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Arang and the Magistrate Epiosde 5 Recap

Arang Episode 6 Recap is up at Kap’s! enjoy the recap! here!

Eun Oh’s past opens up more to us and we get glimpses of his mother, which veer from one extreme to another and Arang comes face to face with what seems to be a replica of her past. Yet this time around, her deal with Jades saves her and makes one wonder what else is going on behind the young and cheeky guy’s obvious tactics. Joo Wal’s mystery opens up and we glimpse a lonely, inferiority ridden soul that’s desperate for more. Not to mention, thereโ€™s more evil around! *shudders* Onto the recap!

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Recap Schedule for Arang

Alright people! Arang will be recapped as a collaboration between me and Kaptain from A Virtual Voyage. Each recap will be posted at the respective site but links will be posted on the other site to guide towards the recap. I will recap episode 1 and Kaptain will do Episode 2 and so on it will go the same, me with odd episodes, her with even ones! Cheer us on and hope you guys enjoy Arang with us!

Here’s Kap dropping by to say Hello to everyone! Please give her a warm welcome and many thanks for the recaps that are to come because I can assure you, you’ll enjoy them! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hello Akiko’s Morning Coffee drinkers!

Most might not know me, but I’m the krappy Kap A of another ship (We detest being compared to the Tragic T). We travel around the world without sweating a drop. Occasionally – okay, more than often – blood drips. Yes, I’m baiting risk-takers! Jokes aside, I hope this collaboration with dear Mari is going to be a thrilling ride and discussion-driven. Aye!

See you soon with the recaps for Arang! Till then, Ja Ne! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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