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Gaksital aka Bridal Mask Episode 18 Preview

*Whistles* Yup, Romance is in the air people! Wooohoooo! Here’s the written and video preview for Gaksital episode 18! Again, there’ll be just one episode this week but it seems that episode will make us go even crazier, if the written preview is to be followed! Gosh, I so want it to be Wednesday like, NOW!

호텔에 있어야 할 목단이 사라진 걸 알게 된 슌지는
금화정에서 홍주에 의해 죽임을 당할 뻔 한 목단을
각시탈이 구출해 달아난 사실을 알게 되고……
다음날 아침, 강토가 종로서에 나타나지 않자 강한 의구심에 사로잡히는데…..
한편, 담사리의 공개처형장에 반드시 각시탈이 나타나리라는 확신에 사로잡힌
슌지는 마침내 담사리를 구출하러온 각시탈을 향해 총을 쏴버리는데……

Translation (Might not be 100% accurate but I’ve tried to do it the best I can):

When Shunji realizes Mok Dan is missing from the hotel room she was kept in-to be killed by Hong Joo (Rie) and finds out that she was rescued by Gaksital…… The next morning, Kang To does not come to the police station which raises strong suspicions….. Meanwhile, Shunji is convinced Gaksital will appear at Damsari’s public execution and finally, he shoots the rescuing Gaksital……

Uh oh! 😐 Yup, I’m sure that’s what it says but I’ll keep an eye out just to confirm! The word used is shoot but I’m not too sure about the tense sine it can also be he means to shoot, or he is wanting to shoot…

Yup, my Korean still lags quite a bit!

Video Preview:

Shunji goes to find Dan at Rie’s and repeats his warning to her-even Daddy Kimura is stunned by his son’s outburst.  Circus Master Jo asks if Damsari is really going to be executed and Shunji replies something about protecting him for the rest of his life-Uh oh, is Jo turning traitor?! For real? And what’s more is that he is dressing up as Gaksital. Why? Is he hoping to rescue Damsari, and hence not a traitor or is he doing this on Shunji’s beck and call? Dong Nyeo witnesses the exchange, it seems. At the police Station, Shunji notices Kang To is missing and thinks to himself, “Kang To didn’t come/appear? Oh Mok Dan disappeared?” And that kick he’s giving is to the officer he appointed to trail Kang To. Good thing he’s so bad at what he does or Kang To would’ve had a bigger problem on his hands! Shunji raids the dorms trying to look for her and sets the trap for Gaksital, muttering that he’ll catch him in two days, just two days. That’s when Damsari gets executed, right? Dan asks Kang To how Lee Kang To-the Japanese Police Officer become so different? Kang To says, “I don’t think I can take off this mask, there are too many people suffering…” Dan promises him, “I’ll never let you be alone.”

Enjoy the preview and I’m sure everyone will be anxious to see the ending of the preview in the episode soon! 😛 And is Shunji really going to shoot Kang To?! *shudders*

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