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Two Weeks Finale Week Revicap


Ah, we reach the end. How satisfying is it to find closure to something! What I find most endearing about the shot above is that it sums everything up – the chase, the struggle for justice is all over for everyone. It’s time to turn the page over and close the last chapter. For all our characters, it means the dawn of something new – for some it means to atone for their sins while for others, it means there’s a new beginning and hope for something better.

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Two Weeks Episode 8 Recap


I like me a bad-ass prosecutor with her wall of evidence! We’ve got a supporter for our hero after all, although he doesn’t realize it yet and the path to them even getting to help each other seems to be riddled with even more complications (Read Seo Hee). What’s best is that she’s not emotional  or blind in her pursuit, but rather smart. But she’s got to be smarter if she wants to best the worst, so to speak.

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Two Weeks Episode 6 Recap


I swear, I didn’t think I could like Tae San any more than I already do or root for him any more vigorously than I do but damn, he’s got a way to get under your skin because his plight is so human and heartening. It’s endearing to see the man who never cared to rise above his trash-like existence now putting all his efforts into being the better person and no longer caring if he lives or dies as long as he gets what he’s struggling for.

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Two Weeks Episode 4 Recap


Seriously, before D-Day comes, I’ll die of the worry for Tae San. How is he going to survive now? Man Seok’s murder will most likely be pinned on him too. I know the truth will eventually come out-and I am so hoping for a trio friendship here-Jae Kyung, him and Seung Woo working together. (I wanna see Seung Woo graduate from his all gangsters are trash belief!) But the problem is the dwindling hope and avenues for Tae San to explore for himself. His one lead is now dead, so what does he do next? There’s still a lot many days left and not many, if any place to hide!

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Two Weeks Episode 3 Recap


The chase is on and everyone-from the good guys to the baddies are hot on the heels of the Tae San. Unfortunately, he’s a man on the run with no plan and no means and even being fast on his feet will not be enough in the end unless he comes up with a better solution to his dilemma. As it is, running can only take you so far, buddy, when there’s a dogged cop and hot blooded prosecutor out for revenge, on your tail!

P.S. Forgive the bad quality of screencaps-the episode hasn’t downloaded and I had to get them online.

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Two Weeks Episode 2 Recap


There’s no doubt about it-this series is dark, addicting and it’s got villains that are pure evil and frighten you with their two faced nature. They’re not as heartless or creepy as Heartless City’s Chairman Jo and his son but damn if these guys don’t make you shiver the minute you see their true nature seep in. Mi Sook probably never truly realized she opened a pandora’s box when she decided to delve into Jae Kyung’s world and it cost her her life. And the storm her death swept in has already consumed Tae San’s freedom and if he doesn’t run fast enough, it will claim his life. Lucky for us, our anti-hero wishes to redeem himself for his ‘trashy’ existence and so far, that anchor is enough to keep him running and surviving!

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Two Weeks Episode 1 Recap


If anything, the opening scene was so pretty to look at and so beautifully done that I was sold! The ambiance of the drama is definitely melo, but what works for this episode more than anything was that everything seemed to be just perfect-the back story, the intro for every character, the setup for the whole two weeks to follow. And as usual, Junki is just so pretty to watch although right now, I’m torn between the two men! Enjoy the recap!

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