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Ma Boy Episode 2 Recap

So Ai Rin’s a boy and Gu Rim knows the secret and inadvertently becomes entangled in trying to keep it that way… only, she’s awfully dreadful at it, hehe! Hyun Woo starts to feel that Gu Rim is probably not just another nosy girl as he’d first thought and Tae Jun wakes up from his Ai Rin crush long enough to see the girl behind Gu Rim’s face. All in all, I say, just bring it on! It’s all fluff and fun but it’s a treat to watch! I lament that this is just a three episode drama and because of that, everything is moving so fast so while you see the logic and the fun in all the happenings and hijinks, you don’t truly feel it. Maybe soon, very very soon, we’ll get an extended version in a new drama! *praying*

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