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Drama Recommendations – Main Haari Piya [I lost, Beloved] (Urdu Ongoing Drama Series)


Yup, you read it right. The series is ‘Main Haari Piya’- which literally translates as ‘I lost, beloved.’ This is currently one of the series that is constantly on my radar and I’ve done my best to stay updated on it-catching episodes as least once or twice a week. It runs Monday-Friday for half an hour and so far, has completed 69 episodes. The end, as I can feel, is quite near since many of the setups are already tying up nicely.

The story revolves around three different families but the main characters are three sisters-Nighat, Parisa and Taaliya. They have a brother and an old father, who is quite confident about his upbringing of his children and takes pride in them. The second family is their aunt, her son-Salman and daughter. The third family is from a rich background- Zawal and his parents. Zawal’s cousins-Aiza and Saadi are much source of the antagonism throughout the series.

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