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Korean Lesson 002

Alright, here’s lesson number 2. Today, we’ll go through some more words, their usage, sounds and tenses and also the lyrics of some of the songs I uploaded last time and make a connection between words and putting them in sentences. Remember the words and start memorizing the sentences and the way the words are used. All the best! 🙂 Or as the Koreans would say, Yolshimhae (Do your best!) 😉



Hal(kae):  To do (It shows the person’s intention to do or shows he has done. Example: )

Opso: Nothing (Something is absent, you refer to it as opso when you mean it is not there. Example: Da Khalte ga opso [I have nowhere to go: Dissect the sentence and see the grammarDa: Me Khalte ga:Place to go Opso: Absent/Nothing/Is not] or Khrungo Opso [It is not like that: Dissect the sentence and see the grammarKhrungo: Like that Opso: Absent/Nothing/Is not])

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Korean Lesson 001


Here’s Korean letters, their writing and pronunciation. I won’t focus on this much as most of you might already know it, or even if you don’t, you’ll gradually pick it up one by one, it’s not something major needed in the beginning. We’ll also go into them in detail later when we start learning to read. For now, we’ll focus on learning the vocabulary and sounds.

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