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Gaksital OST

Finally finally finally the part I’ve been waiting for most in the OST (Track 4) is out! Thanks again for the links, Sara! I’ll try n put up download links soon! Enjoy listening! πŸ˜‰


Track 1: Goodbye Day

Track 2: I couldn’t

Track 3: When the sun sets

Track 4: Judgement Day

Track 5: You in my Arms

Goodbye Day – Jun Sung Ahn Violin Cover


Hello again folks! Sara just shared a link that I had to share with all of you! It’s a Violin cover of μšΈλž„λΌμ„Έμ…˜ [Ulala Session’s] Goodbye Day by Jun Sung Ahn and is simply B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ !!! Listen to it and fall in love with the music and the series all over again!

Here’s the original song as well!

Series Review – Color of Woman Episode 1-10

Song title: Maybe I love you

Song title: What should I do?


Nowadays, Korean cable channel is turning out some really nice dramas and one of them has recently caught my interest! Even though I didn’t really pay much attention to it when I first saw the promos and posters, but after 1 episode, I was hooked! Having romance at its sweetest and most innocent; and one of the best second leads ever happens to help a lot!

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Color Of Woman OST Lyrics & Translations

Credits: Asian Drama

Color of Woman OST Part 1

Track 1 : What Should I do?


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Download Color of A Woman OST

Drama Title: Color of Woman
Korean Title: 컬러 였브 우먼
Romanization Pronunciation: Keol-leo O-beu Woo-meon
Also Known As: Color of Women
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: To be Announced (Rumored 24)
Broadcast network: Channel A
Broadcast period: 5 December 2011 onwards
Language: Korean
Air time: Monday and Tuesday 9:20 PM (8:50 PM for Episode 7 onwards)

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Song of the Week – “Insa”

It’s one of my favorite tracks from a long long time ago. Its for the movie “A millionaire’s first love” which was the first k-movie I saw and the song is captivating, truly amazing! Listen to it and find out for yourself! πŸ™‚

Here’s the song with English subs:



Here’s another MV of it from the end of the movie credits. πŸ™‚


Song of the Week – I Love Him By Ding Dang

Song of the Week today is “I Love Him” by Ding Dang for the taiwanese drama Autumn Concerto!


Listen to it and enjoy it! It’s truly an awesome song! ^_^




City Hunter OST Download

Who doesn’t remember the awesomeness of City Hunter Yoon Sung, his arch rival and then later ally and friend Prosecutor Young Joo; Kim Nana, the love of his life and the woman who stood by him and last but not least Ahjusshi, the man who acted as both parent and mentor. If there ever was a drama that tackled revenge in an epic manner, City Hunter was it.

Another favorite of mine is Story ofΒ  a Man but both dramas are in different leagues altogether. While Story of a Man focused on a brothers revenge on the person that ruined him, City Hunter not only focuses on the revenge of a man (Jin Pyo) for his best friend but also, the revenge of a son (Yoon Sung) for his father. The story doesn’t stop here.The best part was the focus on the father son relationship between Jin Pyo and Yoon Sung. However evil Daddy Jin Pyo was, he won my heart in the last episode. He truly was a father to Yoon Sung!

Okay, enough reminiscing! :] Maybe I’ll go into it in detail in another post later on!

Considering the wonderful soundtrack it had, no wonder everyone’s been going crazy now that the final batch of the City hunter OST is out! Check it out!

My favorites are Track 2 and Track 9! Black Warrior Indeed! πŸ˜‰

Track 1-12 are up for download here!


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