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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 20 Preview

Text Preview:

새로이 부임한 종로경찰서장 무라야마는 이강토를 해고해버리고,
강토가 경찰서 밖으로 쫓겨나자 슌지는 내심 홀가분해진다.

그런 슌지에게 강토의 어머니를 죽인 자가 바로 형 켄지였다고 말하는 고이소!
충격을 받은 슌지가 다급히 강토를 찾아보지만,
경찰서에서 쫓겨난 강토는 행방이 묘연하고……
슌지는 강토가 형을 죽인 각시탈일지도 모른다는 생각을 하게 되는데..

한편, 관동군 사령부로부터 협조요청을 받은 와다 총독은
경찰간부들과의 회의석상에서 황군의 병력손실을 막기 위해
암암리에 위안부를 모집할 것을 지시하는데….


Newly appointed Murayama fires Kang To and Shunji feels much better after chasing Kang To out of the station.

Koiso tells Shunji that the person who killed Kang To’s mother was his brother Kenji! Shocked, Kenji searches for Kang To but he seemed to have vanished since being chased out from the station… Shunji starts thinking that Kang To might just be the Gaksital who killed his brother.

Governor Wada receives a request for cooperation from the Kwantung Army and to prevent the number of forces from slipping at the next meeting with the police force, he secretly arranges for comfort women to be gathered

Video Preview:

Kang To is charming Rie under Kachiyama’s watch while Taro tells Ueno that Kang To is the guy who might be Gaksital. Rie is present during this exchange. Shunji conveys the same to Rie-that a new truth has been revealed which means that Kang To could be Gaksital. Rie: “A new truth?”

Rie is at a restaurant and drugs Kang To’s drink. As he drinks, Kang To tells her, “Even now, I will save you again.Drama, I would so love it if you make Kang To’s words come true- that he would save her again from Ueno and from herself! A crying Rie whispers, “That obvious lie, why do I want to believe it so much?” He passes out and she sees his arm wound, drawing back in stunned realization.

The circus folk meet two new people who show them an article about going to China-to a better future.

Kang To is driving Shunji somewhere and thinks to himself, “Shunji, did you even find out that your hyung killed my mom? Fine, let’s see this through.”

In the woods, Shunji meets with Mok Dan and hugs her in front of Kang To. His words are seemingly for Mok Dan, but he’s looking at Kang To and means them for him. “Is there anything you are hiding from me? If there is anything, I will find out what it is.” Kang To and Mok Dan silently hold hands.

Enjoy the preview folks, just a few hours to the episode! 😉

Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 7 Recap

Kang To’s world crashed down in the last episode and although he gets his revenge, it still leaves him in the middle of nowhere since he’s lost the one source of comfort and joy he had. He fights his own inner demons while the world tries to make sense of Gaksital and wonder if he is alive or not. Kang To gets a little glimpse of Gaksital-who, what, why and how, but cannot find the answers that satisfy him just yet. It’s the beginning of a new journey, plagued by guilt and remorse and he faces the fact that he is now truly left alone. Every episode gets better and better for Gaksital and you are left bleeding your heart out for more!

Episode 7 Recap:

Kang To sits by his brother’s grave after the funeral, staring at the mask. Crying, he turns to his brother’s grave and remembers the time his brother had saved him and the moment when he had shot him. It’s heartbreaking as he cries-how could hyung let his own brother kill him? He should have said something, should have done something. “How am I going to live now? How CAN I live now?” Turning back to the mask with hatred in his eyes, Kang To addresses hyung, “What is this? Was it that important? More than our family? Who appreciates it? Who appreciates it if HYUNG did THAT?” Baek Gun stands at a distance, tearing up at Kang To’s sorrow.

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