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Bridal Mask Episode 13 Preview

The preview is out for Episode 13 and man, I’m having a heart-attack watching Gaksital go against all those people alone! Gosh, I know he’ll survive but…!! Mad Shunji and Takayama are there! And the elder Kimura’s just firing away! This is bad, very bad! 😐

Preview Summary:
Dan calls him Young Master and says she’ll pray that they definitely meet again and when they do, she wants to see his face. Kang To says he can’t stop her yet. “Just stay alive, whatever you do, wherever you are, I’ll definitely find you. I’ll find you and always protect you!” Awww, a mirror of his promise to her before! This time, he’ll definitely keep it, ne?! right?! ^_^ *fingers crossed* Watch the preview below:

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