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Heartless City Episode 5 Recap


I love the way this show is taking the slow route in revealing everything to us bit by bit. It’s a great way to keep us sated, and yet curious for more! Today we get more of Park Sa’s past and the plot moves a step forward in upping the game throughout the episode. The real moment where stakes fly, and totally unexpectedly is at the very end when two enemies who shouldn’t really be enemies-Park Sa and Hyung Min, almost come face to face! Enough suspense? Move onto the recap and sate your curiosity!

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Heartless City Episode 4 Recap


And I thought Episode 3 was intense and had revelations-whoa, this is taking things to a whole new arena and putting even more people into the power play! Finally we have the true answer to who Park Sa is, and it is one you would have least expected! It makes you both hopeful, and fearful for him and his future!

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Heartless City Episode 3 Recap


Whoa! This story just hit the roof and in such an exciting way! I knew Park Sa and Kyung Mi would know each other from before, but damn if watching it wasn’t a surprise! Park Sa’s face-there’s such an interplay of emotions that for a moment, you simply forget that man is the fearsome Park Sa who just beat up a woman and so many men without breaking a sweat! Needless to say, this drama is bringing out surprises one after the other! And finally, Park Sa and Soo Min come face to face and it brings a slight smile to our baddie’s face-for the slightest moment! *squealing in glee over what’s to come*

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Heartless City Episode 2 Recap


This episode takes things up another notch and raises the stakes by changing the game completely. What was a victory takes a downturn and a major setback, but our resident baddie Park Sa isn’t one to be deterred or taken down by such an attack. Gotta love the confidence on this guy! Moreover, we get to see more of him and understand his ambition just a bit more. In just one scene, you see the man both being loyal and cruel. And Hyung Min is another puzzle for whom many pieces start falling in place one by one so that even if you do not agree to his ideology, do not want to accept it, you can see the logic and the mind behind it and hence cannot bring yourself to totally hate or ostracize him for it. Except, it makes him one step closer to the point of losing control and turning down the wrong road. And for a man who stands for justice, this is a dangerous bet. Can’t wait to see what Heartless City unravels hereon!

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