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I Do I Do episode 2 Recap

Is life complete without friends or a loving family? Does success and fame mean we are happy and have everything? Or is it just another facade for loneliness? We see much more vulnerability yet spine in both characters and the journey just keeps getting more interesting!

Episode 2 Recap:

Tae Kang runs away when he recognizes Ji An-he knows she’s a shoe designer and hence understands her reaction at seeing the shoes but somehow or the other, she catches him or he is caught by the police because in the next scene they are both at the police station. She demands to know who is making and selling those shoes but he gives out a flimsy excuse that he found the bag and picked it up and hence knows nothing. An angry Ji An is ready to strike him but the policeman steps in and points out his ridiculous excuse-did he think he was collecting garbage for recycling?

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