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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 28 [Final] Recap

And here it is. Time to say Goodbye to Gaksital! I don’t wanna! I can’t believe we’ve crossed 28 episodes so fast. The ratings once again passed it’s precedent to end at 22.9 and as always, the episode was packed with all the right elements. It’s like an end that symbolizes another beginning and in the life of Lee Kang To and Gaksital, it was truly befitting! I love the shot above-it depicts the essence of Kang To’s life so well!

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 27 Recap

Gaksital has come to avenge his personal vendetta against Kimura Taro and to help the cause of his comrades as well. Shunji finally faces Kang To once more but as always, their past and their feelings are too much for wither to ignore and neither of the two can truly bring themselves to deliver the final blow. In many aspects, Shunji is the hero of this episode as he surprises and stuns you when you thought that day might never come. He still may not be redeemable, but he’s not too far gone either! One wonders if this really is the happy ending for our long suffering hero or is this just the calm before the actual storm? Is there really no way for a freedom fighter to find happiness along with a cause? Must Kang To and Dan lose their everything-and each other for the sake of their cause?

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 27 Preview

Well, for all those who are holding out hope for a Shunji redemption will be receiving another shock in this episode. Still, can’t say how things might end. Who knows, he really may get a last moment redemption-not in the sense of complete turnover, but maybe in the sense that he’ll at least not kill his best friend. Yet, who knows?

Text Preview:

기무라 타로를 일격에 쓰러트린 각시탈!
순간 뛰어 들어온 슌지의 눈에 피를 흘리며 쓰러진 아비의 모습이 보이고……
원한에 사무쳐 한 치도 물러설 수 없는 두 맹수의 치열한 싸움이 이어지는데…….

한편, 동진의 요새에서는
만세무장봉기를 성공적으로 이끌기 위한 계획들이 진행되고,
각시탈은 병사들을 확보하기 위해 징집된 학병들을 구출하기로 하는데…….

각시탈을 놓친 후, 동진의 아지트를 알아내기 위해 혈안이던 슌지는
각시탈이 동진결사대와 함께 경성시내에서 펼쳐질 학병환송식을 공격해서
학병들을 구출하기로 했다는 정보를 입수하는데……


Gaksital strikes down Kimura Taro.

Rushing in at that moment, Shunji sees his father’s bleeding and lying unconscious/dead…

Unable to control his burning rage, both engage in fierce fighting…

In Dong Jin’s camp,they begin to plan the manseh movement.

To ensure strength of the fighters, Gaksital decides to rescue the students who were to be drafted…

After losing Gaksital, Shunji is dead set on finding Dong Jin’s hideout
Because Gaksital and Dong Jin attacked the sending-off of the student soldiers
So they can obtain information by rescuing the students (not too sure what this part means although it does translate as that, roughly…)
P.S. Let me know if I’ve made any mistakes and I’ll correct it! 🙂

Video Preview:

Kang To mutters, “From now on what will happen to Shunji?” as in flashback, he is shown  running from the Kimura residence, Shunji hot on his heels and them both fighting. Mok Dan calls him “Young Master!” as in the fight, Kang To throws down his Gaksital weapons and takes off his mask. In voiceover, he says, “One day, Shunji and I will have no choice but to fight!

Dong Jin and comrades discuss their plan and he says, “All we have to do now is to gather our troops and the Mansei movement will be all set to move into action.” Shunji whispers something to Koiso n there’s too much music in between so I can’t understand it. As Shunji stares out his office window, he mutters, “Alright, Lee Kang To… Let’s take this to the end!” Koiso brings two students to meet him-the students who are to be drafted for the army!

Dong Jin tells his comrades, “We must succeed!” and they hold hands together. In conference with the governor general, Wada is briefed by Yoshio, “Kimura Shunji is presently going after the Dong Jin’s death troops. This time we can be sure.” Wada excitedly asks, “Really?

Shunji loads his gun defiantly, ready for a kill and in announcement to his officers, “This time, when we move out to the tiger’s den, make sure to catch Yang Baek, Dong Jin and Oh Mok Dan. But, I will kill Lee Kang To!”

Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 26 Recap

With just two episodes left, Gaksital is delving into every character and conflict so well. For once, our hero is saved from the clutches of the enemy rather than having him save others. But the relief of knowing her Young Master is alright is soon downed for Dan when tragedy hits, too close to home. As always, losing a loved one gives you grief but more than that, it leads Dan to question her strong belief in giving all for the cause… And this series does what it does best-it shows you reality, and gives you answers…

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Gaksital Behind the Scenes – III [Videos & Pictures]

So, everyone’s waiting with baited breath for the new episode, ne? Things can go many ways and most of them are not good scenarios! Blame it all on Dan! If she’d never been so kind hearted and nice to Shunji in the beginning, he’d never have fallen for her and not gone so crazy to hunt down and kill her ‘Young Master’, ne?! hehe! Now that the previews out and we know for sure Shunji is looking for Kang To’s blood, there’s nothing to stop him. So till Wednesday, let’s stop speculating and just go with the flow! 😉

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 23 Preview

So, Shunji lets Gaksital go but it’s only part of the larger plan… Sigh, why you no go to redemption Shunji? Anyways, looks like Kang To finally gets the idea of setting up decoys and although it’s not as effective as it would’ve been before, when Shunji didn’t know his identity, but even now it has the effectiveness of putting Shunji off and making him doubt his own theories. Of course, Shunji will still know Kang To is Gaksital but then the question in his mind now should be, how many Gaksital’s are there out there? 😛

(Will Post text preview later-It’s Eid here, got loads of other stuff to do first! ;))


Kang To wakes up in a hospital, being nursed by Dan and wonders how he got here. Dan asks him, “Doesn’t Lala know you are Gaksital?” Shunji, meanwhile, receives a beating from Yoshio and wields a gun at Tomoe/Tamao, shouting, “What? Friend? Am I a Joseon?”

Watching Kang To return to the Police Station, Shunji mutters, “You will definitely appear again… how should I deal with you? (how should I catch you?)” He shows Kang To a chart, linking Yang Baek, Damsari and Gaksital in a triangle. In the middle is Oh Mok Dan’s name and Shunji addresses Kang To, “Kang To ya, you didn’t know?” He confronts Dan about something and in voice-over, says, “Gaksital… Why? You don’t like it? (This is probably also said to Kang To)

Dong Jin and Baek Yang meet where Dong Jin bows to Yang Baek. Yang Baek shares his idea (no idea what was said :P) but it alarms Jo. At that meeting, Kang To says, “I have a good idea”. Next, Koiso is shown bursting into Shunji’s office to tell him Gaksital has struck again. Shunji exits his office, looks around and comes face to face with Kang To, there in his police uniform, carrying cleaning equipment. That leaves him stumped-if Kang To is here, who is the Gaksital currently attacking? Kang To is shown at the meeting again as he smirks.

(If i’ve missed anything or made any mistakes, please let me know and I shall add/edit it!)

Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 22 Recap

The above is a scene I totally loved from this episode because it is such a poignant moment where Kang To faces his loss once more and t is as fresh and as hurting as before but here, he shares it with the freedom fighting comrades and its like in this moment, he takes their outstretched hand and they offer him support without question and without hesitation. After Damsari accepted him and the others gave his life for him because of him as Gaksital, this is the moment where he is Lee Kang To and seen and accepted for that by everyone else as well!

I’ll put in screencaps later since I saw the episode online and couldn’t get screencaps so they’ll be up maybe tomorrow, maybe over the weekend but till then, enjoy the recap! 😉 See you tomorrow hopefully with Arang Episode 1’s Recap!

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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 22 Preview

Episode 21 Recap is done but without screencaps and comments so it’ll be up tomorrow! As soon as I’m done with it, I’ll work on Arang!

There’s no text preview out yet and only the video preview as shown at the end of the episode. Here goes the translation!

Shunji corners Rie and asks her, “Ueno Rie, this is the last time I am asking you. Lee Kang To is Gaksital, isn’t he?” She defers and doesn’t answer, trying to get away and Shunji shouts at her, “How did you confirm it?” Kang To and Baek Gun sit together and Kang To tells the other man, “There is no way to find teacher Dong Jin!” That’s the guy mentioned in the pamphlets, I think! Shunji spies Kang To looking through records and whispers, “Lee Kang To… Dong Jin? The Dong Jin who wants to meet Yang Baek?

Tomoe walks in on Madam Tasha and the husband sitting together- the husband from the new couple introduced today in episode 21. He seems drunk as he confronts the guy, “Who are you? What is the relationship between you two?” Awww, does someone have a crush on Tasha? The guy easily knocks Tomoe out with a single well placed hit.

Kang To faces someone and asks, “What did you say?” and mutters something about Dong Jin. Kang To and Dan sit together, holding hands and she promises to find out something while Kang To wonders it might be dangerous.

Dan and Sun Hwa head somewhere when Gye Soon follows them and Dan picks up on their trail, realizing Gye Soon is spying on them for Shunji. She tells Gye Soon to sober up-does she think Shunji is a good person? “Why don’t you realize that you will get in trouble too?” Gye Soon walks away begrudginlgy but her expression shows she is bothered by Dan’s words and the possible truth in them.

Meanwhile, Shunji goes to see Chairman Ueno. Ueno asks what he needs his help in.

Shunji: “Is it okay if I kill your daughter?” He is shown drinking in Angel Club and then going somewhere as the narration of what he says to Ueno continues, “I will need your help for that! For this, I will put my life on the line!


Less than 24 hours to go now and we’ll be seeing the episode! Seriously, I can’t wait because this preview has promised me everything I have been wishing for and a whole lot more on Dan, Rie and Kang To! I’ll comment more on it along with my comments for the episode 21 in Episode 21’s recap post which will be posted tomorrow so keep watch to check them out!

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