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I Do I Do Episode 3 Recap

Sorry for the delay in the recaps but I was too busy with other work and things to do here and there that I couldn’t get down to the episodes and watch them. I finally got to it now hope you guys enjoy it! Oh, n may I say, I just adore Kim Sun Ah in this role somehow, even though I’ve not been a huge fan of hers!

Episode 3  Recap:

So Tae Kang has won the competition that Ji An’s company held (How awesome that she’s the one who backed his shoe not knowing it was his, hehe) and she freaks out even more when she hears he is applying for work at the company as well. She confronts him and demands he withdraw his application-he’s got no qualifications anyway but he pays her little heed as he counters-even if he doesn’t have the experience and is so lacking, he’s the only one who’ll be shamed so what’s it to her?

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