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Drama Recommendations – Main Haari Piya [I lost, Beloved] (Urdu Ongoing Drama Series)


Yup, you read it right. The series is ‘Main Haari Piya’- which literally translates as ‘I lost, beloved.’ This is currently one of the series that is constantly on my radar and I’ve done my best to stay updated on it-catching episodes as least once or twice a week. It runs Monday-Friday for half an hour and so far, has completed 69 episodes. The end, as I can feel, is quite near since many of the setups are already tying up nicely.

The story revolves around three different families but the main characters are three sisters-Nighat, Parisa and Taaliya. They have a brother and an old father, who is quite confident about his upbringing of his children and takes pride in them. The second family is their aunt, her son-Salman and daughter. The third family is from a rich background- Zawal and his parents. Zawal’s cousins-Aiza and Saadi are much source of the antagonism throughout the series.

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Gaksital OST

Finally finally finally the part I’ve been waiting for most in the OST (Track 4) is out! Thanks again for the links, Sara! I’ll try n put up download links soon! Enjoy listening! 😉


Track 1: Goodbye Day

Track 2: I couldn’t

Track 3: When the sun sets

Track 4: Judgement Day

Track 5: You in my Arms

Goodbye Day – Jun Sung Ahn Violin Cover


Hello again folks! Sara just shared a link that I had to share with all of you! It’s a Violin cover of 울랄라세션 [Ulala Session’s] Goodbye Day by Jun Sung Ahn and is simply B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. ♥ ♥ ♥ !!! Listen to it and fall in love with the music and the series all over again!

Here’s the original song as well!

Dream High 2 – Official Poster


Though one of the teaser posters  and the trailer was already featured in yesterday’s post here, here’s another of Dream high’s official poster which features quite an interesting dynamic!


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Color Of Woman OST Lyrics & Translations

Credits: Asian Drama

Color of Woman OST Part 1

Track 1 : What Should I do?


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Song of the Week – Pisces by Lee Ahn

Now here’s an amazing song “Pisces” by Lee Ahn. Until a few days ago when I hadn’t found the lyrics I could only understand bits and pieces of it, but love it even more now! The movie it was featured on wasn’t so impressive but this is definitely a must listen to song! 🙂


Here’s the song on youtube and the MV has scenes from the movie “He was cool”



My favorite lyric is 3:25 – 3:33. Listen and you’ll love it too!


There’s another MV of it with lyrics and translations. All credits to the respective site owner and translator! Watch it here. Do click and watch!

Enjoy! ^_^


Song of the Week – Midhuyo [I Believe]

The song highlighted this week is DBSK’s “Midhuyo” [I Believe]. DBSK and Super Junior are my favorite KPop bands, with 4Men a close one too! (I haven’t heard much others) Man, I love Junsu’s voice! X_X And the rest are just as amazing! A wonderful song. The romanized lyrics are given below!





Romanized Lyrics:


[Micky]Girl, Let me prove that my love is real
I’ll give all my love to you, Please Trust me

[Xiah] Midoyo chonnune banhandanun marur midoyo
Gudaeyegen anirago marhaejiman
Narur gyongsorhage baraburggabwa gamchwowassur bbunijyo
[Max] Sashir nan gutaerur choum bwaton gu sunganbutho
Onjongir gutae saenggake sarassojyo
Achime nunddugo jamdur ddaeggaji han saenggakbbuniojyo

*[All] I believe in you gutaer barabonun i shison gadur
Naega gago inun gutaer hyanghan maum modu dama bonaeri
Nomu swibge durgigo shipji anhun nae maum argo inayo
Gutae narur hurjjok ttonaborir goman gathun turyourggaji

[Hero] Gudae

[Micky] Sarangun gasumi meir tuthan solleimchorom gurohge sum makhinun guriumchorom
[U Know] Hangsang byonhamobnun shisonur jwoyo onjena shigumchorom

[Xiah] Jogumman naega maumur nohur su issur mangumman
Gidaerur barabon su issur mangumman
Naui gaggaiye momurundamyon hanobshi gibbugejyo


[Xiah] gudae

[Hero] irohge gutae gyothe inun damyon
gyorgoken amugodo morundamyon ormana naega gutaen saranghaenunji

Mood Today

Mood of the day:

Pretending not to care… but actually wanting to cry… 😥

Some events are always there to haunt you at one end or the other, making it impossible to pretend somethings never happened, not when they weigh hard on your consciousness. And sometimes the people around you are such that they do not make it easier either…

Song of the Day:

Lambi Judai by Reshma

The lyrics are about lovers who have been separated and the girl is singing the song telling her lover she could never possibly live without him in this separation, even if it were just a matter of days.

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