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Two Weeks Episode 10 Recap


What’s most endearing about this story is the way you end up rooting for so many characters simultaneously! I like the arc Tae San is taking and yes, he deserves a happy end perhaps even with In Hye, but I also love Seung Woo’s devotion and love for In Hye and Soo Jin so I’d hate to see them break apart! On the other hand, Seung Woo and Jae Kyung seem like a perfect match with their clashing personalities! Seriously, how’s a girl to decide which knight to root for?

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Two Weeks Episode 7 Recap


Another amazing ending because we finally get to see a face off between the good guys and the baddies and it is so worth it! I don’t read the previews usually-unless they’re with the episode but caught the written preview for this one this morning and had been wondering what would happen until I actually saw the episode and despite knowing what was to happen-the thrill of the moment was so.good!

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