Hey everyone, Thanks for the overall positive feedback! 🙂 It means a lot! 🙂

  10. @Tessieroo. Rolala & sobohomom2:

    Glad I could help out you guys with the recaps! 🙂 I understand how hard it is to wait for subs when you can’t understand whats going on but desperately want to know! I spent more than three years like that before I got enough hand of the language! 😛

    And yeah. Junsu’s turning out to be really different from what the beginning promised! I also want a CJxSR ending because those two are adorably cute together! 😀

  11. Thanks so much for your recaps, they’re great! Junsu is turning out to be such a complete pompous ass–and he’s not adorable enough to get away with it. Changin on the other hand may be too perfect, but he’s completely loveable.

  12. OMG I’m so glad I found your wonderful recaps since I can’t find subs for this series past ep. 9. Thank you!!! I’m totally shipping Chanjin & Sora cause he is just so good to her and the characters also have much better chemistry. I liked Junsu initially but he has issues and has become such a downer. It’s a shame they did that cause Jae Hee is really likable as an actor.

  13. Thank you! ViKi pulled the channel due to licensing agreement issues and I don’t think anyone else is subbing this! I was going crazy watching the raw and not having a clue. LOL!
    I also hope SoRa ends up with Chan Jin. They’re a much better fit. I don’t see anything between her and Joon Soo but feelings of nostalgia. (I also don’t think there is any chemistry between the actors) And the fact that he’s messing with her work is a big no-no in my book.
    But sparks fly all over the place whenever Yoon So Yi and Shim Ji Ho are in a scene together. They’re adorable.
    Thanks again!

  14. Ahhh thank you for your recaps! I was so impatient and watched the episodes without subtitles (&sadly i don’t speak or understand Korean) so I was mostly lost … But you helped me out so much !
    & I’m rEally hoping for chanjin and sora too 🙂

    • Glad I could help with understanding the episodes! I know how nerve wracking it is to wait for subs! 😀 My korean isn’t 100% yet either, and so I hope I can recap the drama well! 🙂

      Ah, I so hope it’s a CJxSR! ^_^ Junsu’s too selfish! I liked him in the beginning, he was nice n seemed loyal especially the way he went after Sora with determination, but then he got too mental within his mind with his assumed betrayals and jealousy!! 😛

      • It’s nerve wracking waiting for subtitles & i can’t help but be impatient but at the same time I remind myself that I should be thankful they sub it in the first place. x) So Thank youu for also recapping/summarizing the episodes 🙂

        Sigh. I saw more chemistry between CJ & SR. 😐 & i barely saw any between Junsu & Sora. I admit that in the beginning i was interested in their relationship but that disappeared … 😐
        Besides, it’s starting to feel like Junsu might end up with Jinju…

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