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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 7 Recap

Sorry for the late recap folks but things just got lazy for me cause I didn’t get time to do this over the weekend and after that, it just somehow dragged on! Anyway, here’s episode 7’s recap. Hopefully, Episode 9’ll be up soon too (Think: hopefully tomorrow!). Episode 8 might not be up soon though or for some time yet but I’ll update once something is worked out! Till then, enjoy the recap!

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Arang and the Magistrate Epiosde 5 Recap

Arang Episode 6 Recap is up at Kap’s! enjoy the recap! here!

Eun Oh’s past opens up more to us and we get glimpses of his mother, which veer from one extreme to another and Arang comes face to face with what seems to be a replica of her past. Yet this time around, her deal with Jades saves her and makes one wonder what else is going on behind the young and cheeky guy’s obvious tactics. Joo Wal’s mystery opens up and we glimpse a lonely, inferiority ridden soul that’s desperate for more. Not to mention, there’s more evil around! *shudders* Onto the recap!

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