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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 6 Recap

Heartbreak x Infinity! Kang To faces loss in unbelievable proportions and finally dons white, except, there is still a long way for him to go before he understands the true meaning of the white clothes his brother died for and the mask he adorned. A journey is one step at a time and Uri Kang To takes that first step. So satisfying to see him wear that mask and fight just the way his brother did! Gaksital lives!

Episode 6 Recap:

So Kenji confronts Kang San about being Gaksital-as per his calculations and nothing more, threatening to kill Mom. When Kang San moves to come forward, mom holds him back, looking him in the eye and tells him, “Don’t be afraid. You are the eldest son of this Lee family. Your mother is so proud of you.” He shakes his head at her almost imperceptibly but mom shakes her head back. She doesn’t want him to reveal himself. And so he stands there, tears trickling down his cheeks, rooted to the spot, his face expressionless but his eyes shouting out with helplessness and guilt.

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