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Heartless City Fanfic by Lyse

 Hello folks with the first ever guest post (kind of guest post, hehe) at Akiko’s by Lyse. It’s a fanfic she wrote for Heartless City so it’ll definitely appeal to those who’ve followed the drama with us! Enjoy and do be sure to give Lyse your feedback because it will be most appreciated! 
So, a couple of days ago, I wrote that the ending of Heartless City had driven me to write fanfic. After making that claim, naturally I had to attempt, and below is the link to my first attempt. I’m rather nervous about how it will be received, so any feedback would be more than welcome! It’s just an excerpt for now, but I do have 12 pages written, it’s just missing the beginning which I feel you need to be able to understand the story.

Heartless City Comments

Without doubt this series, like any other, has had its fair share of shortcomings. For a writer who’s reputedly spent four years on the script, I’m surprised this didn’t pop up for him then. Although, to be fair, things on paper and on reel vary for many a reasons and sometimes, despite the writer’s best intentions, the story may fall short. And here, we enjoy an amazing ride that goes uphill until suddenly it just plummets down, and never gets back up.

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Heartless City Episode 15 Recap


This episode kind of leaves a little to be desired-not that it’s lacking, but things don’t really move forward in a very compelling manner. From the beginning, Heartless City has delivered episode after episode with twist after twist that spins the story so that we’re left biting our nails in anticipation and nervousness. Today’s episode didn’t manage to deliver that well overall, but the end was another point where you’re forced to sit back up, tense your nerves and ask yourself-what now?

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Heartless City Episode 14 Recap


I ride into every episode thinking, Can this get any better? and every time, the show blows me over. Things take worse than a bad turn for our hero in this episode. I said it once before, if Hong Ki betrayed Park Sa, it would be too much for Park Sa to take and his world will literally crash down on him, like dominoes. Now that it’s happening, there’s no way to stop it. And when he cries, your heart bleeds right there with his!

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Heartless City Episode 12 Recap


Another episode, and this one’s left me in even more knots than last week’s cliffhanger! The game’s stepped up, players like Safari find themselves back in the play but Park Sa has even more enemies to fight off than before. Can the poor guy never catch a break? At least for a little romance? Needless to say though, he’s as awesome in action as a baddie in a suit can be! As an actor, Kyung Ho has mastered this role because you see the little details and emotional responses in his expressions so that even a brooding baddie is just as heartening, and as frightening as any other.

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Heartless City Episode 12 Preview


Yes, even I’m surprised. Somehow, I am on a roll today, even though I’ve had a loooooonnnnngggg day and have another early morning ahead tomorrow! But let’s take it as it comes, and for now, I’ve also ended up doing the preview for you guys! Yes, I’m definitely going to sleep right after I post this (past 2 am here) so will get back to all comments tomorrow! My favorite moment in it is the very end-Park Sa’s words and his expressions! Enjoy the preview and count the hours to tomorrow’s (technically today for me) episode!!

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Heartless City Episode 11 Recap


Another week and here we are with Episode 11 which gives us so much more to think and mull over. And I hate to say this, but I’m still conflicted over Hong Ki’s character-who is he and what is his agenda? Having him be Busan, or on Busan’s side is making things too easy and if there’s anything this drama has taught us, it’s that there’s nothing easy or as it appears in this world. I have a nagging suspicion about Hong Ki, which puts him in the category of somewhat good guys in my perspective, but then again, a guy who is using the wrong means to achieve something right, is that really a good guy? Ahhh, so many questions!

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Comments – Heartless City Episode 10


Hello again guys! Finally I’m back with the comments! Once again, man, this show is just pure awesome! Sure, it lacks a bit in places and there’s some things you just have to take on faith at times, but what this show does best is to make you forget those little moments of errors because it has got so much better going on that you just can’t look away from the awesomeness! 😀

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