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Chapter 5 – Vanity || Endless Night

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel


Chapter Five – Vanity

By the time Soo-min had re-run the course of events at Vanity through her mind for the umpteenth time, she found herself caught in a fury so intense that she was forced to take deep breaths to prevent herself from hurling something at the walls. With each cycle, the potential explanations as to why Kim Hyun-soo was at Vanity multiplied, each distinctly less appealing than the last.

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Chapter 2 – Fever Dream [Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel]

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Chapter 2 – Fever Dream

Dreams in the dusk,

Only dreams closing the day

And with the day’s close going back

To the gray things, the dark things,

The far, deep things of dreamland.


Dreams, only dreams in the dusk,

Only the old remembered pictures

Of lost days when the day’s loss

Wrote in tears the heart’s loss.


Tears and loss and broken dreams

May find your heart at dusk.

Carl Sandburg, Dreams in the Dusk

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Heartless City Fanfic by Lyse

 Hello folks with the first ever guest post (kind of guest post, hehe) at Akiko’s by Lyse. It’s a fanfic she wrote for Heartless City so it’ll definitely appeal to those who’ve followed the drama with us! Enjoy and do be sure to give Lyse your feedback because it will be most appreciated! 
So, a couple of days ago, I wrote that the ending of Heartless City had driven me to write fanfic. After making that claim, naturally I had to attempt, and below is the link to my first attempt. I’m rather nervous about how it will be received, so any feedback would be more than welcome! It’s just an excerpt for now, but I do have 12 pages written, it’s just missing the beginning which I feel you need to be able to understand the story.
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